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Camp Hyrule / August 2001
This years Camp Hyrule was held between August 13-17, 2001.

Another year, another Camp Hyrule. Exciting, eh? There's always anticipation at the start of a new years camp in August. Was this years the hottest thing since NSync's new album or did it smell like an old, wet, gym sock from that kid in your class? Read all about it here....

Let me begin by starting at this years camp registration. While normally things run smoothly without any incidents, this year is an exception. What happened this year? Ask any camper trying to sign up. The day registration opened, I don't think there was a moment in time the thing didn't crash. It was so bad, that Nintendo had to postpone registration until the next day. The next day was pretty bad as well. Registration crashed yet again numerous times. Many people were left struggling to get past the "Select Age" screen.

So, I'm sure you're thinking "Was camp any better?" Depends on how you look at it. Personally, a few of us were bored with the activities. They included Luigi Mansion art, SSBM art, poems, questions to ask Ask Dan, and one Face Painting this year. Plus at one point there was the continuing Loft Monster thing... and "missing" Gamecub prints. There was also something about NOA's missing their Pokémon.

The Face Painting victims this year were all in one picture. They included Travis, Rushmore, and Disco. The poor poor fellow didn't know what they were getting into. ;) To view the picture that was available for the campers to compose their art on, click here. (Disco is on left, Rushmore is in the middle, and Travis is on right.)

To be honest though, this years camp activities were bland. Not everyone is good at poetry or creating art from scratch. Face painting at least gives you something to start and work with. That's why it's usually a campers favorite activity. Are we doomed at future camps to see only one per camp? I hope not...

I see Paris, I see France, I see some NOA's underpants! And isn't that the truth! We saw quite a few NOA's undies this past year at Camp Hyrule. Although, to my knowledge, there were no games of capturing NOA undies, you didn't have to. Just gaze up at the sky, and you'll see your favorite NOA's undies waving to you in the breeze.

Room wise, camp was large again. They had the usual First Aid Hut, Trading Post, NOA HQ, NOA Lounge, Lake Webconda, the cabins, bonfire, and the such. This year, near the end of camp, Scott made Stumpy's Pasture chat room for us, so we could give our farewells to Stumpy. ;D

What about chat overall? It was okay. Everything was pretty similar to previous years, with the exception of registration crashing on everyone. The only downside was that the NOA Face Painting was done only once the whole week. :( New chatters... old regulars... new friends made.. a lot was done. And for some, it's to wait for next year to say "Hello!" to a new friend that was made at the previous years camp...

Okay, this is a new section in my CH reviews. I won't go and add back in previous years, but I'll probably add it from now on. Ramblings is my little section in my little overview of camp. It's for me to vent about some of the bad stuff at camp. To me, this year, there were three.

1) Face Paintings - What's up with this?! Only one this year!!! What happened to everyday? It was fun. :( Not everyone is a good poet... or can always draw stuff in a short time from scratch! Face paintings allowed creativity. Yet didn't have to take as long as some stuff did. If it's a problem with NOA's posing for a pic, tell them it's either that or they can go to the ranch and clean Stumpy's mess! But seriously.. if that's the problem.. then it's sad.

2) Uh.. what was I gonna put here.. OH YES! Camp registration. Fine it crashed, sometimes there are problems... but come on! Do the registration in late afternoon/early evening. You people don't think about the working people on the east coast do you? :/ You had registration up, which was early enough for west coast people to sign up... but we on the east coast, just because we live over here (lived here all my life.. its not like I really want to live here though).. seem to get the least thought. At least in late afternoon/early evening, Pacific Time of course, the east coast people would also have a chance to sign up.... Grr....

3) Okay, I love Katt as a great friend.. and to be honest, she was only one of the few I'd willingly have passed my MVP award to. But, I think there needs to be something done. I think there needs to be a limit on how many awards a single person can win in a year. Don't get me wrong, I know I lost. (I either win one award or lose completely.. *shrug*) But even in previous years, people have swept the awards away. Yea, they may deserve it... but there needs to be a chance for OTHER people to have a chance at winning. Lately it's been said, and it's true, that in a sense it's a reg thing. Most times regs win because there's a large number of us.. but there needs to be a cap. It's unfair to regs and newbies that might have been close to winning to have it taken away from them by someone who already has like five awards. And while I'm rambling about setting limits... Nintendo should also put a limit on how many repeating names you can have in a nomination. Personally, I think you shouldn't use a name more than once. (I tryed so hard this year to make my nominations a variety.. and got pretty close.. I only used 2 names twice.)

Did you, like I, miss the End-Of-Camp awards ceremony? CampHyrule.com yet to have the winning list up? (Like usual!) Then this is the place to get your information.. whether you have forgotton or missed the ceremony. Everyone who won will receive a Camp Hyrule Poster signed by NOAs! (I hope you get yours... I still don't have mine from CH 2k.)
    Carrot Top Award (most humorous): NUTTINBUTFLUFF64
    Gilbery Godfrey Award (most obnoxious): DIAMONDCUTTERS
    Camp Picaso (best artist): KATTIXIE
    Barney Award (friendliest camper): KATTIXIE
    Teletubby Award (cutest camper): KITTY98
    Boldest Camper (camper who used bold the most): CAJUNSTYLE
    Belushi Award (best food fighter): NAZGRL
    Camp Patriot (best fanboy): CHJUSDBERUBE
    Zestfully Clean (best spelling/grammar): MIKEMN
    Vampire Award (most times seen at night): KATTIXIE
    Camp Ironman (most hours at camp): KATTIXIE, HAKUDEN, PRODIGY052
    Lost Arc Award (best cabin raider): ZOASAM
    Marilyn Manson Award (freakiest camper): LAWBOY, ZETHORA, NBKNMO
    Lounge Lizard Award (most time spent in NOAinside): CHPENTIUM166
Bus Ride Winner: TempMatt (Wins a copy of Advance Wars.)

Winning Cabin: Cabin 9 (Everyone in the cabin wins a poster autographed by the NOAs.) GC Winner: Anikiki (Won a Gamecube, and will receive it at launch.)

Congratulations winners!

Since this was another year of Camp with a curfew (9 PM PDT, 12 AM EDT), Kattixie held a LNCH (Late Night Camp Hyrule). It was a great late night chat too, since Nintendo's wasn't there to rely on. One night, August 15, there was an exceptionally good chat. To view the log of this chat, please click here.