You have just entered room "CeleryJerky Hidden Bonfire."
Nuttinbutfluff64: DCCCCCC
NOA Rushmore
: <---------- SUPAHFLY
Nemo Nint: :roasts marshmellows
Green N Scaly has entered the room.
Gastlichu: Hiyas Rush! :D
Zoasam has entered the room.
Nuttinbutfluff64: stumpy tried to eat me :(
Green N Scaly
: lol
Gastlichu: lol nuttin
Green N Scaly: I didn't find stumpy
NOA Rushmore: Hiya Gast ^_^
BS465 has entered the room.
Zoasam: I didn't find stumpy.
Nuttinbutfluff64: akldsfds what's rush doing here :(
: hi there
Gastlichu: I found stumpy too :P
Nuttinbutfluff64: zoa, stumpy was near the beginning
: wassup everyone?
CeleryJerky has left the room.
BS465: i found stumpy!
Zoasam: Now I am feeling guilty, should I upload scotts pic or not :(
BS465: (prodigy052)
Green N Scaly: yeah it was a bit easier than last night
NOA Rushmore: lol Nutti
BS465: oops
BS465: caps
NOA Rushmore: HEY Prod ;)
BS465: geez i feel so slow
BS465: i cant see katti's pics well
NOA Rushmore: lol Sam
Green N Scaly: I was tigrath last night...I was bored of that name and nobody liked the magic toad one so I got this
Nemo Nint: I like the run through the woods
BS465: so...
CeleryJerky has entered the room.
BS465: wassup everyone?
Nemo Nint: it's spookily refreshing!
CeleryJerky: Okay here we go!
NOA Rushmore: Notta THANG :D
BS465: the monster was freaky....
Green N Scaly: heh
Green N Scaly: what monster
Gastlichu: what monster?
NOA Rushmore: I actually got EIGHT hours of sleep last night O_O
Green N Scaly: I didn't see any monster
TempMattNOA has entered the room.
BS465: Did he eat Stumpy ???
NOA Rushmore: It was INCREDIBLE
BS465: Whaaa! Stumpy
Green N Scaly: but that GAME OVER by turning right at the start was pretty cheap katti ;)
TempMattNOA: ahhhh
NOA Rushmore: LOL Green
Samtron1843 has entered the room.
Ice Bluie has entered the room.
BS465: How did yours turn out?
CeleryJerky: Heeeeeya you two!
Ice Bluie: whooo...
BS465: hey
Samtron1843: hey
Ice Bluie: I found it pretty early... but Katti was offline
BS465: Katti is stumpy ok??? :D
Samtron1843: I gugg I am late
Gastlichu: brb
TempMattNOA: let me guess, rush was here first?
Nuttinbutfluff64: katt, stumpy attacked me :(
: he did?
LawBoy84 has entered the room.
CeleryJerky: Ice, yes, I got booted from all the PMs popping up, LOL.
Nuttinbutfluff64: i think it's cuz i tried to eat him...
has entered the room.
NOA Rushmore: Heya Mr. President :D
LawBoy84: you guys are fast :O
BS465: Stumpy disapeared from me while I was asleep :(
Green N Scaly: heh
CeleryJerky: No kidding, Law.
Green N Scaly: celery jerky eh?
BS465: I want stumpy back-was he eaten Katti?
Nuttinbutfluff64: Law, DC got here before you
CeleryJerky: Nemo found it like less than 30 seconds after I put it up, LOLOL,
Nuttinbutfluff64: DIAMOND
: poor law ;(
Ice Bluie
: haha
TempMattNOA: what time did ya put it up?
Nuttinbutfluff64: ... *ducks*
: lol
CeleryJerky: BS, you shall find out in tomorrow's adventure! >:D
LawBoy84: You moved onward to your right, but soon discovered that this plan was the
Nemo Nint: :)
BS465: :D
Samtron1843: How You Get EHar SO FASt? Did you even read teh story?
Green N Scaly: yeah I went right first too
NOA Rushmore: lol
Green N Scaly: lol
BS465: Hey Katti I think people liked Owlie the Owl
NOA Rushmore: Hey Katt, did you get the *package*?
BS465: hehe i went left
LawBoy84: absolute worst first decision you had ever come up with. Just as you were about to carefully lean..
MadBrad11: hehe
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
LawBoy84: around the corner of the cabin and slip into the shadows,
Diamondcutters X: I FOUND STUMPY
Ice Bluie: Katti... I still think we should have quit following the kid and bashed Trash's car
MadBrad11: so did i!
CeleryJerky: Rush, not yet! >:\
LawBoy84: a tall woman holding a flashlight bumped right into you.
NOA Rushmore: >:|
CeleryJerky: Trash, ROTFL,
NOA Rushmore: Mail sux0rs
Ice Bluie: Trav's car
LawBoy84: Immediately she began to yell at you in another language, you could only guess it was Chinese.
Green N Scaly: I thought I went through it pretty fast, I was surprised when I was the...what, 8th person here?
Ice Bluie: Trashcan!
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
LawBoy84: You had been caught.
BS465: who had Stumpy eaten? if not what happened to Stumpy?
LawBoy84: i laughed SO hard when i read that
Samtron1843: So DOEs This Go All Night?
MadBrad11 has left the room.
MadBrad11 has entered the room.
SmashXL II has entered the room.
Ice Bluie: Chinese?
Ice Bluie: haha
Ice Bluie: I don't understand
NOA Rushmore: :PPPPPPP
Ice Bluie: is that a reference?
CeleryJerky: LOL Law, I told YOU I had an evil idea when you mentioned your parents as the guards.
BS465: I laughed so hard when it said "Do I smell horse droppings?"
Ice Bluie
: ooooh
LawBoy84: lololol
Gastlichu: hiyas smash :D
BS465: hi all
CeleryJerky: LOLOL BS (you're... Prod?)
BS465: yes
CeleryJerky: Okay, good!
BS465: :D
Green N Scaly: you know who I am right?
SmashXL II: I'm such a slow reader. ... maybe 1280x1024 is.. a too big rez for me...
Ice Bluie
: Katti... did the chinese lady have LAW'S MOM on her forehead?
CeleryJerky: Yes, Perfect!
Green N Scaly: yay
Green N Scaly: just making sure...
NOA Rushmore: lol
CeleryJerky: Yes, Ice. <eg>
LawBoy84: lol
BS465: Katti have you considered making Owlie the Owl a new character?
Ice Bluie: hhehehe
Zoasam: Rush, how old is scott?
CeleryJerky: LOL, maybe I should.
LawBoy84: 99
BS465: LOL
Zoasam: in his mid-30's?
BS465: eleventy billion
CeleryJerky: BTW, tomorrow night's isn't nearly as easy. <eg>
BS465: 8-)
TempMattNOA has left the room.
Zoasam: early 30's?
BS465: who all found Stumpster?
Samtron1843: NOARUSHMORE arnt the NOA staff supposed to "stop" sneaking out after ceufew? lol
CeleryJerky: Let's just say... you might go exploring somewhere you haven't been before.
Ice Bluie: Law... you have to watch Letterman tonight.
Nemo Nint: eek
Ice Bluie: Chinese people doing a weird/cool dance
LawBoy84: i did'nt find stumpy :( i found remains of an old ..uh..something
Samtron1843: cool, can't wait
LawBoy84: ice wh..oh
NOA Rushmore: LOL Sam
Zoasam: ???
BS465: I found Stumpy and he was eaten :(
CommiePen has entered the room.
CommiePen: Ha
: I win :D
SmashXL II
: stumpy was eaten???
: yes
Nemo Nint: We might have to look under kattixie's bed.
MadBrad11: who was the first in here?
Green N Scaly: no you don't you're the...15th person here commie
BS465: a big old monster
Nemo Nint: erm
SmashXL II: *cries*
Nemo Nint
: what
Nuttinbutfluff64: stumpy wasn't eaten........
: *urp*
: i never saw the moster lol
BS465: it ate a couple horses...
CommiePen: nutt you didn't even save me a leg?
: :(
NOA Rushmore
: lol Sam
Nemo Nint: I like polygonal horses.
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...i saved you his wooden stump
Green N Scaly
: lol
CommiePen: ...
: what wooden stump
: lol i laughed when it said : "Is that horse droppingsI smell?" and it led me to Stumpy!
Nuttinbutfluff64: !!!
Ice Bluie
: stumpy's old name was treey
Nuttinbutfluff64: HE HAS A PEG LEG
: Argh...
CommiePen: :OOO
: NOARUSHMORE do you have an habit of repeating your-self?
CeleryJerky: Stumpy hasn't been eaten. He's simply MIA.
Diamondcutters X: geez, this singer on leno looks like a man
LawBoy84: LOL
BS465: yes...
CommiePen: yes, cuz we ate him
: what was up with that monster??
Ice Bluie: Katti... is Stumpy related to Stump?
CommiePen: :(
: /roll
NOA Rushmore: I always do Sammy ;)
CommiePen: ice WOO
: doh
Ice Bluie: (Angry Beavers)
: ..."get in mah belly"
CommiePen: :D
: AB > all
: Zoasam rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 1
BS465: did anyone else see the monsteR?
NOCpentium has entered the room.
Gastlichu: I want to see the monster lol
: hihi pent
: PENT! :D
Nemo Nint: Someone put a magical mask on Stumpy and turned him into the camp maniac
Ice Bluie: how come the CH map isn't zoomable this year?
*OnlineHost*: Green N Scaly rolled 15 999-sided dice: 222 676 43 778 567 61 28 476 176 152 510 871 329 870 787

Nuttinbutfluff64: EEEEEEEEEEE
: cool, my kind of chat ;-)
Diamondcutters X: rush, i thought there was gfoing to be a face painting thing today
: Hey
LawBoy84: hiya pent
Gastlichu: /roll 100
CeleryJerky: Heya Pent!!
Ice Bluie: I remmebered zooming to the horse and watching it graze!!
BS465: /roll
*OnlineHost*: Zoasam rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 5

Green N Scaly: I wonder what the point of rolling is.
*OnlineHost*: Gastlichu rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6
BS465: ?
NOA Rushmore: So did I DC :|
LawBoy84: ice they decided to be dorks and disable the menu
NOA Rushmore: I don't know if there's gonna be facepainting or not
LawBoy84: menu=false!!!
BS465: how do you do that?
Ice Bluie: Perfect... how do you get the big die?
Green N Scaly: heh
NOA Rushmore: I'll let you guys FacePaint Nutti if you want :D
Green N Scaly: well
LawBoy84: rush, tomorrow is the third day. i doubt there will be one
Gastlichu: Rush why we dint got any activities today?
NOA Rushmore: Like me ^_^
LawBoy84: >:\
Green N Scaly: after the //roll command
NOCpentium: Law, you can view it from the cached copy on your computer and right-click on it.
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...
: pent really?
LawBoy84: cool
NOCpentium: Yeah
Samtron1843: rush, can u tell us what is to come 4 camp?
Green N Scaly: you put -sides<1-999> to choose how many sides
BS465: /roll-sides999
Green N Scaly: and -dice<1-15> to choose how many dice
NOCpentium: start>find files>files and folders
Ice Bluie: what about rolls?
MadBrad11: I feel left out I don't know anyone here :-\
CommiePen: sam stumpy destroys it
: :D
: Wow, remind me not to go AFK for like the next two hours, okay?
Green N Scaly: gotta have a space too
CeleryJerky: <b>:D
NOCpentium: and search for *.swf
NOA Rushmore
: lol Noc
Green N Scaly
: i.e. //roll -sides15 -dice999
: BS465 rolled 2 999-sided dice: 115 769
CommiePen: :OOOO
: serbot and i know what happens to camp...
Green N Scaly
: or rather -sides999 -dice15
*OnlineHost*: Ice Bluie rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 4
*OnlineHost*: CommiePen rolled 15 99-sided dice: 23 52 62 27 89 11 96 44 95 57 21 56 89 6 88

Zoasam: /roll -sides15- -dice999
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Ice Bluie: Didn't work
*OnlineHost*: Gastlichu rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 1

Zoasam: ;)
*OnlineHost*: Nuttinbutfluff64 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 5
*OnlineHost*: NOA Rushmore rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 6

NOA Rushmore: Woo
*OnlineHost*: CommiePen rolled 15 999-sided dice: 960 112 963 748 992 673 231 220 253 900 108 129 935 791 201
NOCpentium: The games are also in Flash this time, instead of Director!
LawBoy84: katti don't go afk
Green N Scaly: gotta be //roll
*OnlineHost*: BS465 rolled 15 999-sided dice: 783 776 292 783 368 84 336 877 30 575 983 877 783 21 388
*OnlineHost*: Zoasam rolled 15 15-sided dice: 1 1 10 10 2 13 7 6 7 9 9 5 8 13 3

CeleryJerky: I said I wouldn't. ;D
*OnlineHost*: SmashXL II rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 4

Diamondcutters X: how do you do that, serbot
*OnlineHost*: Ice Bluie rolled 15 999-sided dice: 71 3 784 626 429 858 658 697 118 946 229 774 402 938 106

LawBoy84: :D
BS465: whoa
Green N Scaly: I dunno what the point of rolling is
CeleryJerky: BUT, no Luigi drawings tonight, okay? :|
CommiePen: kadgar said
Ice Bluie
: WHOO... I got 3!!
LawBoy84: LOL
CommiePen: .//roll -sides999 -dice15
Ice Bluie
: New episode of Conan!
Nuttinbutfluff64: i'm gonna og in a minute
: Zoasam rolled 15 999-sided dice: 616 789 620 71 165 836 838 380 119 123 310 279 453 334 774
*OnlineHost*: CommiePen rolled 15 999-sided dice: 420 199 983 741 439 316 648 252 377 73 230 877 182 679 251
*OnlineHost*: Diamondcutters X rolled 15 999-sided dice: 529 1 612 597 75 489 385 696 497 864 186 600 607 889 179

LawBoy84: nutty >:\
LawBoy84: you miss out
*OnlineHost*: BS465 rolled 15 999-sided dice: 935 887 531 827 220 631 514 107 444 896 490 851 489 440 16
*OnlineHost*: SmashXL II rolled 13 666-sided dice: 184 164 100 49 507 642 95 255 6 555 42 119 410

Diamondcutters X: I GOT A ONE
LawBoy84: wtf!
LawBoy84: how did smash do that/
CommiePen: woo
: law soooorrrrryy for living in NJ MR PSTER
: conans on
: NOARUSHMORE what is to come 4 camp?
Nemo Nint: I never saw Mexican Jumping beans until last week
Green N Scaly: you put whatever number you want
SmashXL II: Do what?
: Green N Scaly rolled 15 3-sided dice: 1 3 2 3 3 2 2 2 3 1 1 1 2 2 2
BS465: I got 444! Whoo hoo!Yea Conan!
*OnlineHost*: Diamondcutters X rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 5

LawBoy84: nut, dc is in cst, ice is in...cst i think, smash is in mountain time, zoa something,
CommiePen: afc watching conan
Green N Scaly
: I'm gonna roll 15 dice and they will ALL come up 1
Ice Bluie: Law... I don't see what is so spec about Smash's roll
*OnlineHost*: Green N Scaly rolled 15 1-sided dice: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

SmashXL II: Law... what does it matter?
Green N Scaly
: see
Green N Scaly: lol
Ice Bluie: I am in EDT!!
Zoasam: Zoa is in CST
*OnlineHost*: Diamondcutters X rolled 15 27-sided dice: 12 18 22 22 2 11 10 21 1 12 27 25 27 22 26
Nemo Nint: Yay Ice
LawBoy84: how are you guys rolling so many?
Ice Bluie: Zoa is in CDT
Zoasam: Zoasam is in Central
LawBoy84: i didn't know you could do more than three
Nuttinbutfluff64: /roll
: BS465 rolled 15 6-sided dice: 5 5 3 2 6 2 4 3 4 4 1 1 4 6 2
*OnlineHost*: Nuttinbutfluff64 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 6

Nemo Nint: I"m not in AT
LawBoy84: i thought it was strictly AOL
Zoasam: /toll -15- -sides999
Zoasam: dsadikfbasd
Ice Bluie: Law... Perfect just explained it
Zoasam: dourk
Nemo Nint: erm
Samtron1843: /roll 56
LawBoy84: oh like i pay attentin
*OnlineHost*: BS465 rolled 2 2-sided dice: 2 2
*OnlineHost*: Nuttinbutfluff64 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 3

Nemo Nint: /bonk zoasam
*OnlineHost*: Zoasam rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 2
*OnlineHost*: Nuttinbutfluff64 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 1

Samtron1843: /roll Samtron rools 56
*OnlineHost*: SmashXL II rolled 15 666-sided dice: 288 526 648 518 241 531 560 547 383 410 84 147 501 548 373
*OnlineHost*: Diamondcutters X rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 4
*OnlineHost*: LawBoy84 rolled 2 4-sided dice: 4 2

Ice Bluie: LOL at a 2 sided dice
*OnlineHost*: BS465 rolled 2 1-sided dice: 1 1

LawBoy84: lol
*OnlineHost*: LawBoy84 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 4
*OnlineHost*: Green N Scaly rolled 15 1-sided dice: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Ice Bluie: One sided dice...
Green N Scaly: yeah
BS465: lol
Green N Scaly: it's pointless
Ice Bluie: it proves you can play D&D on AIM
BS465: lala...
Nuttinbutfluff64: one of the cabins is called Fight Cube Oo
Green N Scaly
: yeah I guess so
CeleryJerky: You guys are great... did I mention that tonight yet? ;D
Nuttinbutfluff64: i bet david's jealous...
: Cabin 9 nutt
Diamondcutters X: katt, no, say it again >:D
BS465: Ive got Cabin 5
Green N Scaly: yeah nutt, I'm in Fight Cube
Nemo Nint: I'm tired
Nuttinbutfluff64: Lair of Mr Pants >>>>>>>>> all
: nutt
Ice Bluie: I can last all night... (til 3AMPDT because it's 6AM here... and I don't wanna get caught)
BS465: *thinks Katt should be in 5
Zoasam: last night
LawBoy84: kat just don't use nay names while you say that
Zoasam: you siad
Zoasam: said
Nemo Nint: Nuttin, that's a stupid name :(
Zoasam: you would play tetrinet tonight
Ice Bluie: I have to do to the dentist tomorrow at 8
Nuttinbutfluff64: ..........
: :D
Nemo Nint: Cabin 4 and 6's names are stupid
Nuttinbutfluff64: gotta go bye!
Ice Bluie
: Katti... what time did you wake today?!
Zoasam: DOURK
BS465: i will be off at 12 :(
LawBoy84: no you don't
LawBoy84: dork
Green N Scaly: I'll play tetrinet :)
Nuttinbutfluff64: cabin 4 has a good name
: what is 4's name
Nemo Nint: Cabin 4 has a mediocre name
Green N Scaly: I will KEEEEEL you.
Nuttinbutfluff64: it's a LOT better than what it could have been called;
: Nemo, what are the names?
Nemo Nint
: Nuttin, true, in that last 2
BS465: cabin 5 has a cool name and cool flag :D
Nuttinbutfluff64: wtf;
: I'll only start tetrinet if at least 2 people besides me want to play
MukuSix has entered the room.
CeleryJerky: Wooooooooo MUKU!!!
MukuSix: LOl whew
Nuttinbutfluff64: i would quit CH if we had that name;
Diamondcutters X
: Woo, muku
MukuSix: er weeeeeee
Ice Bluie: I STILL think that El Cabino would be the BEST name for Trav's cabin
NOA Rushmore: Heya Muku :D
Gastlichu: Hiyas Muku :D
MukuSix: Howdy ^^
Nuttinbutfluff64: hi dhb
Nemo Nint
: Pentium: cabin 4: Lair of Mr. Pants, and cabin 6: the love shack
NOCpentium: Cabin 7 has an awesome name! </sarcasm>
BS465: like 3 people defected to cabin 5
Diamondcutters X: Muku, did you see Stumpy? :D
MukuSix: YES!
MukuSix: I had to see stumpy
LawBoy84: conker's cabin!
NOA Rushmore: BTW Muks, I still owe you a spongy GBA ;)
Ice Bluie: BTW, what IS Trav's cabin name... I didn't even see one!
Nuttinbutfluff64: stumpy tried to eat me :(
MukuSix: I let him freeeeee. weeeeeeee
CeleryJerky: LOL Pent, LOL.
MukuSix: LOL rush ;D
LawBoy84: they're DOMES
BombermanFan has entered the room.
BS465: muku did Stumpy get eaten?
Ice Bluie: Mortal Kabin
CeleryJerky: Woo hoo, woo hoo! Bomber!
BombermanFan: Man, am I that slow?!
Samtron1843: Cabin 12 is going to lose
Nemo Nint: Apparently Cabin 6's counselor named the cabin albiet against all the chatters' protests
Nuttinbutfluff64: noarushmore came up to me babbling in chinese
: Hi bomber
Ice Bluie: Katti... what time did you wake up today?
Gastlichu: Hiyas bomber :D
Ice Bluie: ;)
MukuSix: I let stumpy free like the wind
BombermanFan: Hello, everyone
LawBoy84: katty, that sounds like woohoo.wav running on loop
BS465: hey bomber did you get stumpy?
Green N Scaly: heh
Nemo Nint: It's a conspiracy I tell you
CeleryJerky: Went to bed at noon, woke at 3.
BombermanFan: BS, yeah!!
Zoasam: nutt play one round of tetrinet
Gastlichu: I want to see the monster lol
BombermanFan: That's why I got so far behind
Ice Bluie: What happened to tutoring, Katti?
BS465: (its prodigy)
Nemo Nint: Kattixie, just watch you don't die from exhaustion :(
BombermanFan: Katt, you spelled it right, woo!
Ice Bluie: had to cancel?
CeleryJerky: I called and moved it to Thursday.
Ice Bluie: oh...
LawBoy84: lol
CeleryJerky: <b>I was just too tired. I'd be a blob.
BS465: did Stumpy get eaten?
Ice Bluie: good
CeleryJerky: LOL Bomber, yes,
LawBoy84: i won't be on thursday :(((((((((
LawBoy84: i'm still mad about that
Nuttinbutfluff64: law :O
SmashXL II
: <b>After all the complaints I got! >:D
Zoasam: Why not law?
LawBoy84: because thursday is basically the last chat isn't it?
Ice Bluie: didn't want to teach him how to sleep, Katti...
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...
SmashXL II
: Have a good time away from CH you here! >:D
: friday is
: oh LNCH you mean?
: they said ch ends thursday
BS465: I will go at 12 :(
Nuttinbutfluff64: Oo
: wtf
: ??
Nuttinbutfluff64: really?
: <B>No
Nemo Nint: I"m going to leave shortly because I"m tired.
CeleryJerky: Wha..??
MukuSix: Uh THURSDAY? no
LawBoy84: well the dates say taht
Ice Bluie: Katti made LNCH for us... savor it!!
Zoasam: <B>Because the nfl interview is tommorow
NOCpentium: CH can't end thursday, they've made a Friday map already!
Zoasam: <B>that other guy is the next day
BS465: *thinks Katti rocks*
NOA Rushmore: Sorry Nemo, I don't blame you :|
NOA Rushmore: I bugged out early yesterday
Nemo Nint: Yeah Pentium, I saw that!
BS465: theres a friday map?
NOCpentium: *has been browsing around
Ice Bluie: Pent... what happens in the friday map
NOCpentium: *
Ice Bluie: ?
Zoasam: <B>Pent, what is the addy to friday map
Nuttinbutfluff64: bowser needs to do his thing with camp
: where is it?
SELainWhoAmI has entered the room.
Nemo Nint: ditto Pent
CeleryJerky: Wuuuusooon!
LawBoy84: i thought they said it ended the 16th
Nemo Nint: LOL
CommiePen: pent, stumpy destroys everything
: i'm imagining things
Nemo Nint: shhhhhhhhhhhhh
LawBoy84: never mind
CommiePen: or whoever asid it
SmashXL II
: Hey Wuson!
Nemo Nint
: quiet you
CommiePen: it's now bowso
: LOL i want to see friday'z map :P
CommiePen: it's stumpy
: It took me long enough
MukuSix: CH has never ended on a thurs
NOCpentium: Yeah, stumpy arrives and smashes it all
Diamondcutters X: thanks for makign me cry, law
CommiePen: bowser bowsor sfakm
: where do you see the maps?
Gastlichu: friday's
MukuSix: LOL DC!
LawBoy84: lol dc
CommiePen: afc
Ice Bluie
: BS... that has been commonly knownt hat Katti rocks... for about 5345 years now
Nemo Nint: I almost got Cabin 4 named the same as my cabin in CH98 this year
Nuttinbutfluff64: rofl dc
: lol
NOA Rushmore: What's that Nemo?
BS465: yes just restating it...
MukuSix: whos green n scaly
Green N Scaly: me
NOCpentium: I don't know if I should uplaod the future maps yet, though. :P
Nemo Nint: Rushmore: Knights of Hyrule
NOA Rushmore: Bowser :D
NOCpentium: Probably not.
NOA Rushmore: Nice name Nemo :D
Zoasam: NOC whats is the addy?
BS465: ...
Nemo Nint: I have like, all of the cabin flags and interiors and face paints and stuff from CH98
NOCpentium: um...
BS465: cool
Diamondcutters X: LMAO
Nemo Nint: and uh
Ice Bluie: OMG!!!!!
NOA Rushmore: One of my cabin guys sent me some AWESOME interiors
Gastlichu: lol
Ice Bluie: THTtkahgfkl;hg
BS465: LOL
Ice Bluie: dsfk;dsak;D
MadBrad11: are there any other newbies in here besides me? :D
MukuSix: Conan o'brian?
NOA Rushmore: Here, lemme show you guys :D
BS465: CONAN is hilarious
NOCpentium: I can't figure out why there's no Friday PM map yet.
Ice Bluie: His hand is covering one eye!!
NOCpentium: They might have a different file name.
BombermanFan: Katt, BTW, what was with the Chinese woman? Was it Miyamoto's wife??
Nemo Nint: Pent: ditto, yet it might be a .. as you say..
SmashXL II: Penti... lesse'em.
: hes by some guy from o town
Ice Bluie: I think CH closes early ont he last day usually
NOCpentium: just a minute k tnx!
Zoasam: NOC whats the AM map url?
CeleryJerky: ROTFL, something tells me I need to watch Conan tonight...
Nemo Nint: as in, camp_evilfridaynight.swf
Gastlichu: our conselors took the day off today lol, they dint even send us the email lol :P
BS465: Chinese woman???
NOA Rushmore: Some shots of BASE 10's possible interior
Ice Bluie: Conan is 57 years old
CeleryJerky: Bomber, more like Law's mom. <eg>
NOCpentium: Friday AM
BombermanFan: Katt, LOL
LawBoy84: ROTFL
MadBrad11: Hehe I feel special, the only newbie to CH in here :-)
Nemo Nint: bah you shouldn't have linked!! arg
Gastlichu: Thats neat rush
Diamondcutters X: ROTFL @ Conan: "I'm in my late 50's, i've had 7 hip replacements, thsi is not my hair, but i am in
Diamondcutters X: Tigerbeat magazine"
BombermanFan: Wow, that's a nice cabin
BS465: clearly I have an eye infection
SmashXL II: HOLY SHITE RUSH. those are wicked.
: Chinese Woman
NOA Rushmore: Yah, I like em :D
Zoasam: WTF
Zoasam: Strange map
Ice Bluie: Miyamoto's wife is chinese?
Diamondcutters X: i have to watch this conan again
Diamondcutters X: godo thing it's on in an hour
BS465: LOL chinese!
Zoasam: WTF With the CH Map?
Gastlichu: uh oh, what will happen to CH on friday? lol
BombermanFan: Katt, I can't believe that I got caught once I set foot out of the cabin
NOCpentium: what do you mean, wtf! It's obvious what happened!
LawBoy84: wow
Nemo Nint: I don't think Raye can get into CH
LawBoy84: a text map!
CeleryJerky: LOL Bomber, I thought that would be a nice touch. >:D
NOCpentium: Wednesday's map is better, though. :D
NOCpentium: A text map?
Nemo Nint: Wednesday night, pentium ... :)
Diamondcutters X: this is why i love conan
CeleryJerky: This calls for some ice cream, BTW.
NOA Rushmore: CABIN 10 OWNZ j00000
Nemo Nint: ewwww rushmore
SELainWhoAmI: grr...I gotta get back on the computer... I am gonna smack my mother I thnk...
Gastlichu: CABIN 2 wooohooo!
Nuttinbutfluff64: rush who made those pics?
: eeek forgot the name of my cabin lol
CeleryJerky: (I'm also curious... are you people READING the story with this hidden bonfire?)
BombermanFan: Whoah, what's with the hilly stuff
MukuSix: Boy the friday AM pic is a bit.. trampled
NOCpentium: I read it.
Ice Bluie: OMG! LOL @ NOA using a pic of a hill for the CH sky!!
Gastlichu: I read some
CeleryJerky: Yay Pent. ;D
BombermanFan: BTW, do the underpants go up due to the campers, or something else??
SELainWhoAmI: Katti, I just got a bunch of woods... all paths lead to the woods
Nuttinbutfluff64: katti, i did
: Except for stumpy being eaten while I;m in a coma
NOCpentium: LOL Ice, did you import it into Flash too?
BS465: i read it
Nemo Nint: I've read it
Nemo Nint: I'm tired tho
Marioman0Neil has entered the room.
BombermanFan: Something BAD is gonna happen
Marioman0Neil: WOOO
MukuSix: Yay mario!
Nemo Nint: me sleep
Marioman0Neil: hi :D
MukuSix: I told you if you found it you could come! ^^
SmashXL II: LOL, i saw that too Ice.
: MARIO!!! :D
Marioman0Neil: i found it :D
BS465: ?
Nemo Nint: asdf
Green N Scaly: wth happened to the FRI map
Ice Bluie: No, Pent... my comp just loads it LAyer by layer
Nemo Nint: :)
BS465: where is it?
CeleryJerky: You guys are AWESOME, too, because it doesn't sound like any of you have cheated!!
NOCpentium: Oh, okay
BombermanFan: ACK, bowser!!
MukuSix: :D
Nemo Nint: ?
BS465: katti i liked the monster
BS465: where is the map???
MukuSix: Why would I cheat after my time looking for hidden bonfire?? :D
MukuSix: Make Mario work! ^^
Nemo Nint: What Ice?
NOCpentium: Map!
SELainWhoAmI: How long did it take you to write all those pages, Katti?
Gastlichu: BRB I Gotta see that monster lol
BS465: thanx
CeleryJerky: I like him, too Prod. <eg>
MukuSix: LOL i forgot i was in old chat *dumps old chat*
LawBoy84: what is with the hilly stuff?
CeleryJerky: Like an entire week of non-stop work.
Nuttinbutfluff64: hilly stuff?
: I'm still not done, either.
BS465: whoa
BS465: cool
CeleryJerky: I haven't even started on the fourth night and that's the big one. O_o;
Gastlichu: Noc do u have other maps? other than friday?
BS465: where is the Pikmin one?
Green N Scaly: geez, the map of CH for FRI looks like a scene for a horror movie
Nuttinbutfluff64: bowser game is a ripoff of celeb slugfest =)
Ice Bluie
: Katti... you mean the maze for Thursday?
BS465: like the moon one almost
BombermanFan: LOL, use your mouse on the Pokemon Tower for an example of laziness
NOCpentium: There are maps other than friday, just change the URL to get them.
SmashXL II: katti. :D hihihii
: maze?
CeleryJerky: Yup, Ice.
Zoasam: Rush that interior owns all
CeleryJerky: Mainly the story is the hard part.
NOCpentium: The names are fairly obvious.
Ice Bluie: oooh... you are running out of time...
Gastlichu: lol bomber
Ice Bluie: do you know what you'll put?
CeleryJerky: With a choose your own adventure setting it's hard not to repeat yourself sometimes.
CeleryJerky: Ice, yes, luckily I know exactly what's going to happen. :)
Nemo Nint: I wonder if there are any Nintendo games that have CH data in it like Mario Tennis from last year
Ice Bluie: okay...
BS465: I want to see Owlie the owl
CeleryJerky: I just need to put it into words.
Ice Bluie: yeah... I understand
Zoasam: if anyone wants to play tetrinet join
Ice Bluie: I can help you with the walkign pages... I'll put "You walk forward"
Ice Bluie: how come the bowser game doesn't work?
BS465: wow loook at wednesdays!
Green N Scaly: Oooo tetrinet
BombermanFan: Guys, does someone have to do something on the map to make the underwear appear
Gastlichu: hehe i like wednesday map :P
NOCpentium: They haven't uploaded the future games yet, I guess
Ice Bluie: 'N Each other!!!
LawBoy84: wednesday pm?
Ice Bluie: OMG!!
LawBoy84: or am?
BS465: am
Gastlichu: am
NOCpentium: Both, law
NOCpentium: I think
LawBoy84: i didn't notice anything on am..
Nemo Nint: My team for Tetrinet forever shall be "Team"
MukuSix: LOL since i got pso i put tetrinet on hold
Gastlichu: it has those pikmin people runing
Ice Bluie: Katti... if you have anything against 'N Sync... in your life... you HAVE to watch conan tongiht
BombermanFan: Ice, when and what channel??
SmashXL II: i'm tired... i think i need to go now.
: Hey Rushmore, is NOAMeowth still around?
Ice Bluie: NBC
MukuSix: nsync is good :P
CommiePen: rofl @ conan
: :D
: Bye, Smash
BS465: Stumpy! NOOOOOO!!!
Zoasam: nutt play tetrinet for ONE round
Ice Bluie: at 12:35
NESTERch has entered the room.
Ice Bluie: except in Houston
JusDBerube has entered the room.
NESTERch: Hey rushmore
JusDBerube has left the room.
JusDBerube has entered the room.
BS465: go there...
NOA Rushmore: NESTER :D
BombermanFan: Hi, Nester...
NESTERch: like me name?
NESTERch: lol
BombermanFan: Hi, JusD
Zoasam: bomb
JusDBerube: RUSH
BS465: ?
Zoasam: play tetrinet
CeleryJerky: Wow Jus, I will try to upgrade that now that I know that's the problem.
NESTERch: I fixed it
Ice Bluie: 'N Each Other Productions!!
BombermanFan: ZOA
BombermanFan: No
Gastlichu: i cant find the monster lol
JusDBerube: I can't believe I made it without reading a thing
Zoasam: Why
Zoasam: not
Gastlichu: Hiyas Jus!
CeleryJerky: LOL, welcome back "Nicegirl." >:D
Gastlichu: Hiyas NEst :D
NOA Rushmore: Much better than NiCeGiRl23851052097450987120395 ;)
LawBoy84: hey nester :D
NESTERch: yeah lol
LawBoy84: lol rush
Gastlichu: lol Russ
NESTERch: hey lawboy
Green N Scaly: ha
Nemo Nint: I'm going to go
LawBoy84: wha
BombermanFan: Bye, Nemo
Nemo Nint: I'm way too tired to survive. :(
LawBoy84: soi early?
Ice Bluie: Rush... where is that pic of Samus from?
Nemo Nint: see ya
MukuSix: Toodles Minty
Ice Bluie: I never saw her like that
LawBoy84: bye nemo :(
NESTERch: what's with me finding a piece of the blueprints?
Nemo Nint: I'm not nleavin gearly, it's like, almost 1 am here
Marioman0Neil: bye nemo :|
BS465: bye
Nemo Nint: stupid typos
MukuSix: Minty i know -_-
SmashXL II: bye nemo
: im going too...
MukuSix: I need to go soon too tho LOL
Marioman0Neil: same here :|
Gastlichu: Gnite nemo :)
BS465: bye everyone
Nemo Nint: BLACKEYES!!!!!!
JusDBerube: Whats up everyone
Samtron1843: 12 in MN
NOA Rushmore: Later Nemo ^_^
Gastlichu: Gnite mario :)
LawBoy84: i gotta get up at 8am *thankfully they moved it up an hour otherwise it'd be 7am*
Ice Bluie: Rush...
CeleryJerky: Later Nemo!!
Marioman0Neil: Gast, I mean the time thing
MukuSix: LOL law
LawBoy84: so i probably shouldn't stay too late :\
Ice Bluie: where is that pic of Samus from?
JusDBerube: Dog isn't here...She isn't smart enough to get here
BombermanFan: Bye, Nemo
BS465: I will be up at 9
Ice Bluie: bye Nint
Marioman0Neil: not that i'm leaving :D
Gastlichu: oh lol :P
NOCpentium: I don't think I've talked to anybody in a time zone further east than mine.
NOA Rushmore: Wow, how many people are in here?
NESTERch: who all changed their clocks?
MukuSix: i don't go to work til afternoons so i can stay up pretty late thi syear for CH
NESTERch: I'm in KY
Marioman0Neil: actually
Nuttinbutfluff64: omg
: 22 including me.
NESTERch: I don't think we did
SmashXL II: i need to be up by 4:30...
: this room filled up
Ice Bluie
: I'm in Kentucky!!
SmashXL II: ... pm
: i better go
Marioman0Neil: bye
BombermanFan: Katt, you might want to make a duplicate room
Marioman0Neil: :D
Nuttinbutfluff64: bye
: Meet me tomorrow everyone!
NESTERch: sweet
LawBoy84: LOL smahs :P
BS465: BYE
JusDBerube: Mario...
Green N Scaly: bye
Marioman0Neil: bye everyone
Nemo Nint: Blackeyes = creatures that are nocturnal like hamsters
BS465 has left the room.
NESTERch: bye
Zoasam: nutt play one round of tetrinet
Diamondcutters X: doesn't aim chats max at 25
JusDBerube: MM0 Guess what
Nuttinbutfluff64: huh
: JusD, wut? :P
NOCpentium: 23
BombermanFan: DC, no, 23
NESTERch: Owensboro here
Gastlichu: bye mario :D
MukuSix: *eats a pepperoni sandwhich* Since talk of pepperoni earlier with tay..i've yearned
MukuSix: for it :/
JusDBerube: You mom owes me 25 Cents
Zoasam: Nutt, play one round of tetrinet
CeleryJerky: LOL, is there a limit on the number of people in--
CeleryJerky: Aw crap.
Ice Bluie: BBL
Nuttinbutfluff64: who;
Ice Bluie
has left the room.
Marioman0Neil: Jus... um...
Nuttinbutfluff64: huh;
: Theres a max on AIM? Lame
LawBoy84: kat we're approaching the limit
Marioman0Neil: i better og
LawBoy84: of 23
BombermanFan: Katti, a little flaw in your bonfire
SmashXL II: afk,the floor in the bathroom is calling my name. ...(the *floor* not the toliet... the *floooor*)
: TOodles Mario
Zoasam: tigrath, he will own you
Nemo Nint: ..
Marioman0Neil: bye everyone
MukuSix: LOL Smissy..
Green N Scaly: lol
CeleryJerky: Bomber, another one.
Green N Scaly: I will OWN you!
Zoasam: I'm serous, he's good
Gastlichu: AFK trying to find that monster lol
Nemo Nint has left the room.
NOCpentium: It's more of a flaw in AOL. :(
MukuSix: So what are you doing with the floor at night?
Samtron1843: How many people were still awake @ 6AM
NESTERch: did anyone else find a blueprint?
MukuSix: Tangoing wtih it?
Zoasam: I'm intersted if Aether can beat him
Marioman0Neil: (to muku: i'm too scared to ever take that gender test again)
Marioman0Neil: :P
MukuSix: Mario ROFL!
LawBoy84: zoa who?
Zoasam: Tigrath
Green N Scaly: lol
JusDBerube: Word to your mother
CeleryJerky: Sam, oh my gosh, only like four or five.
Green N Scaly: me
BombermanFan: I have decided I'm not even gonna try for an all-nighter... maybe Thursday...
Nuttinbutfluff64: Marioman0Neil: the gender test thought i was a girl again
: ogging
LawBoy84: no who is good
Marioman0Neil: bye :D
SmashXL II: the gender test?
: Nutt, it did it again tonight
Nuttinbutfluff64: ROFL
: :(
JusDBerube: I LOVE YOU GUYS ;_;!!!
MukuSix: I stayed up to like 4 or 5 am one morning but that was my limit for ch
Samtron1843: lol
Zoasam: Green N Scaly
Green N Scaly: yes
Zoasam: He's surprisingly good
NESTERch: the saw mill went ok today
Marioman0Neil: Nutt
NESTERch: didn't lose any fingers
Zoasam: really good
Marioman0Neil: do you think it means anything? :(
Green N Scaly: bomb: Tigrath = Tetrininja
Green N Scaly: if I remember correctly from last night
MukuSix: Mario it just means your in tune with your femanine side
NOA Rushmore: You work at a SAW MILL O_O
LawBoy84: LOL nester
Samtron1843: 6AM CH Time is like *AM where I live
NESTERch: yep
Samtron1843: 8AM
NOA Rushmore: Egads
CeleryJerky: LOL Mukz, that's good enough to be a late nighter in my book. ;D
Marioman0Neil: Muku... that's good, right?
JusDBerube: My Names...ROSCO
LawBoy84: losing fingers would be bad
BombermanFan: I'll be making a Tetrinet theme...
NESTERch: yeah lol
MukuSix: LOL katt ^^
LawBoy84: my shop teacher once had a sstudent who had a mishap with the table saw
NOCpentium: My uncle owns a sawmill.
NOA Rushmore: Which book is that Katt?
LawBoy84: and the student panicked and ran home
Zoasam: fikfdboib nutt play one round of tetrinet dourk :(
JusDBerube: Now Bart Rosco will tell you all about the Steal Mill
NESTERch: so what's the scoop on these blueprints I found?
NOA Rushmore: Is that the one with Super Luigi 64?
MukuSix: Mario I spose. When you have a gf.. guys like you tend to keep them longer, in my
SmashXL II: afk
: opnion
CeleryJerky: Uh.... the book of my life.
CeleryJerky: ... NOT the diary.
NOCpentium: My dad went there yesterday and brought back a truck and trailer full of wood!
Marioman0Neil: :D
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
JusDBerube: We work hard...AND WE PLAY HARD
Zoasam: or law play
Marioman0Neil: guys that are like girls jkbhsdfjksdbafg
NOCpentium: So I got to pile wood for the 2nd time this week. :)
Marioman0Neil: :P
MukuSix: Mario :P
NESTERch: I work in Lewisport, KY
MukuSix: BTW if you play PSO let me know your name *keeping list*
Samtron1843: how long did the bowser game take to load 4 others?
JusDBerube: I work the USA
LawBoy84: mukz, my pso name is lawny
SmashXL II: mine is smashy
: there's a bowser game?
MukuSix: I work as an illegal alien inside US,, jk
JusDBerube: your camp play games early
MukuSix: Law coolios.. curious what ship ya usually play on
Samtron1843: T- 8 hr till breakfest
SELainWhoAmI: DHB, I have PSO but I'm not big on Online
LawBoy84: You know when we came back from canada, border patrol thought we were illegal aliens
NOCpentium: The bowser game doesn't work yet.
MukuSix: being online is best part of PSO
LawBoy84: muku we usually play on miranda 6
MukuSix: LOL Law
MukuSix: Hm k
SmashXL II: I play on Miranda 3...
: lol
MukuSix: Law one night if we can meet and trade cards that would rawk
Samtron1843: darn
LawBoy84: ya mukz
SELainWhoAmI: I don't have an ISP so I'm hacking into one of the free ones and it goes real slow...
BombermanFan: *sigh* This will be a problem...
MukuSix: I play on Ariel (whatever if thats the right name.. ship 12) block 4 or 5
SmashXL II: i love PSO
: netzero is crap
LawBoy84: ariel! the little merm......
MukuSix: it won't work wtih PSo
BombermanFan: What's the link to the main map??
LawBoy84: ........
JennyMarie64 has entered the room.
MukuSix: LOL Law
JennyMarie64: this is it?
SmashXL II
: Best game I've ever played
: Yaaay!
BombermanFan: Not Friday's, but today's? Preferably daytime
JennyMarie64: afk
NOA Rushmore
Gastlichu: I give up, cant find monster lol
LawBoy84: kittu?
Gastlichu: is Monster in the woods?
NOA Rushmore: Inside joke ;)
NESTERch: I found stumpy on the way
CeleryJerky: Gast, the monster?
SmashXL II: Law, I'm the best at PSO eh!
: i thought you were just lazy to fix a typo
NOA Rushmore: lol
LawBoy84: yes smah
LawBoy84: smash
NESTERch: I take it everyone else did too
Zoasam: Rush, are you intersted in playing tetrinet?
Marioman0Neil: ogging now
NOCpentium: Tuesday AM
Marioman0Neil: bye
SmashXL II: i know.
NOA Rushmore
: She calls me Rushuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
CeleryJerky: As in... well, did you visit the ranch?
JusDBerube: I love how I beat dog in a question she had 100% advantage over me in
NOCpentium: hopefully
LawBoy84: did you guys find the chinese lady
MukuSix: law btw what level are joo
Marioman0Neil has left the room.
Gastlichu: some one was talking abou a monster :D
NOA Rushmore: Not right now Sammie :|
BombermanFan: Thank you
LawBoy84: mukz um......... 60 i think
Gastlichu: yeah i saw stumpy :P
MukuSix: boo.
LawBoy84: LOL
LawBoy84: i've had it for a whie
CeleryJerky: And the monster who tried to ea--er,
MukuSix: I turned uh.. level 21 earlier tonight
CeleryJerky: >:D
LawBoy84: mukz that's fast >:O
Gastlichu: lol let me check again! :D
CeleryJerky: Go closer and try to pet Stumpy. :)
MukuSix: I got my game thurs. I know! My bf is level 100 and is helping me level online ^^
JennyMarie64: Anyhoo
NOA Rushmore
: Hey Jus, I just told Mario Girl to hit on you
JennyMarie64: i gtg
SmashXL II
: I"m only at level 36.
: :(
: Go talk to the chinese lady
Gastlichu: lol ok :P
CeleryJerky: LOLOLOL Law.
LawBoy84: for the record my mom is 5'1"
CeleryJerky: I knew you'd love that.
JennyMarie64: My dad will tell at me if he sees I'm on this late
NOA Rushmore
: I need YOU to hit on HER... It'lll TOTALLY throw her off
MukuSix: i'm only 3 inches taller than your mom law -_-
LawBoy84: Lol
CeleryJerky: Well tall was the adjective I needed for some odd reason. :(
NOA Rushmore: She doesn't know I'm telling you this
LawBoy84: lol
NOA Rushmore: >:D
JusDBerube: Rush what do I say...I've never done it on purpose
NOA Rushmore: <------------ Witness EVEL at work
NOA Rushmore: Just say whatever Jus
JennyMarie64: See ya later
: bye kityt
MukuSix: i always witness evil at my work.. my boss always dishes it to me for no reason
JusDBerube: MarioGirlie: to me in turns me on
JennyMarie64: I'll get up at nite and sneak on wit seefee
NOA Rushmore
SmashXL II: Remember me and Data... *stares into space*
NOA Rushmore
: lol Muku
Samtron1843: NAORUSHMORE got any point tips 4 us?
NOA Rushmore
: O_O
MukuSix: Rush its true.. thats why I'm trying to find new job -_-
SELainWhoAmI: <-- Works at a Burger King.... I AM EVIL!
JusDBerube: Rush noone has ever said that to me
NOA Rushmore: Aww... that's a bummer Muku
MukuSix: Otherwise.. if she was gone, I'd love the job and stay
NOA Rushmore: You should move to Redmond :D
LawBoy84: i don't have a job yet >:\
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL Jus
JennyMarie64: Buh bai!
NOA Rushmore
: Just play along Jus
JennyMarie64 has left the room.
LawBoy84: bai kitty
NESTERch: I'll move to redmond if you hook me up with a job
MukuSix: law good don't get one til ya need to
SELainWhoAmI: Law, you aren't missing anything.
NOA Rushmore: ENTICE her with your words ;)
NESTERch: I'm 20 and love video games
NESTERch: lol
LawBoy84: LOL
NESTERch: especially nintendo games
NOA Rushmore: You know how to do that, don't you?
MukuSix: Me too nester.. your point :P
MukuSix: NES games r life
SmashXL II: me and data were the perfect couple...
: hook us up with jobs rushmore
JusDBerube: Uhhh....No
MukuSix: and VGs in general
NOA Rushmore: lol Nester
JusDBerube: I'll try
NOA Rushmore: lol Jus, it's easy
LawBoy84: Noooo i live closer to redmond
LawBoy84: gimme a job
LawBoy84: <g>
MukuSix: Smissy you WERE!
NOA Rushmore: Just pretend you're Han Solo and she's Chewbaka
LawBoy84: except i'm not 18 yet :P
NESTERch: I was in Enumclaw last summer
MukuSix: LOL Law.
Samtron1843: oh rushmore, will you marry me? (I ONLY love you for your like to NOAHQ info);-)
JusDBerube: Rush she just asked if I was flirting...WHAT DO I DO
SmashXL II: Ten bucks says I'll be at NOA in... 6 years.
: back
LawBoy84: enumclaw? .......
LawBoy84: that sounds familiar
Gastlichu: Yay saw the monster :P
MukuSix: Rush BTW have you bought your tenth GBA ?? ;D
NOCpentium: I'm going to make a cabin interior, and go offline while I'm doing it.
NOA Rushmore: Jus, did you not read my instructions?
NESTERch: that's in WA
NOCpentium: BBL maybe
LawBoy84: oh
NOA Rushmore: O_O Samtron
LawBoy84: LOL
NOCpentium: byebye
JusDBerube: what!
LawBoy84: bye petn
Gastlichu: cyas pent
JusDBerube: Mario do this...Response: GAAAWWWWAAAAWWW
NESTERch: I went to the EMP last year too
NESTERch: it was neat
LawBoy84: me too!
NOA Rushmore: Just pretend that YOU'RE Han Solo and SHE'S Chewbaka
NESTERch: Experience Music Project
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: You can do that, can't you?
LawBoy84: i went during... september was it?
NOCpentium: Rush. what?!
NESTERch: I went in late August
LawBoy84: i wanted to steal one of the guitars off the wall
: LOL!
NESTERch: me too!
JusDBerube: MarioGirlie: ;) s'ok sug, I think its cute
LawBoy84: there were so many
LawBoy84: they wouldn't notice :(
NOA Rushmore: LOL Noc, I'm teaching Jus how to hit on a girl
JusDBerube: JusDBerube: i think you cute
MukuSix: LOL rush
MukuSix: A man to man talk ;)
Samtron1843: hey, all if anyone asks I am telling people @ CH I am the "hacker" play along please!
Nuttinbutfluff64: dsfdsfdsf F U SPARK.COM GENDER TEST
NOA Rushmore
: LOL Muku
LawBoy84: lol nut
NOCpentium has left the room.
MukuSix: Sam do ya want to? Dano was pretty mad earlier today
JusDBerube: Should I think of all women as Wookies?
LawBoy84: nutty thespark is strictly for *other people's* entertainment
Nuttinbutfluff64: LOL law ;P
NOA Rushmore
: I beg to differ Nutti
SELainWhoAmI: lol nutt, did you take the gay test yet?
Gastlichu: Why was Dano mad today
MukuSix: Think of all women as your superiors ;)
Nuttinbutfluff64: it seriously did think i wuz a girl thou Oo
: lolol rush
MukuSix: LOL Rush
Gastlichu: LOL rush
Samtron1843: "The Hacker Will Strick @ Night Look 4 The Camer Getting Info Fights"
Nuttinbutfluff64: but you can't expect it to be right all the tiem :P
: nut it said that to me too :\
JusDBerube: Rush should I think of all women as Wookies?
NOA Rushmore: That's right Jus
Samtron1843: That is one thing I say
CeleryJerky: Gast, in chat or in the story?
NESTERch: 1: If they have hair on their knuckles
LawBoy84: >:O
NOA Rushmore: You should be all like, "Hey bebbee... wanna go for a ride on the Falcon?"
Gastlichu: in chat
LawBoy84: cheap
MukuSix: Or if they shave all their hair.. like will on BB2
CeleryJerky: No idea. :\
NESTERch: my dad taught me that one lol
NOA Rushmore: <-------- Puppet master
LawBoy84: pinhead :P
MukuSix: Rush is more like pimp master ;D
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muku
Gastlichu: lol
Samtron1843: Mika Dano was mad @ me?
Samtron1843: lol
NOA Rushmore: LOL Law
NOA Rushmore: You LOOKED?
Nuttinbutfluff64: afcr, taking bastasrd test
NOA Rushmore
NESTERch: why on earth was the password "webbedfeet" today
LawBoy84: >:|
NESTERch: or "webbedtoes"
NESTERch: can't remember
Diamondcutters X: webbedtoes
NOA Rushmore: lol Nester
NESTERch: but WHY!?!?!?!
SmashXL II: *cries* @ question 23 on gender test.
NOA Rushmore
: Uh... i dunno
Gastlichu: Where do u get the passwords?
NOA Rushmore: Is that the password?
NESTERch: and WHO ON EARTH had no life and figured that out!?!?!?
NOA Rushmore: I mean, what password?
LawBoy84: HAWhaw
Gastlichu: i have to ask people every day
JusDBerube: *dances dances*
BombermanFan: Rush, password to NOAHQ
MukuSix: LMAO
MukuSix: *chokes*
NOA Rushmore: >:O
BombermanFan: BTW, it was Webbedtoes
Gastlichu: LOL @ pic
LawBoy84: :D
MukuSix: *hugs rush* even as a lady your pretty ;D
LawBoy84: *hugs adobe* :\
BombermanFan: Nester, there was a secret in the source code...
Gastlichu: Where do u get the passwords for NOAHQ?
CeleryJerky: LOL Law, that picture is going to haunt Rush forever.
LawBoy84: oh wait rush has adobe too..
NESTERch: source code?
NOA Rushmore: >:D
NESTERch: where's that at?
LawBoy84: rush has actual experience with graphics :P
NOA Rushmore: *hugs Muku* Same to you ;)
MukuSix: Rush ;D
Samtron1843: were in the source? I looked
MukuSix: I should randomly im ppl and connect with them to send my scary recent pics of me
LawBoy84: view > source
MukuSix: LOL!
LawBoy84: O_O
LawBoy84: weirdo
MukuSix: taken on my birthday.. not the best pics.. LOL!
MukuSix: *throws the tab off her soda at Nutt*
LawBoy84: Rush do you know how much time i spent getting rid of that spot of hair on your forehead in order to
LawBoy84: use your face for mimirush
MukuSix: You are the weakest link GOODBYE!
NESTERch: what sucks is I don't get to go to camp hyrule until 4pm every day cus I work :(
Samtron1843: LOL!! Who Laughs Out Load In Front Of Their Comp, Come On Really?
MukuSix: ROFL Law
NESTERch: so all the goodies are figured out by then
MukuSix: Sam I do sometimes.. if its really funny.. ROFL rush is serious..
Gastlichu: I get at 3 pm, thats when i get back from school
JusDBerube: Rush...what are you getting out of this conversation I am haveing?
LawBoy84: nester :| i won't be able to chat till 4 pm tomorrow either
NOA Rushmore: >:O Law
LawBoy84: and thursd..wait thursday i'll be gone till 10
Samtron1843: lol
LawBoy84: and friday
Green N Scaly: LOL at that pic law..
LawBoy84: =D
LawBoy84: i'm surprised rush h....
LawBoy84: ...
SmashXL II: Damn... I'm a man on the gender test.
NOA Rushmore
: ...
LawBoy84: i hope i didn't jinx it
NESTERch: I want some info on MARIO SUNSHINE
NOA Rushmore: Yes sir Mr. President?
Zoasam: Smush Is that a disapointment.
LawBoy84: go away rush
Diamondcutters X: rus hasn't what
SmashXL II: ... no
: BTW give me a link to the gender test.
SmashXL II: :D
SmashXL II
Samtron1843: What does it mean if you get a piece of the blueprint?
CeleryJerky: Oh! That's right, Smash! I have to check out your new wallpaper!
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
CeleryJerky: BRB!
NESTERch: I was wondering the same thing samtron
Green N Scaly: lol I took a lot of tests b4
LawBoy84: new wallpaper?
Gastlichu: i got 2 blue prints, but dunno what to do with them lol
LawBoy84: my parents are gonna tell me to go to bed soon i just know it
NESTERch: I've gotten 3 but I don't know where they went
Green N Scaly: the one test that I forgot what it was said I was a person who finds lost children on the internet.
Zoasam: Law Say no
Zoasam: and run away screaming
Green N Scaly: lol
Zoasam: like a little child
NESTERch: me?
LawBoy84: ...not if i don't sleep ata ll
LawBoy84: huh
LawBoy84: no you're brIan
NESTERch: I'm Brian lol
Green N Scaly: school
NESTERch: sorry
Green N Scaly: Eeevil
AustinRock000 has entered the room.
SmashXL II: KATTI! My new wall paper!
: Heya Austin!! :D WTG!
LawBoy84: why didn't my parents just name me brian :P
AustinRock000: hi
LawBoy84: nobody spells my name right
NESTERch: lol
MukuSix: :runs around with mullet trav printed picture slabbed to back of her shirt:
SmashXL II: Bryan
: try to say my last name
LawBoy84: ....
NESTERch: I get it mispronounced all the time!
LawBoy84: hmm
Gastlichu: hiyas
Zoasam: Bryan, I have a friend with his name spelled that way.
Green N Scaly: doogun?
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
NESTERch: tell him what he's won Johnnie!
Green N Scaly: as I thought
LawBoy84: i bet you can't pronounce my last name
CeleryJerky: SMASH,
NESTERch: people call me Doogie for short
JusDBerube: Rush your going to get a kick out of this....
LawBoy84: my last name = hardest to say in the whole wrld
MukuSix: Ppl always misprounouce my name.. and its so fricking easy
JusDBerube: SHE LEFT!!!!!!!!
NOA Rushmore: Timberlake?
SmashXL II: lol lol lol
LawBoy84: "L...DIE RUSH
BombermanFan: I need to test out my CH Tetrinet background...
SmashXL II: >:D So.. am I eviler now?
: last name= La though
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
SmashXL II: Bryan La
: Such a short last name.
LawBoy84: some people actually have mispronounced my last name
SmashXL II: La La La!!!!
NOA Rushmore
LawBoy84: "bryan... lay...laaa..?"
MukuSix: Law LOL they mispronouce mine and mines easy :(
Gastlichu: lol
Zoasam: Layfeeta?
JusDBerube: Rush you will buy it just for the name
MukuSix: How do you mispronouce CATTLES? Good god :/
NOA Rushmore: People mispronounce my name all the time too >:|
NESTERch: my high school P.E. coaches name was MR. LOSER
SmashXL II: *cough*
: lol mukz that's sad
NOA Rushmore
: lol Muku
NESTERch: but you pronounced it LOSIER
Nuttinbutfluff64: wooo!! i got 86% bastard!
: BTW Smash, I got cut off in uploading the other one (the larger one), so if you have the--
Nuttinbutfluff64: i passed
: *beats all moron ppl with a stick*
LawBoy84: lolol nester
CeleryJerky: --updated version of that too I'll add it! :D
SELainWhoAmI: Nutt, take the gay test
NESTERch: so I was worried what to call him when I first read his name on my schedule card
JusDBerube: I should make a game called Smith Smith
Nuttinbutfluff64: k
NOA Rushmore
Green N Scaly: I got 20% bastard
Green N Scaly: lol
BombermanFan: ZOA, I have a new background for Tetrinet!!
MukuSix: I got uh 29% bitch the other night
BombermanFan: It's CH2K1!!!
MukuSix: which is below average
Nuttinbutfluff64: i got 25% bastard
NOA Rushmore
: lol Muku
Zoasam: Sweet bomber
LawBoy84: you know what
MukuSix: Average was like 38%
LawBoy84: my first name is absolutely USELESS
BombermanFan: I haven't done anything to the blocks, though
Samtron1843: I already reseved my gamecube 2 mo, ago
MukuSix: And I'm gona die Sept 4, 2050!
LawBoy84: nobody spells it right, and nobody ever calls me by my first name
Zoasam: Smash what did you put for the question "Does canada suck or what?"
BombermanFan: ZOA, would you help give me a test run?
Samtron1843: can't wait!
SmashXL II: Katti... i didn't know if you wanted to bigger version, so I didn't do it. But I can do it now...
: sure
Nuttinbutfluff64: Bryan..
NOA Rushmore
: ~*Bryan*~
Zoasam: join
LawBoy84: i wanna be one of those people with jsut a first naem
NOA Rushmore: How hard was that?
Nuttinbutfluff64: law, like Arnold
: Law whats ye middle name?
CeleryJerky: You don't have to, Smash, but if you want to!
Nuttinbutfluff64: from hey arnold
: :D
NOA Rushmore
: You mean like Cher or Madonna, Law?
LawBoy84: i don't even have a middle name lol
SmashXL II: I will I will.
: Law LOL you serious?
LawBoy84: yeah :(
MukuSix: Poor Lawy
MukuSix: Don't worry your not missing anything
LawBoy84: i hate it when you take standardized tests...
MukuSix: I don't even go by mine.
NOA Rushmore: ~*LawBoy84*~
LawBoy84: and they have you fill in the bubbles for your name,
LawBoy84: but then if you have empty spaces
MukuSix: LOL law!
LawBoy84: you have to fill in blank bubbles
MukuSix: yea
Diamondcutters X: tonight's conan could be the best of the year
Samtron1843: T-8hours till camp RUSHMORE think you can stay up?
NOA Rushmore: Hey Samtron, will you pretend to hit on Jus?
Gastlichu: I hate those tests too
NOA Rushmore: He needs more practice
MukuSix: LOL Rush
AustinRock000: everyone needs the Unown Font
Samtron1843: and sure I will
AustinRock000: lol
LawBoy84: i haven't received my results from the stupid WASl tests
MukuSix: Is Sam even female? O_o
NOA Rushmore: No clue
MukuSix: ROFL!
LawBoy84: lol rush
Gastlichu: lol
LawBoy84: hmm
Green N Scaly: need the MingLiU font
JusDBerube: EWWW NO
LawBoy84: green i think i have that
JusDBerube: NOT MALE
Green N Scaly: WOO
JusDBerube: NO MALES
Green N Scaly: that's what I use
MukuSix: Jus aww c'mon you gotta know how to handle guys who ask you out ;D
LawBoy84: i take that back. i used to have it before i formatted
BombermanFan: K, I've joined
NOA Rushmore: Seriously... Sam, are you a girl or a guy?
MukuSix: LOL
Samtron1843: Hey Jus are you male/female?
Zoasam: SHOOT
MukuSix: Jus is Male
MukuSix: What are you Sam
LawBoy84: "what are you"
LawBoy84: lol
Zoasam: the spark says I am a female
Zoasam: :(
MukuSix: Hehe
LawBoy84: zoa :(
Zoasam: vxcvxczvczxbvb
Gastlichu: lol
NOA Rushmore: LOL zoa
JusDBerube: I am male
MukuSix: Sam Mario is female x 4
Zoasam: IT'S LIES
NOA Rushmore: I meant Samtron
Gastlichu: im still filling it :P
BombermanFan: I need to take that test
Samtron1843: I am a guy but I am willing If He O:-)
Nuttinbutfluff64: LOL, the stress test asks if i have an arch enemy
: does Rush count?
: ROFL!!!!!
AustinRock000: lol
Gastlichu: LOL
Green N Scaly: lol nutt
MukuSix: Jus go fur it!
NOA Rushmore: >:D
CeleryJerky: LOLOL Nutty!
NOA Rushmore: DO it Samtron :D
JusDBerube: NO NO
JusDBerube: O
MukuSix: Do it Jus!
JusDBerube: NO
LawBoy84: the stress test?
LawBoy84: i take that
LawBoy84: :D
Zoasam: dAMNIT
Diamondcutters X: i think katt is my arch enemy :D
Zoasam: Why does the spark say I am a woman
Samtron1843: NORUSHMORE this is 4 YOU!
Zoasam: :(
LawBoy84: but first a word from your local sponsor:
MukuSix: Katt and i are the only females in here atm? I dunno we're always outnumbered
CeleryJerky: Squirrel boy...................
LawBoy84: HAWhaw
LawBoy84: k
MukuSix: LOL Law
Gastlichu: ROFL law
Green N Scaly: sam's a woman lol
Diamondcutters X: Rodent..............
NOA Rushmore: Sure you do Muku ;)
CeleryJerky: LOL Mukz, it is always a problem at this hour.
MukuSix: I sure what?!
MukuSix: Katt we're the hard core females ;D
NOA Rushmore: You know why you're always outnumbered
MukuSix: Ooo LOL yea
Samtron1843: Hey Jus is that a pickle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
MukuSix: ROFL Sam!
JusDBerube: BOTH!
LawBoy84: oh my
JusDBerube: I mean
MukuSix: BOTH??
MukuSix: ROFL!!!!!!
NOA Rushmore: O_O
MukuSix: Mr Pickle got in Jus pants?? DID HE SNEAK HIM OUT!?
NOA Rushmore: *closes his eyes*
Samtron1843: oh My, Jus I never thought you felt that way! :)
Gastlichu: LOL rush
MukuSix: Sam LOL
JusDBerube: It isn't that
JusDBerube: It's the side effects of the medication i take
LawBoy84: how many hours a week do i spend at school?
NOA Rushmore: O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
MukuSix: ...
LawBoy84: geeze
JusDBerube: One side effect is death
JusDBerube: j/k
Samtron1843: Sure, don't fight it Jus, Give In!
MukuSix: LOL Sam!
MukuSix: Jus give in to your inner calling!
MukuSix: Give in!
JusDBerube: No
LawBoy84: i spend an average of like 50 hours at school a week :\
JusDBerube: I am not GAY
CeleryJerky: Law, yikes. :(
NOA Rushmore: ...
MukuSix: I am... i'm pretty happy right now.
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
MukuSix: ^^
JusDBerube: when I am in school I spend about 18 hours a week there
Samtron1843: Jus come on we can go to a private chat talk, see what happens...:-[
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL Samtron
MukuSix: Sam oh my...
LawBoy84: O_O
Gastlichu: lol
MukuSix: No cybering!
LawBoy84: sam i think you can stop now
Zoasam: Dangit, it is so confusing having 2 sam's in this room
MukuSix: Jus hush. He is not.
JusDBerube: Muku..sure he is...
MukuSix: Um, no.
NOA Rushmore: /move Samtron1843 & JusDBerube /world/rooms/cabin6 aka LOVESHACK
MukuSix: He has fun with it .. but he isn't.
MukuSix: ROFL!
JusDBerube: I have never felt that way before.....We need MG back!!!
MukuSix: Love shack babbbbbbbby
Zoasam: Alright
JusDBerube: RUSH NO
CeleryJerky: LOLOL,
Zoasam: Time to take the gay test
Samtron1843: We never said you are Jus but its late were expermenting and young come on you know you want to...
NOA Rushmore: ;)
MukuSix: LOL .. sounds like sam and just need that test
LawBoy84: i'm taking the stress test
Nuttinbutfluff64: 5% stress :D
: <>:O
Nuttinbutfluff64: i take the gay test
: Jus so what would happen if a female hit on you? Would you act worse than you did with sam?
LawBoy84: you are a carefree dork nut
JusDBerube: Samtron leave me alone
Samtron1843: hey RUSMORE want to join it?
Gastlichu: ack this gender test is taking for ever
NOA Rushmore: Yeah Muku, hit on JusD... I wanna see what happens
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: Muku...If A Female hit on real life...I would faint
MukuSix: *nudge Jus* Hey baby, wassup?
NOA Rushmore: No thanks Samtron, I wouldn't wanna intrude
MukuSix: LOL
Gastlichu: lol
BombermanFan: Females are always hitting on me. I'm like a British soldier, so it's funny to them
NOA Rushmore: Muku is a lady Jus... what do you do?
Samtron1843: oh RUSHMORE your so considearate
JusDBerube: Rush you lier
MukuSix: What? I'm female dammit :P
NOA Rushmore: I'm not lying
NOA Rushmore: ...this time
JusDBerube: Ok
Zoasam: I hate the spark
MukuSix: LOL @ this time Rush
JusDBerube: are now
NOA Rushmore: Seriously, I'd like to know how Jus talks to girls
Zoasam: If it says I'm gay I will be extreamly mad.
MukuSix: I have always been female.
NOA Rushmore: It'll be Law's turn next
MukuSix: Since birth at least :P
Diamondcutters X: 16% stressed and it told me to get a job >:D
JusDBerube: I've never talked to them
MukuSix: ROFL Rush!
NOA Rushmore: ;)
AltoonaDav has entered the room.
NOA Rushmore: Altoooooooooooooooooooona ;D
NESTERch: I just got told I was a woman :(
MukuSix: Jus are you serious? -_x
AltoonaDav: Hey guys
JusDBerube: the usually say...It's that Nintendo kid what do you play 64 all day?
SELainWhoAmI: Sam, it gives you a percent
CeleryJerky: Yaay! Heya!
NOA Rushmore: I believe him Muks ^_^
MukuSix: Oh my...
NESTERch: I won't tell you what I called them lol
Gastlichu: Back...this sucks gender test results: You are definitely a woman!! :(
MukuSix: Jus outta curiousity, how old is ye? 16 ?
NESTERch: same ere gastlichu
NOA Rushmore: Close Muku
MukuSix: Gast your like Mario!
Samtron1843: Hey Jus, I was just jokeing k? or was I :)
MukuSix: 17?
JusDBerube: Muku yep
LawBoy84: i was told i was a woman too :P
LawBoy84: THEY LIE
NOA Rushmore: LOL Gast
Gastlichu: That test sucks lol
JusDBerube: 16
MukuSix: law LMAO you are/?
MukuSix: Ah ok.. i thought 16 was right
SmashXL II: Wow! I'm the only man according to Spark!
: they told nutty he was a woman too
LawBoy84: but..
LawBoy84: nut is anne robinson
NESTERch: I was right in between man and woman
MukuSix: I'm a legal female by birthright.. and the test said i was female too ^^
NOA Rushmore: LOL Law
Gastlichu: LOL
NESTERch: and they called me a woman
NESTERch: them queers
LawBoy84: they put my dot in the middle too
Zoasam: the test called me a woman
JusDBerube: *drops wallet*
Zoasam: :(
MukuSix: Oh my.. marios not only one with woman problem
NOA Rushmore: Seriously, let's have a test with Muku and Jus
JusDBerube: Muku will you pick that up for me?
NOA Rushmore: Jus, how would you approach a nice girl
NOA Rushmore: ...
Gastlichu: brb taking stress test :P
Green N Scaly: heh
MukuSix: .....
JusDBerube: Rush....I wouldn't
NESTERch has left the room.
Samtron1843: There RUSHMORE I did what u asked anything else I can do 4 u master?
MukuSix: Only if I get the money! LOL!
NOA Rushmore: Let's pretend you're Han Solo then
JusDBerube: Muku..for you..It's worth it
NOA Rushmore: Han Solo doesn't shy from the ladies
MukuSix: I'm Chewbacca
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: LOL
AustinRock000 has left the room.
Gastlichu: LOL
NOA Rushmore: All class Jus
JusDBerube: *fixes suit*
NOA Rushmore: Now all you single fellas
NOA Rushmore: Pay attention
MukuSix: LOL rush's pimping class
MukuSix: How much I get payed??;)
Samtron1843: RUSHMORE "your will, shal be done by me" That is my gift Hope u like it! :)
JusDBerube: you have a g/f?
LawBoy84: is rush talking?
NOA Rushmore: This is the *BEFORE* version of what happens
Green N Scaly: I'll do something else then ;) not single...not EXACTLY..
MukuSix: LOL Jus
NOA Rushmore: Not at the moment Jus
NOA Rushmore: Too busy helpin' my bros
MukuSix: Rush is pimp masta he dun need one ;)
NOA Rushmore: lol Muku
JusDBerube: good keep helping
AustinRock000 has entered the room.
NOA Rushmore: ;)
CeleryJerky: WB Austin! :)
NOA Rushmore: Now it's a Saturday night
AltoonaDav has left the room.
Zoasam: OKAY
NOA Rushmore: And Muku is a girl in your class
Zoasam: I AM NOT GAY
Zoasam: WOOHOO
MukuSix: (LOL Sam)
NOA Rushmore: That you like
JusDBerube: saturday NIGHT I have to work at 6 am tommarow..I have to get to bed
Gastlichu: LOL sam :P
NOA Rushmore: You finally get the nerve to call her up
Samtron1843: ZOa r u really?
NOA Rushmore: Work with me Jus
JusDBerube: *pisses first*
Green N Scaly: lol sam
MukuSix: LOL Rush
JusDBerube: ok
NOA Rushmore: Lets begin
NOA Rushmore: *ring ring*
Gastlichu: taking iq test :P
MukuSix: Hello?
JusDBerube: Hello is Muku there
NOA Rushmore: lol
MukuSix: THis is she. (LOL this is like so funny IRL to me)
Zoasam: Heck I'm less gay then most normal people
MukuSix: (Must be the middle of the night giggles)
SmashXL II: rotfl ... this is too funny. and i'm not even paying attention...
NOA Rushmore
: lol Smash
MukuSix: Smissy LOL
JusDBerube: have a beautiful voice
Gastlichu: lol
NOA Rushmore: O_O
NOA Rushmore: oh MY
MukuSix: heh..
LawBoy84: jus moves right along doesn' the
JusDBerube: And This is JusD
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
SmashXL II: ... isn't that little too much too soon?
: OMG .. one sec i laughed so hard i hurt my side
Gastlichu: ROFL
MukuSix: Oh that hurt
Samtron1843: I Am not gay (unless I want to be online for humor) or am I?
NOA Rushmore: lol Sam
SmashXL II: *muku* you are too funny
: Okay Rush are you gonna pause and help him or should we go on?
JusDBerube: I wanted to know if you wanted to do something tomarrow besides going out with your friends
NOA Rushmore: Go on
JusDBerube: instead
Nuttinbutfluff64: woo
: 23% gay
: less than average
: Sure, what did you have in mind?
LawBoy84: i was 25%
SELainWhoAmI: 23? darn I was 30%
JusDBerube: Anything you want Muku...I have the tell me where to spend it
Nuttinbutfluff64: :D
: law is gayer than me
NOA Rushmore
: O_O
SmashXL II: *is taking gay test*
: Oh my.. a
LawBoy84: 93% pure :D
MukuSix: er minus the a
Nuttinbutfluff64: k
NOA Rushmore
: lol
SELainWhoAmI: List your friends when it asks for them, it will give you the wet dream rating!
MukuSix: Rush you taking notes?
Nuttinbutfluff64: i og now
: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee
NOA Rushmore
: I AM :D
JusDBerube: LOL
MukuSix: LOL
LawBoy84: nut
LawBoy84: noooooooo
Samtron1843: I am 0-200% (whatever RUSHMORE tell me to be @ the time)
Nuttinbutfluff64: huh;
: Muku...How about we go see a movie....
MukuSix: BTW your the guy, offer to take me somewhere.. hell if i had choice i'd be like
NOA Rushmore: lol Sam
Nuttinbutfluff64: but;
: estoy consado;
: TAKE ME to the store and buy me stuff!
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: lol Muku
LawBoy84: no esta cansado
JusDBerube: Muku...after the movie
CeleryJerky: LOL Mukz. :D
MukuSix: LOL
Green N Scaly: I'm gonna take the gender test and then the gay test
MukuSix: ANd I'd buy katt some stuff too
Gastlichu: LOL
NOA Rushmore: ;)
MukuSix: Sure.. is there anything in particular you want to see?
LawBoy84: can you believe what thespark told me?
JusDBerube: Muku I'll get you some laungere
LawBoy84: they said,
NOA Rushmore: Hushy Muku... Jus is making his move
MukuSix: WHAT?!
Nuttinbutfluff64: law is a girl
: SHould I TAke The TEst?
CeleryJerky: BRB I need to update before the day is over. :)
LawBoy84: what
MukuSix: Rush read his last remark.. ROFL
Diamondcutters X: thespark said i was a MAN
LawBoy84: i was talkinga bout stress test
LawBoy84: they told me to stop doing hw
Gastlichu: LOL
NOA Rushmore: LAUNGERE????
Nuttinbutfluff64: it said i need to get a job ;[
NOA Rushmore
LawBoy84: me to nut
Gastlichu: what is a laungere?
MukuSix: He means lingere
Samtron1843: Should I take the gay test?
NOA Rushmore: ...
MukuSix: Like.. panties? O_O
NOA Rushmore: ROTFLMAO!!!! XD
Nuttinbutfluff64: i'm lazy
: But lets go to the movies together...I will show you what the JusD charm is!
Gastlichu: ROFL!!!!!!
MukuSix: OMG my sides hurting so bad
Nuttinbutfluff64: huh
Diamondcutters X
: ROTFLMAO @ COnan playign with his doll
Green N Scaly: lol
LawBoy84: that's lingerie
Gastlichu: Ok i better stop laughing or i will wake up my parents
Gastlichu: LOL
LawBoy84: oh
MukuSix: LOL Gast my dad thinks i'm nuts now
NOA Rushmore: WonderLaw would know ^_-
LawBoy84: mukz said it alreayd
Gastlichu: LOL
JusDBerube: Muku you there?
LawBoy84: :|
MukuSix: Yes I'm here.. coming on strong aren't we?
Nuttinbutfluff64: law is slow
: Yeesh, I've been AFK a while..
LawBoy84: james tang tang orange juice
NOA Rushmore: :P
CeleryJerky has left the room.
JusDBerube: Muku do you want to go to the movies with me?
MukuSix: Rush you need a rather large pad for Jus
NOA Rushmore: lol
MukuSix: Jus ... sure...
SELainWhoAmI: eep.. i heard something. I'm outta here everyone. Have a fun CH...
Nuttinbutfluff64: LAW LOOK
: bye wus :|
Nuttinbutfluff64 has left the room.
NOA Rushmore: Later SELain ;)
LawBoy84: nutty ..
JusDBerube: Muku see you there
NOA Rushmore: ...
MukuSix: You aren't picking me up?!
MukuSix: LOL
SELainWhoAmI: Bye law, rush and eveyrone else
Nuttinbutfluff64 has entered the room.
Nuttinbutfluff64: adsflkds
has left the room.
JusDBerube: I don't have a licence
Nuttinbutfluff64 has left the room.
LawBoy84: hi nut
NOA Rushmore: ...
Gastlichu: lol
NOA Rushmore: And a movie
Nuttinbutfluff64 has entered the room.
NOA Rushmore: ...err...
NOA Rushmore: Keep going
Nuttinbutfluff64: ......
: :D
MukuSix: LOL so get your parents.. or meeting spot or something.. oh my..
LawBoy84: nuty saty
LawBoy84: stay
Nuttinbutfluff64: saty?
: Where doy ou want to meet Jus?
JusDBerube: Lets meet at the ummm....XXX store by the theatre
LawBoy84: stay
NOA Rushmore: ...
Nuttinbutfluff64: es lateo
: Eeek xxx store?
SmashXL II: rotfl!
LawBoy84: so..~!
Gastlichu: OMG! lol
NOA Rushmore: You guys gettin this? O_O
MukuSix: is that like porn or liquor
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: Rush am I doing good Rush?
CeleryJerky has entered the room.
Nuttinbutfluff64: hi katt
: kaboom
Gastlichu: LOL what kind of movies are u watching?
BombermanFan: WB, Katt
SmashXL II: Muks, you are going to need liqour after this date!
NOA Rushmore
: I'll assess the damages... er... when you're done
BombermanFan: Yay, I'm a man!!
MukuSix: Smissy exactly my thoughts!
CeleryJerky: Thanks, Law!
LawBoy84: bomber did you just figure that out? ;D
JusDBerube: No liquor...
MukuSix: Okay... so what movie is out that interests you?
NOA Rushmore: wb Katt
JusDBerube: I don''t drink
LawBoy84: kat, it's amazing how much communication goes on with an emoticon
Gastlichu: WB katty :)
Nuttinbutfluff64: oi'm gurtly toired, oi be. oi think it be toim t' gurt off yon computerz naow
: Muku...I will beet you at 7:30....If I am not there...I found a better dat.
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: meet
LawBoy84: nutty : (
NOA Rushmore: LOL Jus
MadBrad11: Cya tomorrow
Gastlichu: LOL!!
MukuSix: You never picked movie yet :P
LawBoy84: uh oh
LawBoy84: i'm gonna get blisters on my fingers tomorrow ><
JusDBerube: Muku...we will watch them all
Nuttinbutfluff64: :(
: Lol what movie?
MukuSix: Oh my.
MadBrad11 has left the room.
Gastlichu: eek that'll be boring... :P
Nuttinbutfluff64: oi be wurntin t' go to murchin band to, hurr
: LOL!
JusDBerube: Muku what do you want to see?
SmashXL II: what a long date... in such a dark atmosphere. SO MUCH COULD HAPPEN....
NOA Rushmore
: LOL Smash
MukuSix: Could we see Jurrassic Park 3? That looks like a good movie..
SmashXL II: ... such a large theatre... not too crowded... **see's a bottle of vodka in muku's pocket*
: Smissy LOL
JusDBerube: Anything you want Muku...
CeleryJerky: BTW I'm only allowed to work on puting night 3 and 4 into HTML tonight okay.
Gastlichu: naa it sucks lol
MukuSix: Smissy ROFL i cna't legally buy it yet.. next year :D
CeleryJerky: So if I say, "I'm going to go watch a movie," you have to stop me.
JusDBerube: So I'll see you there?
NOA Rushmore: lol
LawBoy84: lol kat
MukuSix: Jus, sure.
NOA Rushmore: Okay Katt ;)
SmashXL II: Muku... i have a bottle i can send ya.
: hurr, jurrussic purk be a gurtly borin movie, oi'd say
: Ok see you then...and wear something scampy
MukuSix: Nutt eh JP3 was decent
SmashXL II: Fed-Ex... just in time for the date.
NOA Rushmore
: SCAMPY?????????
MukuSix: O+O
MukuSix: er O_O
Gastlichu: o_0
JusDBerube: Goodbye.
BombermanFan: Katt, Scariest Places on Earth is almost over... after that, NOTHING good is on
LawBoy84: that's skimpy
JusDBerube: *Hangs up phone*
NOA Rushmore: ROTFLMAOSHIH~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 XD XD XD
JusDBerube: LOL
MukuSix: Uh bye!!! *slams phone*
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: ROFL
Gastlichu: LMAOROFL
MukuSix: Oh my..
Zoasam: play tetrinet then bomb
Nuttinbutfluff64: scurriest places be'n a borin show 's well, yurr hurr
: Rush, explain. O_O;
NOA Rushmore: SCAMPY is a type of shrimp dinner, NOT an outfit style
MukuSix: That was the scariest pretend phone call i had
MukuSix: LOL Rush
BombermanFan: ZOA, Okay. I adjusted my background a bit
Gastlichu: LOL rush!!!!
SmashXL II: <b>lol lol lol
: It's the JusD charm
MukuSix: I think he meant skimpy
LawBoy84: rush we have scampy in the freezer
JusDBerube: I have to have my accent
NOA Rushmore: LOL Law
Nuttinbutfluff64: Oo
: What's the ISP again?
SmashXL II: This is too much
NOA Rushmore
: Okay, who wants to see a phone call Rushie style? ^_^
CeleryJerky: ROTFL,
MukuSix: Jus wants me to wear food to the theatre!
MukuSix: Rush LOL fire away
JusDBerube: Whip cream to be exact
NOA Rushmore: :D
JusDBerube: i mean
NOA Rushmore: O_O
MukuSix: Jus ROFL!
BombermanFan: JusD, ack
NOA Rushmore: *ring ring*
SmashXL II: *see's Rush dial up Law for a date*
: Hello?
NOA Rushmore: >:O
LawBoy84: OOOH
Gastlichu: LOL
JusDBerube: LAMO
MukuSix: Smissy OH MY!
SmashXL II: rotfl!
NOA Rushmore
: *cough*
MukuSix: LMAO
LawBoy84: do i get to role play!
LawBoy84: *jk*
NOA Rushmore: I mean... hi, is Heather there?
CeleryJerky: ROTFL,
MukuSix: Law yea you can be mah dad on the line listening
Nuttinbutfluff64: Oi'm thurnkin oi kin sneak outta yurr woithurt law guy noticin oi, hurr
: This is she.
LawBoy84: lol
LawBoy84: hi nut
MukuSix: Law hehe
LawBoy84: you will not leave
BombermanFan: NOAHeather = NOAButterfree
NOA Rushmore: Hey Heather, it's Bryan... from Chemistry?
MukuSix: Bomber I am? O_o
LawBoy84: ...
SmashXL II: !!!
: why chemistry
MukuSix: Oh yes, I remember you. You sit behind Chris.
BombermanFan: Muku, oh, he's talking to... n/m
CeleryJerky: R O T F L O L
JusDBerube: Rush is trying to make some chemistry
NOA Rushmore: That's right... what a guy, huh?
MukuSix: Bomber ROFL
Gastlichu: LOL
BombermanFan: Brb
MukuSix: Rush yea you are pretty cute.
LawBoy84: wait
LawBoy84: what's going on
NOA Rushmore: *ahem*
MukuSix: Law ROFL
LawBoy84: i'm lost! :(
Nuttinbutfluff64: ....
: ack im on 100 question on iq test, i quit lol
NOA Rushmore: Thanks Heather!
Nuttinbutfluff64: law safdsfls
NOA Rushmore
: I hear that a lot
Nuttinbutfluff64: that's my job you hobo
: :(
: lol
NOA Rushmore: I'm in a band you know
LawBoy84: i'm confused!!
MukuSix: What instrument do you play?
SmashXL II: Rush... don't be arrogant!
: LOL Smash!!!
NOA Rushmore: Not THAT kind of band ;)
NOA Rushmore: A BOY band
LawBoy84: shrubey: /confuse add list lawboy error error
MukuSix: ROFL
JusDBerube: the TANG TANG Monkey's thats the name of the band
Gastlichu: LOL
MukuSix: Okay.. where do you play?
CeleryJerky: ROTFL,
NOA Rushmore: You might have heard of us... Law Sync?
MukuSix: ROFL!
Samtron1843: I am 41% gay!
Gastlichu: ROFL!!
JusDBerube: ROFL
LawBoy84: >:(
MukuSix: No I haven't..
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...
NOA Rushmore
: We were on Leno last month
MukuSix: *snickers*
NOA Rushmore: *sniffle*
JusDBerube: ROFL
LawBoy84: i'm gonna role play as rush now
LawBoy84: *dials up muku*
MukuSix: THe snicker was off the phone LOL
CeleryJerky: ROTFL ROTFL,
: Rush it's done
NOA Rushmore: You'll get your turn :P
JusDBerube: Isn't
LawBoy84: ok i'll call smash :D
SmashXL II: *blushes*
: Law is mah dad so talk G rated!
MukuSix: j
Nuttinbutfluff64: oi'm gurtly confuzzled oi be, oi thurnkin oi sneak out about naow, zurr
: k
LawBoy84: LOL
NOA Rushmore: Anyhow Heather, I was calling to see what you were doing tomorrow?
LawBoy84: no nut
CeleryJerky: ROTFL @ all Rush's "*sniffle* and *ahem*'s"
LawBoy84: *quick mukz, turn him down*
MukuSix: I have nothing planned tomorrow at the moment.
MukuSix: Law LMAO!
LawBoy84: >:D
Nuttinbutfluff64: WTZ is rush talking about :\
NOA Rushmore
: That's good to hear, darlin'
MukuSix: How could you turn down an NOA? ;)
LawBoy84: this chat will be logged
SmashXL II: Hello? ... hello? Is someone there? Is this a prank?
: .......
NOA Rushmore
: Because baby... God must have spent a little more time on you
SmashXL II: helllooo?
Nuttinbutfluff64: this is my cue to back out of the room
: rush told me to wait smash
Gastlichu: LOL
Zoasam: I am 12% stressfull
CeleryJerky: ROTFL ROTFL
JusDBerube: A little too much time
LawBoy84: RUSH
SmashXL II: *hangs up phone*
: not fair
MukuSix: OML this is the best laugh in a long time
Zoasam: Nutt play tetrinet
SmashXL II: that bastard!
NOA Rushmore
: How about you and I spend a little time together too?
LawBoy84: i don't have this much dirt on rush
BombermanFan: ZOA, oh joy
SmashXL II: *looks at call display*
: That sounds great!
MukuSix: LOL smissy
LawBoy84: i'm not even gonna try
LawBoy84: rush suxours muchourz
MukuSix: Law your my dad.. tell him to back off yoru daughter! ;)
Nuttinbutfluff64: .......
NOA Rushmore
: I was thinking maybe you and I could go for a ride on my Huffy
Nuttinbutfluff64: wait..
SmashXL II
: wtf is a huffy?
: ... LOL!!!!!!
MukuSix: A bike
SmashXL II: ...
: James, i don't appreciate the likes of you..
Nuttinbutfluff64: i think they are doing role playing of some sort
SmashXL II
: *dies*
NOA Rushmore
: Maybe swing by the arcade...
Gastlichu: .LOL
JusDBerube: ROFL
CeleryJerky: ROTFLSH
Nuttinbutfluff64: that's it nutty use that programming-only brain
NOA Rushmore
: And save the Princess
Nuttinbutfluff64: and figure out what's goin on
: You are why society is so corrupt!
Samtron1843: hey RUSHMORE I thought you "loved" me!?!
MukuSix: That sounds like a wonderful day planned out.
SmashXL II: Isn't Muks your princess?
MukuSix: Sam only the badger has the stuff ;)
NOA Rushmore: And maybe... JUST maybe... the Princess can save me too ;)
MukuSix: LOL Smissy
: LOL!!!
SmashXL II: cha-chaaaang
: i think rush is done
JusDBerube: Sorry Rush your princess is in another ARCADE
NOA Rushmore: What do you say?
NOA Rushmore: LOL Jus
MukuSix: Sure thing sweet cheeks.
MukuSix: (LOL!!!!!!!)
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
SmashXL II: !!!
: Oo
: LOL, I could just see: "I was thinking maybe you and I could go for a ride on my tricycle."
MukuSix: Hey if your gonna have fun, go all the way ;)
Gastlichu: LOL
NOA Rushmore: In that case, I'll see you after 8
LawBoy84: kat if i could draw..
MukuSix: LOL Katt!
NOA Rushmore: Band practice doesn't end till 7:30
LawBoy84: .........
CeleryJerky: R O T F L O L
JusDBerube: Rush bring her to practice
MukuSix: Rush, okay.. sounds great.
JusDBerube: show her off
MukuSix: LOL jus
MukuSix: Katt you and me both
NOA Rushmore: See you there... BYE BYE BYE ;)
MukuSix: OMG my side hurst so much
NOA Rushmore: *mwa*
LawBoy84: >:O
MukuSix: Toodles hot stuff!
MukuSix: LOL
SmashXL II: The best.. THE B*E*S*T
: secretly i am laughing :P
NOA Rushmore: And THAT is how it's done ;)
LawBoy84: but i am hurt
LawBoy84: *cries*
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL Law
MukuSix: Rush is da pimp masta of all time man
CeleryJerky: ROTFL Rush, that's absolutely priceless.
SmashXL II: IT could be done better... but its pretty darn good.
NOA Rushmore
: ^_^
MukuSix: Katt you should log this for future laugh time
JusDBerube: What was wrong with mine Rush...
NOA Rushmore: Care to give it a go Smashy?
SmashXL II: Hell no
NOA Rushmore
: The Scampy kinda hurt your chances
MukuSix: Law wants to
LawBoy84: LOL
CeleryJerky: Mukz I am so putting this on LNCH's update.
JusDBerube: I'll go again!!!!
CeleryJerky: <eg>
NOA Rushmore: LAW :D
LawBoy84: >:\
LawBoy84: no
MukuSix: LOL Rush
LawBoy84: u suk
NOA Rushmore: It's Law's turn :D
Nuttinbutfluff64: ....
: can i og
NOA Rushmore
: GO LAW :D :D:D
JusDBerube: Law should sing out the call
LawBoy84: no nut
NOA Rushmore: You STAY Nutt
MukuSix: LOL Jus
SmashXL II: I'll go after Law. *it'll make me look better*
: who am i calling
MukuSix: Law call me sweet cheeks! (LOL!)
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
NOA Rushmore: lol Smash
LawBoy84: *dials up heather*
JusDBerube: rush is a sick man to make us do this...I LIKE IT
NOA Rushmore: Hey Law, you should call Jessica ;D
LawBoy84: i'm JAMES btw
SmashXL II: Not much better... but better none-the-less
NOA Rushmore
: >:O
CeleryJerky: Hey waitaminute!
MukuSix: LOL!
NOA Rushmore: LOL
LawBoy84: Hi ..heather... you? this fine evening
: ::gets the duct tape:: You stay nutt
Zoasam: ;)
SmashXL II: ;DDD
NOA Rushmore
: ...
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...
: <eg>
MukuSix: I'm wonderful. And yourself? (BTW WTH is this??? JK)
NOA Rushmore: lol
LawBoy84: I'm great! *goes afk for a min as he gathers his breath*
NOA Rushmore: ...
MukuSix: LOL!!!!!!!
Gastlichu: lol
MukuSix: These guys are pathetic ;D
LawBoy84: Waht do you like to do in your spare time?
NOA Rushmore: >:O
SmashXL II: ... is there a keyboard on the phone?
: I like to draw, play video games, roller blade.
LawBoy84: really!
MukuSix: Smissy WTF?
JusDBerube: Rush we should call each other can make these calls for real and record them
LawBoy84: let's see..
SmashXL II: We don't need a lifestory law, just a date!
: and
NOA Rushmore: Uh, no we shouldn't Jus ;)
MukuSix: Jus OMG i would die laughing on the other end if you ppl did O_o
JusDBerube: With you Phone card
LawBoy84: I like to make gingerbread cookies with my face on them cause well, i'm a narcissist and all..
Nuttinbutfluff64: Heathers annoying 6 year old bro: HEY is somene on the phone? hello? can i call poke-hotline, heather!
: Rush
MukuSix: Use
LawBoy84: And i DO love blue eye shadow..
NOA Rushmore: >:O
Gastlichu: LOL
LawBoy84: it goes so well on me
MukuSix: Nutt my bro is 18 :/
MukuSix: Hey I like blue eye shadow.. what shade?
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...well congrats you have a 6 year old bro now >;D
MukuSix: Nutt lol
NOA Rushmore: ....
LawBoy84: baby blue
MukuSix: ROFL
LawBoy84: *chuckles*
MukuSix: Wow, you gay?
Diamondcutters X: law, to someone who has just got back on the computer, that looks strange
MukuSix: heh
NOA Rushmore: >:O
JusDBerube: Noone better post my portion of the phone call on RAVE 3!!!>:|
Nuttinbutfluff64: dc quote it ;D
NOA Rushmore
: lol Jus
MukuSix: LOL sorry that was like.. I dunno law was asking for it
LawBoy84: i'm very happy today be talking with you!
MukuSix: Jus rave3 can kiss mah arse
Nuttinbutfluff64: dhb amen
: I bet it is already there
MukuSix: Law, it's a pleasure talking to you.. aren't you in my math class?
MukuSix: LOL Jus
LawBoy84: yes. i sit in the corner
Gastlichu: lol
Diamondcutters X: LawBoy84: And i DO love blue eye shadow..
LawBoy84: how about you and me go out this wednesday night?
NOA Rushmore: She's still calling you Law
JusDBerube: LOL
MukuSix: (Ah yes the nerd with black glasses with tape on it and pocket protector!)
Samtron1843: so do I
LawBoy84: i'm james
NOA Rushmore: lol
JusDBerube: Muku thats more like me
NOA Rushmore: No you're not
MukuSix: What did he say his name.. okay I get confused late at night :P
LawBoy84: james=rush
LawBoy84: yes i am
JusDBerube: No pocket protector
MukuSix: LOL law and your bryan
NOA Rushmore: Yeah :D
LawBoy84: .
MukuSix: So, Bryan La.... are you doing okay in math?
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
MukuSix: heh
LawBoy84: :(
LawBoy84: not fair
Nuttinbutfluff64: ...
NOA Rushmore
MukuSix: What?! LOl it was a q to ya law :P
LawBoy84: *click*
JusDBerube: Law give her a free CD that will get her
MukuSix: LOL!!!!!!
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Gastlichu: LOL
NOA Rushmore: *BOMBED*
JusDBerube: signed
MukuSix: Fine Bryan La, be that way! *slam phone*
NOA Rushmore: You got shot down Bry ;)
Nuttinbutfluff64: ......
: >:|
LawBoy84: hi nut
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
MukuSix: *hugs Lawy*
LawBoy84: you don't leave
JusDBerube: I never even made a call like that and everyone fell out of there seats
Nuttinbutfluff64: can the confused one leave nowflkas
: NOARUSHMORE after camp can you send me pics and games from CH?
LawBoy84: lol ;(
NOA Rushmore: C'mon Smashy, you can do better than THAT ;)
MukuSix: Smissy is pimp mistress
NOA Rushmore: ^_D
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
NOA Rushmore: I mean
MukuSix: Hehe
LawBoy84: rush has a bruised eye
LawBoy84: ^_D
MukuSix: Fat eye
MukuSix: LOL yea
NOA Rushmore: lol
NOA Rushmore: It was WORTH it ;)
Diamondcutters X: conan did get engaged o_O
Samtron1843: /me says hi
MukuSix: Smissy fire away your call to the mukztor
Diamondcutters X: i didn't believe it at first
MukuSix: Smissy is calling sam to ge ta date
NOA Rushmore: I've got an eye patch now P-)
NOA Rushmore: It's Smashy's turn
JusDBerube: ok
MukuSix: LOL Rush
NOA Rushmore: Once he gets up off the bathroom floor
Samtron1843: MukaSix I say Yes!
MukuSix: LOL!
SmashXL II: i missed law's call...
: Oo
: lol
MukuSix: LOL sam!
NOA Rushmore: He got shot down Smash
LawBoy84: i did not
SmashXL II: i was trying to find my jacket
NOA Rushmore
: It's your turn Smash :D
MukuSix: smissy was finding a contact
JusDBerube: Mine was filled with humor
LawBoy84: hoser
NOA Rushmore: :P
Samtron1843: Muka want to go to dinner? Go to a chat room, see what happens?
NOA Rushmore: What can I say, I've get better material to work with ;)
Samtron1843: lol
Nuttinbutfluff64: ..
: I keep getting called muka.. is that a guy off FF7 or something??
JusDBerube: Rush you've had G/f before...
SmashXL II: yo. i need to find my jacket... let nutty go.
: no leaving
NOA Rushmore: lol Muku
NOA Rushmore: A few Jus
Nuttinbutfluff64: law who me
Diamondcutters X
: nutty can never leave
LawBoy84: yes you
Nuttinbutfluff64: :o
: nutty ..just ONCE
LawBoy84: stay up all night
LawBoy84: only on
Nuttinbutfluff64: law,
: one
LawBoy84: ONE
LawBoy84: SHH
Nuttinbutfluff64: it's 2 AM,
MukuSix: If trav was here he'd have field day
MukuSix: Nutt amen..
SmashXL II: afk
: Rush and you treated them badly!!! YOU MADE THE LOSE IN AN ARCADE GAME.
NOA Rushmore: :D
MukuSix: its late and the later it gets the sillier i get
Nuttinbutfluff64: my mom got POed last nite cuz i was on :P
: so...
Diamondcutters X
: nutt, you have to stay up until 9 am :D
NOA Rushmore: lol Jus
Nuttinbutfluff64: i figured i'd get off early tonite
: :\
MukuSix: LOL Nutt
Nuttinbutfluff64: and stay on tomoro
NOA Rushmore
: Aww... sorry Nutt :\
Nuttinbutfluff64: today is like a buffer ;D
: lol
NOA Rushmore: Like for me yesterday :D
JusDBerube: Let Nutt call
LawBoy84: fine...but you better promise that nut
Nuttinbutfluff64: call wut
NOA Rushmore
: Call Muku :D
Diamondcutters X: i can't stay on as long tomorrow, i'm at my dad's
Nuttinbutfluff64: Oo
Nuttinbutfluff64: i have no idea of wut yer doing
NOA Rushmore
: >:O
LawBoy84: nut it's easy
NOA Rushmore: Haven't you been paying attention?
Samtron1843: :'(I'm all along with the ladies(think "acting" gay might have something to do with it?)I need Help!
Nuttinbutfluff64: rush, i was doing the spark tests
: j/k
Nuttinbutfluff64: :(
: just pretend to be a dork *not that hard for you* and role play on a phone call to mukz for a date
NOA Rushmore: You're in Rushmore's Pimp School for askin a girl out
BombermanFan: I'm leaving for tonight, everyone!
Nuttinbutfluff64: .......
: k
: bai bomber
BombermanFan: Bye!
Diamondcutters X: bye bomber
NOA Rushmore: G'night BMF ^_^
Nuttinbutfluff64: **dials dhb's num..drops the phone**
: Bye, DC, Rush, Law
MukuSix: Rush LOL so how much do I get payed.. wait the laughter alone was enough ^^
BombermanFan: Bye, Katti!
Nuttinbutfluff64: **dials**
NOA Rushmore
: LOL Muku
NOA Rushmore: I'm makin' you earn your Squishy GBA :D
JusDBerube: Rush I will do extra credit
Nuttinbutfluff64: hello, mr cattles?
: I'll be working on this Tetrinet theme! If you want the background, talk to me tomorrow
MukuSix: LOL Rush! Its all in fu..
MukuSix: MR >!
NOA Rushmore: >:O
MukuSix: ?!
MukuSix: WTF!
Samtron1843: ok, RUSHMORE I can me your "speical" project
BombermanFan: Bye
MukuSix: I can play a guy if you want..
BombermanFan has left the room.
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Nuttinbutfluff64: Oo
: Yo wazzup hey hot cheeks (in male voice)
Samtron1843: :0
Nuttinbutfluff64: oh!
NOA Rushmore
Nuttinbutfluff64: sorry that was a typo
Nuttinbutfluff64: RLOL
: LOL!
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Nuttinbutfluff64: mrs cattles???
Diamondcutters X
: muku, guys don't hit on anythign that moves :P
Nuttinbutfluff64: is heather there?
NOA Rushmore
: Ah, I see
MukuSix: This is a reason its not good to have serious conversations at night with me LOL
MukuSix: Miss
MukuSix: I'm not married .. O_o
JusDBerube: Muku how old are you
MukuSix: 20
Nuttinbutfluff64: (don't you hate it when you call someone and mistake their parents for yer friend)
Diamondcutters X
: muku, i think he is referring to your mother
Nuttinbutfluff64: X]
: I turned 20 july 31
NOA Rushmore: :D
MukuSix: My mom has my dad..
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: *faints*
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: LOL Jus
SmashXL II: call.. 1-780-690-2674
: oO
: RUSHMORE so you never answerd me will u marry me?
LawBoy84: if i leave early, someone HAS to save all this...and send it to me tomorro
Nuttinbutfluff64: .......LOL law
: I'm an older chick ;) LOL i'm going out with a younger guy irl.. it snot a big deal
NOA Rushmore: Sorry Sammy
Samtron1843: ;)
MukuSix: er is not
NOA Rushmore: The answer... is maybe
NOA Rushmore: ;)
CeleryJerky: Guess what I just updated with a certain log. <eg>
MukuSix: Rush is marrying me after the arcades!
MukuSix: LOL
Nuttinbutfluff64: LOLLL
: Fine than I guess I have to go back to Jus! j/k! :)
NOA Rushmore: Yeah :D :D :D
LawBoy84: >:O
MukuSix: Katt.. WHAT?!
NOA Rushmore: LOL Katt
LawBoy84: rotfl mukz
Gastlichu: back
Nuttinbutfluff64: law
: Where.. O_o
JusDBerube: I am not a big arcade fan..I lose 25 bucks in 10 min... That isn't cool
LawBoy84: ?
LawBoy84: que
CeleryJerky: I want to remember that moment when I go back and look at CH stuff. <eg>
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
MukuSix: LOL jus I lose 10 in like 3 -_-
MukuSix: Oh my..
Nuttinbutfluff64: try to bend yer body so yer head is touching your toes
: eeek 11pm :(
LawBoy84: k
MukuSix: LOL katt post it and let trav see it tomorrow with rest of camp
Gastlichu: Gotta go guys, cya tomorrow! :D
LawBoy84: .....
MukuSix: Might as well as let camp have a good tim too
Nuttinbutfluff64: (sneaks out while law is bending over)
NOA Rushmore
: Yah :D :D
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: You just have to play the old games......If they are still there
Nuttinbutfluff64 has left the room.
LawBoy84: hi nut
NOA Rushmore: Aww
Gastlichu: Gnite everyone! :)
MukuSix: Post it on DA site katt!
NOA Rushmore: :|
NOA Rushmore: G'night Gastli ^_^
Gastlichu: ::waves:::
MukuSix: Law BTW.. lets get back to that call..
JusDBerube: Once you get good at an old game you can play for hours
MukuSix: This time ask for MISS -_-
Gastlichu: Have fun with the pimp test!!! :P lol
NOA Rushmore: Uh... that was Nutti
MukuSix: LOL Gast
NOA Rushmore: And he left already
LawBoy84: ....
MukuSix: was it nutt?
NOA Rushmore: :|
NOA Rushmore: Yeah
MukuSix: Jus's turn again
Gastlichu has left the room.
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: Smash is up on deck :D
JusDBerube: My Turn again?
MukuSix: Oh smissy?
NOA Rushmore: I wanna see CANADIAN moves :D
Seefee II has entered the room.
MukuSix: LOL!
Seefee II: :P
SmashXL II: Miss Swiss Miss Smissy?
: Yes
CeleryJerky: SEIFI!
NOA Rushmore: YEAH
Seefee II: I was supposed to message Kattixie first ;)
Diamondcutters X: why did u invite seefee
NOA Rushmore: How about this?
LawBoy84: seifi wut
JusDBerube: who is going?
Seefee II: Katt, I found it :P
LawBoy84: lol eefee
NOA Rushmore: Smash is the girl and Muku is the guy :D :D :D
MukuSix: Seefee needs some lesson too
MukuSix: Rush ROFL!
Seefee II: jsajskadjfa THAT THING HIT ME IN THE BACK
Seefee II
NOA Rushmore: Let's try that :D
MukuSix: That can happen.. I guess O_o after a sex change
SmashXL II: ... so when will I expect the call?
has entered the room.
CeleryJerky: LOL Seifi, okay. I believe you. ;D
NOA Rushmore: WB Gast ^_^
Seefee II: >:D
Gastlichu: LOL im back!! i gotta see jus turn again :P
SmashXL II: I'm not going to be the aggressive gal... lol
NOA Rushmore
: lol
MukuSix: Okay.. I'm guy then right?
Seefee II: I have "Celery Je" in my buddy list now :D
NOA Rushmore: It's actually Smashi's turn
Gastlichu: oh lol :P
JusDBerube: What can I say...I have the JusD charm...
MukuSix: canucky moves
NOA Rushmore: For those tuning in, Smash is playing as a Girl getting called by Muku, playing a guy
Seefee II: Let's invite Awidi to this little fiasco ;D
Gastlichu: LOL
MukuSix: LOL.. and no i'm not a guy like most of you know -_-
LawBoy84: see, "CH" is only fun at night
Green N Scaly: lol
MukuSix: LOL Law
Gastlichu: Ok i will stay lol :P
MukuSix: Okay..
LawBoy84: and they had to put a curfew
MukuSix: *dials up Smissy*
NOA Rushmore: Yay Gast :D
LawBoy84: :P
MukuSix: *ring ring*
Gastlichu: :D
Samtron1843: that is true onl;y fun @ night
SmashXL II: *lets it ring*
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: You biatch ! JK
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
SmashXL II: Hello
MukuSix: Hello, is Miss Smissy there?
NOA Rushmore: ^_^ Tee hee
SmashXL II: Yes
: hey i screen calls too :D
MukuSix: heh..
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
MukuSix: Can I speak to her please?
LawBoy84: rush giggles like a little school girl
SmashXL II: Who is calling?
NOA Rushmore
: So? :P
Gastlichu: LOL Law
NOA Rushmore: ^_~
MukuSix: Muku6.
LawBoy84: ;)
JusDBerube: Rush we should stop calling and pretend we are on the date
NOA Rushmore: That's the next round
MukuSix: (I won't say real name cuz that sounds.. i dunno doesn't fit in this scenerio :P)
JusDBerube: OK
SmashXL II: This is Miss Smissy, speaking
NOA Rushmore
: LOL Muku
NOA Rushmore: You should be Heath :D
: Rush I want to play next! :)
MukuSix: Hi Miss Smissy. How are you? This is Muku6 from Bio class.
Zoasam: okay I need someone else to play tetrinet
MukuSix: Heath.. I knew a heath in hs.. he was lame.. I busted him for drugs!
MukuSix: mwa hahaha
NOA Rushmore: lol
MukuSix: It was great
NOA Rushmore: Stay in character :P
SmashXL II: Bio? Oh yes, that class. First period? I did my nails then, quite a class. I'm fine, thanks, you?
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: ROFL!
Zoasam: gfdsfgfdg
Gastlichu: ROFL :P
NOA Rushmore: (wait... is Smash being a girl or himself... I can't tell)
Zoasam: Gast play tetrinet
Gastlichu: LOL RUSH!
Zoasam: Smash, do you still have that 800 number
SmashXL II: *note - myself.
: Yea.. I saw you do it yesterday in class. They're very pretty. I'm doing pretty good myself.
NOA Rushmore: lol
Zoasam: where
AwidiII has entered the room.
Zoasam: that stupid music plays
Gastlichu: this is fun zoa :P
AwidiII: Awidi!
Zoasam: and you go
SmashXL II: Did you need anything in particular?
NOA Rushmore
: That's up to Cat to decide
Diamondcutters X: DON'T INVITE CAT
NOA Rushmore: Err... Katt, I mean
Zoasam: "Hey this is Sean blah blah leave a message"
Samtron1843: Old CH GAmes And Maps
MukuSix: Hey, I was wondering, do you have anything planned for tomorrow?
Seefee II: Yeah, Law. :P
Zoasam: Smash, do you still have that 800 number?
LawBoy84: what
SmashXL II: Why yes I do, I am going shopping. A new line of skirts is coming in to CLub Monaco, I must be there.
SmashXL II
: Sam, no.
: ....
Zoasam: :(
NOA Rushmore: LOL
LawBoy84: seefee you missed the best/worst chat we've had in a while
JusDBerube: hahaha
SmashXL II: Would you like to join me?
: katti posted the log tho :P
Seefee II: ...explain :(
MukuSix: What the hell!
Seefee II: QRD!
LawBoy84: evil girl
MukuSix: I'm spose to be guy dammit!
MukuSix: This is my one chance to be a guy :P
JusDBerube: ONLY IF YOU CAN HEL HIM..Err her put them on
Seefee II: ...quote
NOA Rushmore: LOL Heath
MukuSix: I make the moves! LOL
LawBoy84: =\
Seefee II: MukuSix: I'm spose to be guy dammit!
MukuSix: Sefee.. you suck
Seefee II: :O
MukuSix: LOL
Seefee II: Kattixie would agree with you
Seefee II: ;D
LawBoy84: seefee sucks monkey butts
MukuSix: ROFL
Seefee II: ..
SmashXL II: Excuse me, did you just say I suck?
Seefee II
: /quit
LawBoy84: :D
MukuSix: Okay.. can we backtrack.. I wanna make the moves for once LOL
JusDBerube: HE SuckXL
NOA Rushmore: Make your move Heath :D
Gastlichu: :LOL
Seefee II: X[
SmashXL II: Hello?
NOA Rushmore
: lol
SmashXL II: Is anybody on the other line?
: did u click link
MukuSix: I'm still here. I would.. maybe after that we can go out to dinner?
LawBoy84: seefee
MukuSix: Smissy HUSH YOu punk!
Gastlichu: brb afk a sec
NOA Rushmore: O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
MukuSix: i was plotting next move -_-
SmashXL II: Dinner? That would be fabulous!
SmashXL II
: What kinda of dinner though?
: Yea, maybe we could go to Applebees or something.
SmashXL II: I am a very picky girl, can only have the best.
: ...
MukuSix: Bitch!
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: LOL
CeleryJerky: LOLOL Smash,
SmashXL II: Applebee's, I'm sorry. That is really not my style.
: . o O (smash's next move is to invite heath over to place and sleep in the bathroom
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
Seefee II: Downloading FF pray ;D
MukuSix: Well, where would you like to go?
SmashXL II: Well, I'm not sure.. *laughs* I'm just a girl.
: that reminds me of something funny from english class..
MukuSix: ...
SmashXL II: *eg*
: we were doing lit circles,
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Seefee II: ...
NOA Rushmore: Shush Law
Seefee II: FF Potion >>> all =D
JusDBerube: Smash hang up the phone
LawBoy84: and somebody asked what "sonofabitch" because it was about the russians.. and that sounded russian
MukuSix: Ah, but even being a girl you can make decisions on your own. (I Know *snicker*)
Gastlichu: back
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muks
LawBoy84: she didn't look at the word very carefully
MukuSix: So where the hell you want to eat/??? jk
LawBoy84: :D
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Gastlichu: LOL
SmashXL II: How about... the Hilton Hotel, very exlcusive. Top prices, thjnk you can take me there? sweety?
: Hey have to add humor since smissy is picky :/
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: Um... sure.. *looks in wallet*
Gastlichu: LOL
MukuSix: Damn moths!
AustinRock000: well, im going to be...cya all at CH tomorrow (its a cool map tomorrow)
MukuSix: Er.. I mean sure thing!
SmashXL II: My new skirt would like adorable in that setting.
: Cyas austing :)
LawBoy84: cya stone
Gastlichu: Err Austin
NOA Rushmore: Later Austin :)
MukuSix: Maybe we can get you a pair of clothes at that store.
CeleryJerky: Bye Austin!
MukuSix: Does that sound good?
Diamondcutters X: ROTFLMAO @ THAT LOG
Diamondcutters X: WHAT WAS I MISSING
CeleryJerky: Thanks for stoping by!
AustinRock000 has left the room.
MukuSix: The log is up? :/
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Seefee II: :|
LawBoy84: >:|
Seefee II: Shrimp Scampi = ick
Seefee II: ;D
SmashXL II: Oh, you are simply the best. I can't beleive you are taking me out. This is going to be grand!
has entered the room.
NOA Rushmore: CAT :D :D :D
LawBoy84: cattttttt
SmashXL II: You really are Ace Heath!
: Hi cat
CeleryJerky: LOL Cat, what link did you start at?
Gastlichu: CAT!!!!!
Diamondcutters X: i hurt my sides laughing
LhCat1: That was crazy
LhCat1: RUSH!
MukuSix: Great! Would you like to meet at the clothes store tomorrow up front?
LhCat1: Law!
LhCat1: Hey Jus :)
Seefee II: Stumpy died =D
NOA Rushmore: I gave Cat the beginning link
JusDBerube: Hi cat
LhCat1: Katti, the beginning. >;
LhCat1: \
LhCat1: Gast!
CeleryJerky: LOL Cat. >:D
Gastlichu: :D
SmashXL II: Sure, but do you know where Uptown Mall is? Very exclusive. You might need a vistor's pass to get in
: Ok whos call was the best?
LhCat1: I didn't know what I was doing it for...
Seefee II: I am laughing at Law who does not have the FF Potion remix of Aerith's Theme =D
NOA Rushmore: LOL Smash
SmashXL II: ... they don't let any old person in there you know.
: So I just pushed random buttons hoping I'd finally get out ;)
NOA Rushmore: Hey Cat, just a quick update
Gastlichu: I wanna see the dates now!! lol
SmashXL II: Why don't you pick me up and we can go together?
: I know where it is.. I have connections. So shall we met up there like at 5ish?
LawBoy84: go make yourself useful and leave seefee
LhCat1: Yes Rush?
SmashXL II: You, DO have a car?
Seefee II
: k
NOA Rushmore: You've just entered... RUSHMORE'S PIMP SCHOOL for ASKING A GIRL OUT
Seefee II: I should get some sleep
LawBoy84: no
LhCat1: LOL LOL!
LawBoy84: i was kiddign
MukuSix: No.. its in the shop.
Seefee II: ...
Seefee II: :(
LhCat1: Rush, I don't need to ask out girls...
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muku
JusDBerube: Rush did everyone go?
Seefee II: NOA Rushmore: You've just entered... RUSHMORE'S PIMP SCHOOL for ASKING A GIRL OUT
CeleryJerky: Cat, this is priceless material.
JusDBerube: Rate our calls
SmashXL II: Ah, thats ok. A limo will be fine to take me to the Hilton.
NOA Rushmore
: :D
LhCat1: Katti, okay ;)
MukuSix: ...
Green N Scaly: I'm not even reading most of this because of tetrinet
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Seefee II: =D
Gastlichu: A LIMO?? lol
NOA Rushmore: Smashy is an expensive date O_O
LhCat1: Geen = ?
MukuSix: Um yea, sure... shall we meet 5ish?
LhCat1: green, rather
Zoasam: I just read katti's log
SmashXL II: Thanks again, I'll meet you at 7.
: Rush yes O_o
Seefee II: should i put my server up ;\
SmashXL II: *clcik*
: Very... intersting.
LawBoy84: yes
MukuSix: WHAT
MukuSix: That was a sucky call!
NOA Rushmore: Smash = Girl, Muku = Boy
Zoasam: Seefee what server?
Samtron1843: RUSHMRE where do I sign up?
MukuSix: I wanted to make the moves :/
Seefee II: ftp
LhCat1: ... kay...
JusDBerube: Rushmore..............You have to rate our calls
NOA Rushmore: See Muk, aren't you glad you're a girl?
LhCat1: Sam = ?
: Who are all these people I don't know?
MukuSix: Rush No.. Smissy was making all the moves like a guy :P
MukuSix: LOL!
LawBoy84: ppl from CH cat
Green N Scaly: Cat, you probably don't know me... I was Perfectagentman last year in CH
NOA Rushmore: lol, don't ask me Cat ;)
LhCat1: Lawny, LOL, that doesn't help ;)
MukuSix: Smissy makes a bad female
LawBoy84: ;D
MukuSix: BTW
LhCat1: Green, ok, I remember seeing your name :)
LawBoy84: smash could be a cheerleader
Green N Scaly: okay
MukuSix: BTW if this log goes up on a site gimme link in email or something
JusDBerube: RATE the calls
SmashXL II: I make a great female... i know what I want and how to get it. I want money!!! *dances*
NOA Rushmore
: Okay, I would have to rate that call... a THREE
MukuSix: Smissy compromise helps :P
SmashXL II: A 3!??!
: LOL @ Rush's rating system ;)
SmashXL II: *slaps Rush*
: LOl
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: pimp slap
LhCat1: Smash, that makes it down to a two ;)
MukuSix: *fwap fwap*
JusDBerube: Rush what about my Call...LOL
Gastlichu: lol
NOA Rushmore: You HUSSY!!! ^_D
Seefee II: What else should I deny Law access to? :)
MukuSix: Fat eye!
Gastlichu: Rush do lesson 2 :P
NOA Rushmore: lol
LawBoy84: why are u denying me access
LawBoy84: i m not evil one :P
Seefee II: >:D
Zoasam: Seefee, how does one access your ftp server?
CeleryJerky: Law, I will pay you real money if you record yourself doing that entire conversation Rush did--
MukuSix: Smissy you make a PMs like female ;)
NOA Rushmore: Hey Cat, do you wanna play?
Seefee II: One accesses it by going to:
LawBoy84: kat no
Gastlichu: woot the date!!
LawBoy84: kt nx
NOA Rushmore: Katti is a bit busy?
Gastlichu: lol
MukuSix: LOL
SmashXL II: :D
: LOLOL Law.
LawBoy84: you would have to give me SO Much money
JusDBerube: Rush...I'll go first I only have 45 min left
MukuSix: Katts loggin O-O
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Zoasam: LOL law
LhCat1: Rushy, play what?
Diamondcutters X: What if i did the conversation FOR Law? :D
LhCat1: The dating game? ;)
SmashXL II: Play *lets go on a date!*
NOA Rushmore
: Basically, yes
LawBoy84: that does not count
LhCat1: LOL
MukuSix: Smissy you hussy. you ain't getting mah money
AwidiII: dsaadajkfs
Diamondcutters X: i can say it is you
LhCat1: I'll have to find out the rules first ;)
AwidiII: did aim just freeze
NOA Rushmore: Go on a *fake* date with JusD
Zoasam: I will give you actual adoption papers to a penguin at the minnesota zoo law if you reocrd yourself
Zoasam: ......
LawBoy84: ...
Samtron1843: RUSH I'll play whenever (as log as I get to play)
LhCat1: With JusD? But WHYYYYYYYYYY? ;) j/k
Zoasam: Seefee?
JusDBerube: Rush do we leave off like it was planed?
LhCat1: Sure. I'll play
Samtron1843: :)
MukuSix: Jus shes wearing SCAMPI
MukuSix: remember that
NOA Rushmore: You just went to a movie and are now at the restaurant
Diamondcutters X: jusd wants you to wear something scampy
MukuSix: *snicker*
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL Muku
Zoasam: I adopted a penguin for $100 at the zoo here
Seefee II has left the room.
NOA Rushmore: And...................... ACTION
MukuSix: Cats wearing mah scampy!
NOA Rushmore: lol Muku
Diamondcutters X: give me my dinner back
NOA Rushmore: ...
Seefee II has entered the room.
Seefee II: thx for reinvite
Diamondcutters X: my head's woozy from laughing
Seefee II: ...
MukuSix: BTW.. Jus I hope that scampy isn't a planned meal fo ryou later..
MukuSix: O_O
SmashXL II: *Waits in front of Club Monaco*
NOA Rushmore
: LOL Muku
Zoasam: Seefee I go where?
SmashXL II: *looks at watch*
Seefee II
MukuSix: Smissy you hussy feed your self
JusDBerube: Rush be Waiter
CeleryJerky: LOLOL,
Seefee II: Anonymous access is working
Seefee II: :P
NOA Rushmore: Okay :D
SmashXL II: That HEATH... standing me up. BASTARD!
NOA Rushmore
: Another sir? This is your sixth glass!
Seefee II: but i didnt put the server up yet
MukuSix: Back to ya Hussy Sissy
Seefee II: ;D
MukuSix: ;)
MukuSix: LOL Rush!
SmashXL II: LOL Muks!
: Rush...I'll tell you when I've had enough
MukuSix: This is fun ^^
LhCat1: BTW, hello Awi and Sam :) I don't think I know you two
LhCat1: .. lag
NOA Rushmore: Indeed sir
JusDBerube: Nothing is too expensive for my girl CAT
LawBoy84: awi=a dork
MukuSix: I'm second waiter
Diamondcutters X: LawBoy84: why chemistry
NOA Rushmore: But sir... wasn't Ms. Cattles with you earlier?
Diamondcutters X: why did you say that
JusDBerube: Cat how is your meal?
MukuSix: Sir, you have a phone call at the desk.. your mom is calling
MukuSix: LOL
Zoasam: Put it up Seefee
LawBoy84: huh
LawBoy84: i dont remember dc
NOA Rushmore: lol Muku
MukuSix: Rush he's a PIMP!
JusDBerube: Cat how is your meal?
NOA Rushmore: >:D
MukuSix: He's cheating on me!
LhCat1 has left the room.
MukuSix: You male hussy!
NOA Rushmore: Awww... that lowlife
SmashXL II: LOL!
NOA Rushmore
: O_O
SmashXL II: Nice Date
: *Crys*
MukuSix: LOL
SmashXL II: *claps*
Seefee II
: Online. >:|
MukuSix: She dumped him
MukuSix: Oh my
NOA Rushmore: Wow! TALK about ACCURATE!!!! O_O
MukuSix: LOL!!!!!!
Gastlichu: lol
Samtron1843: *flirts*
LhCat1 has entered the room.
Seefee II: Law is the only one with access to the other parts of my folder =D
LhCat1: k, that was lame.
MukuSix: Cat darn
LhCat1: I got lagged out
JusDBerube: Ok cat
MukuSix: shoulda said I HATE YOU! and left ;)
Seefee II: Peasants like Rushmore are only allowed to download from my music folder <g>
JusDBerube: as I was saying
LawBoy84: seefee
Seefee II: hi
JusDBerube: Cat how is your meal?
LawBoy84: wut is url for me to conncet
Seefee II: adsksaksa
LawBoy84: i need to save it :\
LhCat1: what?
MukuSix: seefee no one wants ur poo
LhCat1: I didn't even get a phone call...
JusDBerube: How is your meal?
LawBoy84: i will!
MukuSix: Cat is lost
MukuSix: Cat your playing dating game
MukuSix: I had phone call
LhCat1: I know
JusDBerube: Cat your playing the date scene
SmashXL II: i can't connect to it seefee
: But I got lagged out right after I said I would play..
LhCat1: I didn't get anything after that
MukuSix: BTW jus your mommys calling at desk to ask how her baby is doing
MukuSix: *runs*
LhCat1: I start at the dating scene and you start out asking about my meal?
JusDBerube: Ok we will start over
LhCat1: I didn't even order!
LhCat1: ;)
LhCat1: *throws a hissy fit*
MukuSix: BTW just Cat is 20 too ;D
MukuSix: er jus
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: I iz few days older tho ;D
MukuSix: Seniority baby! ;)
SmashXL II: scoring with the older ladies... wow!
LhCat1: LOL @ muks
MukuSix: LOL smissy
NOA Rushmore: Ah, Miss Cat, glad to have you join us this evening
MukuSix: Jus I thought you didn't drink
Diamondcutters X: Champaign
NOA Rushmore: May I pour you some wine per your dinner partner, Justin?
JusDBerube: susssh
MukuSix: You cheap date!
Gastlichu: lol
LhCat1: . o O (LOL @ rush's role)
JusDBerube: Who is justin?
LhCat1: Sure. :)
JusDBerube: yes
Seefee II: Woo. Rushie isn't leeching from me today =D
LhCat1: Jus, you = Justin this time ;)
JusDBerube: Pour away
NOA Rushmore: *pour, pour, pour*
MukuSix: I'm the bus boy.. er girl
MukuSix: or something
NOA Rushmore: lol Muku
LhCat1: Okay, that's enough
LhCat1: thank you good sir
JusDBerube: Cat how is your meal?
LhCat1: LOL Muks!
Zoasam: :(
NOA Rushmore: Please, let me know if you need any further assistance
LhCat1: I don't know.. I haven't ordered it yet ;)
NOA Rushmore: *shuffles off*
NOA Rushmore: *shuffles back*
LhCat1: Aww, I wanted him to skittle off. ;)
JusDBerube: So how are things?
NOA Rushmore: Have you decided what to order?
MukuSix: LOL
LhCat1: Things are good :)
LhCat1: I haven't gotten a menu! ;)
MukuSix: heh
LhCat1: *laughs*
MukuSix: picky!
Gastlichu: lol
Seefee II: o.O
LhCat1: Sorry, i'll stop being so picky.
JusDBerube: Rush...I will take your most expensive McDonnalds Hamburger!
LhCat1: Jus, you can order for me.
MukuSix: smissy was picky O_o
NOA Rushmore: *hands couple two menus*
Seefee II: I have five anoymous accounts on my server
LhCat1: LOL!
SmashXL II: Smissy has taste.
NOA Rushmore
: Very good sir
MukuSix: *does a cat call across from resteraunt*
NOA Rushmore: And for the miss?
LhCat1: *laughs*
JusDBerube: the same with America's favorite fries
JusDBerube: based on sales
Seefee II: There
Zoasam: one is mine seefee
Seefee II: Geez... someone disconnected irregularly ;|
SmashXL II: seefee
Seefee II
: So someone is having problems getting on because of the One IP thing I have set
NOA Rushmore: Perhaps I should come back later
JusDBerube: So cat how are things going?
LhCat1: things are very nice.
SmashXL II: whats the addy again seefee?
Seefee II
: wha
NOA Rushmore: *skitters off, per m'lady's request*
LhCat1: How about with you?
Seefee II: LOL, I unbanned someone =D
Seefee II: ...
Seefee II: I should just give you all accounts :P
SmashXL II: yes yes yes
: Yes
MukuSix: BTW cat order the scampy off the menu
: Good choice
Zoasam: smash
NOA Rushmore: *skitters back*
JusDBerube: Well Cat your a nice person...
NOA Rushmore: Has the lady decided?
LhCat1: Rush, I would like to oder the scampy
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: YE!
NOCpentium has entered the room.
LhCat1: Why thank you, Jus :)
MukuSix: YES! even
SmashXL II: i can't login anon.
: lol
NOA Rushmore: Very good madam
LawBoy84: wb pent
JusDBerube: *plays footsy with Cat*
NOA Rushmore: O_O
MukuSix: Oh my
NOA Rushmore: *skitters off*
JusDBerube: So cat
MukuSix: Maybe being under the table spying IS NOT GOOD
NOA Rushmore: LOL muks
NOCpentium: Hey
LhCat1: I'm sorry, I'm laughing like crazy over here ;)
Seefee II: eh smash
Seefee II: lemme check
Zoasam: Seefee give us all account
Gastlichu: LOL
MukuSix: Cat don't worry i had a huge laugh earlier
Zoasam: s
Seefee II: >:|
JusDBerube: I see you have an intrest in games
SmashXL II: >:/
Seefee II
: Passwords = Your names :|
Seefee II: Zoa, I set you up one already
JusDBerube: is that true?
Seefee II: (ZoaSam:ZoaSam)
Ice Bluie has entered the room.
Seefee II: Smishie'll be next
SmashXL II: make my pw lipstick eh?
: Muks, LOL
JusDBerube: Cat do you like Games?
Samtron1843: must stay awake
Ice Bluie: I'm back
Gastlichu: WB ice
MukuSix: BTW can i be another guy in this skit and hit on cat while jus is in bathroom?
MukuSix: LOL!
Zoasam: arg
NOA Rushmore: *comes back*
Zoasam: it won't let me
Seefee II: Who is receving the 421 error!
Green N Scaly: ok..
LhCat1: Grar, some of my RL friends are finding out this name.
NOA Rushmore: *refreshes Cat's wine*
CeleryJerky has left the room.
Ice Bluie has left the room.
LhCat1: Jus, yes, yes I do :)
JusDBerube: Cat do you like video games?
Seefee II: Oh, heck...
LhCat1: What kind of games do you like?
Green N Scaly: might as well shut down your server sam, it's deserted if you didn't notice
JusDBerube: Do you like controllers?
CeleryJerky has entered the room.
NOA Rushmore: Whispering to Jus... "That might help the night move along, sir"
Gastlichu: WB katty :)
JusDBerube: all kinds
MukuSix: Jus is gonna take advantage of cat!
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Zoasam: csdcvsdvdcv
JusDBerube: Cat you like controllers?
NOCpentium: ...
Zoasam: Seefee it not working
MukuSix: Um don't ask about rumble packs
SmashXL II: lol @ controllers...
: I sense that is where your going
Gastlichu: ROFL controllers?
Seefee II: There,
: rotfl mukz
LhCat1: Muks, no he's not :)
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: O_O
MukuSix: Good
Seefee II: Multiple IP Accounts enabled :P
JusDBerube: Cat do you?
Zoasam: wait wait
Zoasam: GOT IN
Zoasam: :D
Seefee II: It'll work for you hammering hosers now ;D
Samtron1843: 0_0
Zoasam: woo woo it works
JusDBerube: *cough cough*
CeleryJerky: Did I get disconnected......
CeleryJerky: YES, I did.
NOA Rushmore: WB Katt
LawBoy84: yes
Seefee II: asdjkafsfs
MukuSix: BTW katt this log deserves its own section on your site
Gastlichu: WB Katty :)
NOA Rushmore: lol
JusDBerube: Do you like controllers Cat?
Zoasam: downloads are slow off you :(
NOA Rushmore: C'mon Jus, move the date along
MukuSix: The "Midnight Pimp Crew" Starring Rush
NOA Rushmore: :D
CeleryJerky: LOLOL Mukz,
NOA Rushmore: ::pimp::
MukuSix: LOL!
LhCat1: Like controllers?
Gastlichu: LOL whats up withthe controllers?
Diamondcutters X: <-- leeching off of seefee :D
LhCat1: Um... I guess.. they let me play games..
CeleryJerky: BTW, I just kicked some serious spider arse. >:D
JusDBerube: yeah Game controllers.
Gastlichu: the*
SmashXL II: ... *my memory packs are loaded .. just need new batteries for the rumble pak *nudge nudge* ... *
: ...
JusDBerube: What is your favorite part about the controllers?
CeleryJerky: *hugs her spider killing spray that Mom got her*
NOCpentium: LOL Smash
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Gastlichu: LOL
Seefee II: ...
MukuSix: Rush I think they need more wine
Ice Bluie has entered the room.
Seefee II: Every person connected on my server has about two or three duplicate names
Seefee II: :PPP
MukuSix: At least Jus does
JusDBerube: I like digital click buttons...what do you like?
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muku
Seefee II: It's slowing everyone down
Ice Bluie: damn...
MukuSix: Its moving slow LOL
SmashXL II: i can't connect..
Ice Bluie
: I'm so jumpy at night
NOA Rushmore: Okay Jus, I think your date is over
Gastlichu: No rush, Jus is getting drunk already!!
MukuSix: LOL!
Seefee II: THAT'S IT
Gastlichu: lol
LhCat1: Jus, the part that lets me control the character on screen
Seefee II: Who wants an account!
Ice Bluie: I'll die of a heart a heart attack by friday
JusDBerube: The STICK?
Diamondcutters X: me!
Zoasam: GAWD
LhCat1: Sorry, I'm multitasking
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Seefee II: Name yerselves
LhCat1: All of it
Gastlichu: ROFL!!!
MukuSix: ...
SmashXL II: SMASHXL - pw: lipstick
Ice Bluie
: what's Katti logging?
Diamondcutters X: diamondcutters? ...
Zoasam: Downloading off your site takes a long time
Seefee II: I'll give anyone who wants one an account
MukuSix: her date wasn't important!
JusDBerube: Well after you eat want to play some games with my controller?
MukuSix: ...
Zoasam: I already downloaded a mp3
Seefee II: And then I'll enable one IP only per account
Zoasam: but it only went 100kbps
Zoasam: :(
Seefee II: ZOA
LhCat1: Um, no, that's okay
TempMattNOA has entered the room.
MukuSix: LOL!
Gastlichu: LOL
Seefee II: ON IT ksaklas
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Seefee II: that is why it's going slow ;P
JusDBerube: What!!!!
NOA Rushmore: *SHOT DOWN*
NOCpentium: lol seifi
MukuSix: WHAM
Gastlichu: OMG!! i better stop laughing so hard
MukuSix: Down he goes
JusDBerube: *run out of McDonnalds*
LhCat1: Jus, its' the first date!
LawBoy84: except me
JusDBerube: *runs back in*
Diamondcutters X: how many MBs of MP3s do you have, seefee
LhCat1: I'm not going to play with your controller! ;)
LawBoy84: <g>
TempMattNOA has left the room.
Gastlichu: My parents will think im crazy
NOA Rushmore: *Jus went down faster than The Magic Hour*
MukuSix: Cat LOL
Zoasam: I am listining to one of your snl np3s seefee
Zoasam: mps3*
JusDBerube: Cat...I was talking about R Us just got one
MukuSix: Go to a resteraunt with kareokee (sp?)
JusDBerube: I am not that sick
LhCat1: Jus, really?
JusDBerube: yeah
Gastlichu: LOL
MukuSix: LOL
LhCat1: I'll have to go down there and check it out :)
MukuSix: ....
JusDBerube: (I'm barely hanbging on here)
LawBoy84: i only have 1.38 gigs of mp3s ;(
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Samtron1843: cool, so how do gain ALOT of points
JusDBerube: You want to go down?
JusDBerube: I mean to the store
LhCat1: No, that's okay
MukuSix: ........
NOA Rushmore: O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
LhCat1: I think I'm tired
MukuSix: ohhhhhhhhhh
LhCat1: the store's closed :)
MukuSix: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Gastlichu: LOL
Zoasam: Lawboy, my computer only holds 5gigs
NOA Rushmore: LOL
MukuSix: Rush and I were equally O_O
Gastlichu: is almost 12 am Jus
Zoasam: so I can't have that many np3s
Gastlichu: LOL
LawBoy84: wow i've downloaded 1.38 gigs on a 56k
Zoasam: mp3s*
LawBoy84: zoa LOL
JusDBerube: is 2:30 AM
Zoasam: My computer is old :(
MukuSix: 2;35 am
Samtron1843: its 1:35 AM
Seefee II: Smash's account enabled ;P
Zoasam: But it has 192mb of ram :D
MukuSix: thank yaz :D
TempMattNOA has entered the room.
Seefee II: Moving on to DC's
LhCat1: 11:35 AM
Gastlichu: hehe all this different time zones :P
LhCat1: PM
LhCat1: rather
LhCat1: LOL
TempMattNOA: i love aim : (
LhCat1: PM
JusDBerube: I lost that one bad
Zoasam: 1:37
JusDBerube: my call was better
Gastlichu: 11:35 here too :P
MukuSix: LOL jus.. just a little
LhCat1: Jus, LOL, I'm not easy to please
Samtron1843: RUSHMORE how do you like nOA?
TempMattNOA: dc, did you watch conan?
Gastlichu: Who is next Rush? lol
LhCat1: specially when I'm joking around the whole time ;)
MukuSix: smissy isn't easy to please either
JusDBerube: Cat you should of seen the Phone call
MukuSix: what a hussy
Seefee II: K
Gastlichu: i got the link for the phoone clal
LhCat1: Jus, wish I would have :)
Gastlichu: call
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Seefee II: DC, yer account is DC/DC :|
LhCat1: the reason I'm hard to please is cause I'm thinking of another :)
MukuSix: Rush is amazed at our pimpin powers?
LhCat1: sorry Jus ;)
MukuSix: LOL
JusDBerube: another Jus?
NOCpentium: Ack!
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Gastlichu: Phone call
SmashXL II: Cat... me eh?
: Go females and their pimping powers! ;D
SmashXL II: ;D
: Cat ;D
NOA Rushmore: Should I show you how it's done Jus?
LhCat1: Smash, how'd you know?
JusDBerube: Cat next time bring a friend
NOCpentium: I don't know if I managed to get this email sent off with an image attached, or to the right address!
LhCat1: I just can't get my mind off of you.
JusDBerube: ;)
MukuSix: Rush yea make da moves on cat too! LOL!
NOA Rushmore: ...
SmashXL II: *blushed*
: Jus, okee ;)
TempMattNOA: pimpin powers eh?
SmashXL II: *faints*
: Yeah rush
NOA Rushmore: Okay Cat, wanna see what a date with Bryan is like?
LhCat1: Sure :)
Gastlichu: LOL do another Jus
MukuSix: ...LOL!!!!!!!
LhCat1: Sept, who's Bryan?
MukuSix: Law
LhCat1: ;)
MukuSix: LAW
TempMattNOA: rush, wait let me look away
Zoasam: Lawn
NOA Rushmore: <-------------- Bryan for now ;)
SmashXL II: ... Muku. WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?!?! ;D
: hence the ;)
LhCat1: LOL
NOA Rushmore: LOL Smash
MukuSix: Be James rush ;D
LhCat1: Okay Rush...
NOA Rushmore: Be me?
LhCat1: Sept your name isn't Bryan.. ;)
MukuSix: Smissy when ice survies HADES! ;)
SmashXL II: Straight up... yes or no?
SmashXL II
: ...
SmashXL II
: oh
NOA Rushmore
: Should I be me or Bryan?
SmashXL II: *cries*
: Rush be you
LhCat1: Be Bryan..
MukuSix: Smissy is male? He plays that way even as female-_-
Gastlichu: Rush be u :P
LhCat1: sure ;)
NOA Rushmore: I'm not as funny -_-;;;
LhCat1: ah, I dunno
LhCat1: LOL!
Ice Bluie: I would never survive hades
MukuSix: LOL Ice
Gastlichu: LOL do it funny rush :P
JusDBerube: I never saw you make the moves...except to that one booth babe who slapped you
MukuSix: ...
Ice Bluie: so... there you do
Seefee II: There. Ah disconnected joo all.
Ice Bluie: hehe
SmashXL II: I would... just for Muks. ;D
Seefee II
: Now let's all proceed in an orderly manner. ;P
Zoasam: Oh well :(
Seefee II: Use your OWN accounts.
NOA Rushmore: On my dates, there would BE no talking!
Green N Scaly: hmm that gender test put me right in the middle of the meter, and yet still says I'm male
TempMattNOA: cfee, i have mine around here somewhere : )
Seefee II: That way I can tell if you double logged in or not
MukuSix: Rush here's ultimate scenrio... having three dates at once.. katt, cat, and me;)
LhCat1: *still thinks Rush likes to play "house" in his spare time* ;)
NOA Rushmore: lol
LhCat1: LOL Rush, I don't believe that.
LawBoy84: i'm funny?
MukuSix: Rush LOL!
LawBoy84: i'm insulted
Seefee II: If you want your password changed at all, message me :P
JusDBerube: do I get 1 date with 2 women?
NOA Rushmore: You shouldn't believe it Cat ;)
SmashXL II: seefee... addy?
SmashXL II
: sorry
: ROFL jus is jumping ahead
SmashXL II: ^_^
Ice Bluie
: Mukz... what about Law?
NOA Rushmore: Okay, I'll be me then
Seefee II: :|
Gastlichu: LOL
LhCat1: Rush's Dates: Rush never shuts up ;)
MukuSix: Law is prettty female too
LawBoy84: ...
LhCat1: That's what I think ;)
NOCpentium: Ya~!
Seefee II: ftp://SmashXL:Lipstick@
NOA Rushmore: Well... the *Disco* version of me
MukuSix: LOL cat you shoulda been here when we had phone call
Zoasam: seefee is it up?
JusDBerube: Muku you would love to see that phone call?
Seefee II: It is now.
LhCat1: Muks, isn't he? Didn't you see the female that I made him into?
NOA Rushmore: lol Cat
LhCat1: LOL Muks
MukuSix: mimirush?
NOA Rushmore: >:O
LhCat1: Muks, no no...
LhCat1: I mean LAW
MukuSix: *gigggles*
SmashXL II: it says "a connection with the server cannot be established"
: Oooooooo Law
LhCat1: Law makes a pretty female...
MukuSix: ROFL
Samtron1843: "Get,Down, tonight" w/ SAMTRON
MukuSix: Sorry.. rush ^^
NOA Rushmore: Time to start the date
Samtron1843: :)
LhCat1: Have you seen it, Muks?
Seefee II: ...
MukuSix: I said the evil word
NOA Rushmore: *knock knock*
NOCpentium: Why am I getting new emails at 2:46 AM?!
MukuSix: Cat ummm don't think so
Zoasam: Erm seefee
Zoasam: and I even connect
LhCat1: Muks, lemme send it to ya!
MukuSix: wait isn't.. wait whos playing date with rush
MukuSix: someone answer the door
JusDBerube: Whoever rush goes on a date with should say...Wait a second I saw you in my bushes
NOA Rushmore: *knock knock*
MukuSix: before i turn int oyour mom and answer it for you
SmashXL II: *answers door*
SmashXL II
: ...
: *answers door*
SmashXL II: *looks*
: Hello?
MukuSix: ...
SmashXL II: *slams door*
: LOL, wait, that's answering a phone..
Seefee II: Bah
NOA Rushmore: Miss Smissy? Is Cat home?
Seefee II: I got the same thing, Smash
Diamondcutters X: why can't i connect to seefee
Seefee II: Lemme try this again :(
JusDBerube: *Rushs Sees jus in Cat's house*
MukuSix: If smissy is mom i'll be dad
NOA Rushmore: LOL
NOA Rushmore: Smissy is mom!
SmashXL II: *opens door*
: Seefee I can't connect
NOA Rushmore: Okay, Rush date TAKE TWO
SmashXL II: You must be... ?
: zoa his server is down
NOA Rushmore: *knock knock*
Seefee II: dssajkf
LhCat1: LOL
NOA Rushmore: Ooops!
LhCat1: *opens door*
NOA Rushmore: Sorry Ms. Smissy
NOA Rushmore: I didn't mean to hit you there
Zoasam: what a dourk
Zoasam: ;)
Seefee II: There
Diamondcutters X: rush, don't knock on her mother's forehead!
SmashXL II: ... who are you?
Seefee II
: I restarted yet again >:|
NOCpentium: Who's supposed to be opening the door?!
MukuSix: Rush meant to
LhCat1: LOL LOL!
NOA Rushmore: I'm Rush!
SmashXL II: why are you at my door?
Seefee II
: wtf
NOA Rushmore: I'm meeting your daughter today?
Diamondcutters X: a connection could not be established
LhCat1: *snickers*
SmashXL II: You are?
NOA Rushmore
: Is Cat home, ma'am?
MukuSix: OMG CAT
MukuSix: OMG
MukuSix: LMAO
Zoasam: Still not working
Seefee II: Even _I_ can't connect to my server
Seefee II: dasjsadjkfsajk @ YOU PEOPLE
NOA Rushmore: Yes ma'am
SmashXL II: I don't know... *calls Cat*
: Ms.Smissy: You were in the bushes yesterday
NOA Rushmore: *looks around*
MukuSix: Oops.. man I hate closing out windows
NOCpentium: lol seifi
Seefee II: Hmph.
Seefee II: It works now.
LhCat1: *snickers*
LhCat1: See Muks? ;)
LhCat1: I made him very pretty ;)
LhCat1: and I'm lagged a gain
MukuSix: Cat LOL x ten
NOA Rushmore: My Ms. Smissy, that's an expensive looking LP collection you have there
LhCat1: Yes Mommy?
MukuSix: *eyes rush* So.. you want to take my daughter out huh??
SmashXL II: Excuse... I need a drink. Cat, a Mr.Rush to see you?
: *comes down the stairs*
Seefee II: K
NOA Rushmore: Eep!! O_O
LhCat1: Oh!
Ice Bluie: Law's name is Brian?
Zoasam: woo
Zoasam: it works
MukuSix: Smissy, hon,.. third degree!
Seefee II: I have two people logged in under DC's name
Seefee II: :)
NOA Rushmore: Yes sir, Mr. Heath
MukuSix: Get out the light!
SmashXL II: *gets some OJ and the last bit of vodka*
: If anyone uses my name
Diamondcutters X: what!
Seefee II: three now
Zoasam: ::Grumbles::
Seefee II: :D
NOA Rushmore: Cat! *waves*
LhCat1: He's that guy who's been hiding in the bushes!
Zoasam: rotl seefee
NOA Rushmore: *blush*
MukuSix: Cat you want me to pound him?
NOA Rushmore: You noticed :D
LhCat1: Muks, no, it's okay :)
MukuSix: *gets out brass knuckles*
Green N Scaly: bushes? what?
NOA Rushmore: *shiver*
NOCpentium: *logs out of DC's name* It wasn't me! j/k though
MukuSix: Darnit!
Green N Scaly: GET OUT OF THE BUSH rush
Ice Bluie: Rush... I know someone that found like 10,000 LPs in a trash bin
SmashXL II: So, what do you DO Rush? *takes a sip a drink*
: Rush, yeah...
NOA Rushmore: It was nice meeting you Mr. Heath
Seefee II: k
Green N Scaly: there's only room for ONE in this bush.
JusDBerube: *Cat see's Jus in the bushes thanks you Rush's school*
Seefee II: now there is 4
NOA Rushmore: Cat, are you ready to go?
Diamondcutters X: i'm the one downloading mk64 music
MukuSix: *eyes Rush*
Seefee II: All the same IP :(
JusDBerube: to
LhCat1: Yes, I believe I am :)
NOA Rushmore: You look great tonight!
Diamondcutters X: wtf
LhCat1: Thank you! :)
MukuSix: Tomorrow if this is on a site i'm gonna be like I DIDN'T SAY THAT STUFF lol
Zoasam: woohoo
LhCat1: You don't look too bad youself :)
SmashXL II: Excuse me young man, I asked you a question and I deserve an answer.
: nice fast downloads from your ftp seefee
NOA Rushmore: Why thank you! I use Nair*
MukuSix: You tell him hon, smissy!
LhCat1: LOL Muks, me too ;)
LhCat1: Rush, me too!
NOA Rushmore: What's that Miss Smissy? I couldn't hear you
NOA Rushmore: *grabs Cat's hand and runs*
LawBoy84: chess.....
Zoasam: wait
LawBoy84: and olympic sport?!?!?
SmashXL II: *runs to the car*
: *gets out the shotgun*
Zoasam: now it slowed down again
LhCat1: But waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit..
LawBoy84: and=an
MukuSix: Take this Smissy!
NOCpentium: LOL Law, I was reading about that
NOCpentium: sort of
NOA Rushmore: Hurry Cat, they're following us!
LhCat1: *voice fades into the background*
SmashXL II: *grabs the gun*
: checkmate law
NOA Rushmore: Here, you get on the back while I pedal
LawBoy84: lol
MukuSix: LOL rush!!!!!!
LhCat1: *jumps in the back*
NOA Rushmore: *pedal pedal pedal*
SmashXL II: *takes a shot at the back tire*
Diamondcutters X
: jeez, where do we live now? kentucky? everyone has a gun!
LhCat1: It's a little... cramped...
MukuSix: Jus it is! LMAO
NOCpentium: LOL
MukuSix: DC hush we're a redneck family LOL
Seefee II: ...
NOA Rushmore: Sorry, the 10 speed's in the shop
Seefee II: You people are giving me a headache -_-
SmashXL II: ... damn. i missed
: *is stuffed in a little basket in the back of an old granny bike*
Zoasam: ARG
SmashXL II: *runs after the getaway bike
: ... this is worse than Trav's stang! ;)
NOA Rushmore: Wanna know where we're headed?
NOA Rushmore: *pedal pedal*
LhCat1: Yes, where are we headed?
MukuSix: If we ever got into a tv show together.. we'd never get the show done because we'd be cracking up
JusDBerube: Rush that is Trav's stang did he let you borrow it?
LhCat1: Can't you go any faster? ;)
NOA Rushmore: Someplace quiet... someplace secluded...
LawBoy84: !!
Seefee II: asdsadjksafkfsajkfsa
Zoasam: This is worse then the ch server
LhCat1: LOL Muks, very true :)
MukuSix: Someplace like your fathers backyard!
MukuSix: JK
NOCpentium: Where he can cut your head off!
Samtron1843: go rushmore!
NOA Rushmore: Someplace where NOONE will be to bother us
SmashXL II: *yells* You get back here young man. *shakes fist*
Diamondcutters X
: lol law, i noticed that
TempMattNOA: LOL
LhCat1: Bryan, that's how a lot of horror movies start..
Seefee II: Just a second, ZOA
MukuSix: LOL this is the best RP fun i've had in a while
Seefee II: I'll boot the anoymous name logged under your IP
NOA Rushmore: *Pedals to X-Box section in toy store*
LhCat1: LOL!
JusDBerube: *smacks rush
MukuSix: lol
NOCpentium: lol
NOA Rushmore: There, we should get some privacy here
Seefee II: There.
NOA Rushmore: Have you EVER seen anything this big?
TempMattNOA: dc, IM me asdfklj
MukuSix: ...
MukuSix: LOL!
SmashXL II: *looks around.. see's toys'r'us* Who'd be dumb enough to take a date there?
NOA Rushmore
: *points down*
NOA Rushmore: *at X-Box controller*
JusDBerube: *Rush sees JusD Breaking XBoxes*
LhCat1: It IS pretty huge, Bryan!
MukuSix: I knew where this was going
MukuSix: LOL
NOA Rushmore: ;)
NOCpentium: But Bill Gates is buying XBOXes to make people think they're selling a lot!
LhCat1: Oh gah, I'm laughing so hard ;)
Zoasam: I have not heard this Mario Cart song in the longest time
LhCat1: LOL Penti
Seefee II: Zoa
NOCpentium: So there are people in the xbox section!
Seefee II: Use capital Z's
Seefee II: That could be the problem :|
MukuSix: god tomorrow i'll call in sick because i'll be sore all over form laughing LOL
SmashXL II: *phones up Husband* Heath HEATH! Pick up.
NOA Rushmore
: A friend of mine told me you like controllers *wink*
LhCat1: LOL Muks ;)
MukuSix: WHAT?! Is he hurting our daughter?!
Seefee II: asfffslakjasjlk
JusDBerube: Rush that is MINE!!!!
LhCat1: Well, he was weird..
Zoasam: ::Dances to the mario cart song::
NOA Rushmore: Yeah, I know
Gastlichu: LOL
Ice Bluie: When is my turn for a date with Ca... Rush?
LhCat1: He just asked me if I liked them
SmashXL II: Get the car... i can't find them. Get me my drink too...
NOA Rushmore
: He has this weird Scampy fetish
Seefee II: *bangs head*
LhCat1: but they do help you move your chacter :)
MukuSix: LOL smissy!
LawBoy84: LOL
Gastlichu: LOL @ scampy
LawBoy84: seefee
JusDBerube: hey!
LawBoy84: dun worry about them
MukuSix: *gets out the jet powered scooter* here ya got Smissy
JusDBerube: >:|
NOA Rushmore: Tell you what Cat
LhCat1: Smissy is an alcoholic.. :(
LawBoy84: i can download and that's all that matters
MukuSix: LOL cat!
LhCat1: What?
NOA Rushmore: I'm a modern type of guy
Gastlichu: LOL
LhCat1: You are, huh?
NOA Rushmore: Let's go where YOU wanna go
Seefee II: hey look its smash =D
NOA Rushmore: I'll even let YOU pedal :D
JusDBerube: LOL
MukuSix: LOL
LhCat1: No no, that's quite all right..
LhCat1: I'd rather not pedal
LawBoy84: lazy arse
Zoasam: Dude I love this song
Zoasam: :D
NOA Rushmore: *puts hands behind head and lifts feet*
MukuSix: Rush is a hussy ;D
NOA Rushmore: *falls over*
Gastlichu: LOL
NOCpentium: LOL
LhCat1: *jumps on Bryan's stomach*
NOA Rushmore: HEY, you're supposed... OOF
JusDBerube: *Jus hands Rush his Pimp hat*
LhCat1: *walks off toward the Xboxes*
SmashXL II: I heard... something.
NOA Rushmore
: O_O
LhCat1: *smashes them all on the ground*
NOA Rushmore: Wait, where are you goin?
MukuSix: Cat wants to go on a date wtih an xbox
NOA Rushmore: O_O
LhCat1: Hey, Bryan, do you have a match?
MukuSix: LOL rush your too cool .. you have too much time on your hands like us ;D
SmashXL II: ... MY OWN DAUGHTER! Calling her mother an alcoholic... well I've never...
NOA Rushmore
: Sure thing sweetie
NOCpentium: Yeah, remember BIll Gates is in the xbox section k tnx!
MukuSix: Smissy ROFL!
NOCpentium: <g>
NOA Rushmore: *tosses Cat a match*
Seefee II: well anyway
Seefee II: Enough FTP headaches
LhCat1: *sees it's a diamond brand strike anywhere match*
NOA Rushmore: BTW, you might wanna step back before you....
Diamondcutters X: downloading rainbow road
Diamondcutters X: wheeeeeeee
Zoasam: DC I just downloaded that
LhCat1: *grabs gasoline which is conveniently right next to the Xboxes*
Zoasam: I forgot how cool that song is :D
Diamondcutters X: you and your cable
Zoasam: only 100kbps download though :(
NOA Rushmore: What are you doing with that gasoline? O_O
MukuSix: LOl this is turning into MURDER CLASS 101
Diamondcutters X: *crawls along at a slow pace*
Gastlichu: LOL
LhCat1: *throws the gas toward the xboxes*
JusDBerube: *JusD Pushes cat out of the way from blast*
SmashXL II: Thats my daughter...
NOA Rushmore
: HEY, I need that for my... uh.. bike...
SmashXL II: taking charge of the situation.
: The phones were fine. the meetingis .. O_O
LhCat1: I suggest you take a few steps back
MukuSix: Smissy i'm so proud
LhCat1: rush, what are your legs for?
NOA Rushmore: *steps back*
JusDBerube: *be walks towards Xboxes*
LhCat1: *lights the match*
LhCat1: *throws the match toward the gasoline*
SmashXL II: Heath... we've done a great job raising her, haven't we?
NOA Rushmore: They'd chase you anywhere Cat... Mrrrowwr~!
NOA Rushmore: *run run run*
LhCat1: *runs the heck outta there*
Gastlichu: Noooo a pikachu is walking near the xboxes!!
Diamondcutters X: BOOM
NOCpentium: ~!
MukuSix: Smissy you beat. Look shes kicking bootay!
Gastlichu: eeek
NOA Rushmore: Wait, my glasses!
MukuSix: er bet
Gastlichu: Pikachu died.......:(
MukuSix: lol
JusDBerube: Guys I have got to go now it's 3 AM
: Rush, RUN!
SmashXL II: Lets go home.. and have another drink.
: Later Jus :)
MukuSix: LOL jus yea i gotta leave in a few too ^^
Samtron1843: byes
NOA Rushmore: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gastlichu: Cyas Jus :P
MukuSix: Toodles Jus ^^
NOA Rushmore: *wakes up from nightmare*
Seefee II: ...pso!
NOCpentium: LOL
JusDBerube: So bye everyone
: Seefee did you shutdown your server?
NOA Rushmore: Whew!!!! For a second there, I thought I was Law O_O
LhCat1: *is a pyro or something*
MukuSix: PSO at this late? :/
Seefee II: no
LhCat1: LOL!!!
MukuSix: LOL Rush!
JusDBerube: and remember
Diamondcutters X
: <-- innocent bystander: oh, god! Toys R Us just blew sky high!
Gastlichu: LOL
JusDBerube: Untill next time...
NOA Rushmore
: The end ^_^
LhCat1: LOL DC
MukuSix: BTW kat this is good juicy stuff to attaract ppl to your site
JusDBerube: DO THE MARIO!!!!!!!!!
: Bye
NOA Rushmore
: See... Law is funnier than I am :|
LhCat1: See, wasn't that nice and interseting?
NOA Rushmore: Well, being Law anyhow ;)
NOCpentium: *XBOX flies over the border and hits Penti on the head*
MukuSix: Its like the late night CH soap opera crew
LawBoy84: i'm not funny :\
JusDBerube has left the room.
LawBoy84: making fun of me seems to be funny
Gastlichu: Time for me to go to bed now, wonder if i will be able to wake up tomorrow lol
LhCat1: Muks, don't give her ideas, girl! ;)
JusDBerube has entered the room.
Seefee II: sddjsafjfa
Seefee II: @
MukuSix: LOL cat!
Seefee II: myself
NOA Rushmore: G'night JusD
Gastlichu: Gnite everyone!! :D
JusDBerube: Rush I need to know 1 THING
Seefee II: It keeps saying I'm trying to log in :P
NOCpentium: Bye
MukuSix: Night gast!
Seefee II: BUT IM NOT kj;afkfasjk
NOA Rushmore: G'night Gast :D
LhCat1: G'night Gast!
NOA Rushmore: What?
Gastlichu: Bye bye! :)
MukuSix: LOL
MukuSix: ..
NOA Rushmore: Your phone call?
Gastlichu: cya tomorrow :D
Gastlichu has left the room.
JusDBerube: yeah!
JusDBerube: to muku
NOA Rushmore: An EIGHT point SIX
Seefee II: sdsjdakfksjajfksaskj
NOA Rushmore: You lost points for the Scampy ;)
LhCat1: that's pretty dern good :)
MukuSix: LOL the s.. yea LOL
Ice Bluie: Why don't you impersonate me?
Zoasam: woo
and the XXX shop?
MukuSix: I don't wear shrimp.. LOL i don't even like em
Ice Bluie: haha
MukuSix: the XXX shop was scary tho...
SmashXL II: Seefee. i can't get in, still.
NOA Rushmore
: And the XXX shop
Seefee II: (000048) 8/15/01 1:56:21 AM - (not logged in) ( > connected to ip :
Zoasam: DC, I downloaded rainbow road again in 6 seconds :D
ok your mail tomarrow
Seefee II: I
JusDBerube: bye
LhCat1: LOL @ wearing shrimp ;)
NOA Rushmore: K ;)
Seefee II: I'm ready to ban myself
Zoasam: that is a download
JusDBerube has left the room.
NOCpentium: From:
: Subject: failure notice
Seefee II
: Smash, eh?
MukuSix: Rush tomorrow when i go to chat have me a scampy skirt waiting for me;)
SmashXL II: i can't log in.
Seefee II
: It says you're logged in
SmashXL II: *shrug*
NOA Rushmore
: LOL Muku
SmashXL II: well, i ain't
Seefee II
: K, I'll boot that account ;\
NOA Rushmore: One can only hope ;)
MukuSix: LOL!
MukuSix: I'd make trav wear it
Samtron1843: RUSHMORE did I gat any points for my "mission" u gave me ;)
NOA Rushmore: And Smash?
Seefee II: It should be okay now, Smash. ;\
NOA Rushmore: Seek counseling
MukuSix: Smissy would wear red high heels
Ice Bluie: Shrimp Scampy
SmashXL II: WHY!?!
: fine than I will
NOA Rushmore: No reason ;)
MukuSix: lol
Diamondcutters X: i'm going to go play pokemon, k tnx
NOA Rushmore: Smash, just for the record
NOA Rushmore: I would NEVER date you
MukuSix: I was the guy.. next time I make moves smissy ;P
Seefee II: quote
MukuSix: RUsh ROFL!!!!!!!!
NOA Rushmore: ;)
MukuSix: Seefee uh quote what? O_O
CeleryJerky: ROTFL,
LhCat1: Aww.. poor Smish.. :(
Seefee II: Diamondcutters X: i'm going to go play pokemon, k tnx
Seefee II: Diamondcutters X: i'm going to go play pokemon, k tnx
MukuSix: Oh
MukuSix: Whew
SmashXL II: I am so great though! I'm... so... dissillusioned.
NOA Rushmore
: Smash is a saucy chica
Diamondcutters X: seefee, you already have a quotel ike that
MukuSix: smissy is 99.9 percent female
NOCpentium: Bye bye
Ice Bluie: Katti... did you miss the whole Law/Cat date sequence?
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muku
Seefee II: MukuSix: I was the guy.. next time I make moves smissy ;P
Seefee II: MukuSix: I was the guy.. next time I make moves smissy ;P
LawBoy84: angela on leno has a worse laugh than fran drescher
MukuSix: ....
Seefee II: =D
Ice Bluie: Why is Rush Law such a player?
MukuSix: Seefee.. I hate joo LOL
CeleryJerky: LOLOL Ice, I guess I did.
Zoasam: Alright, I'm going to bed after this song finishes
LhCat1: *snickers*
Diamondcutters X: Seefee
Diamondcutters X: kill cat
Diamondcutters X: with quotes
Seefee II: MukuSix: smissy is 99.9 percent female
Seefee II: MukuSix: smissy is 99.9 percent female
MukuSix: Thats true
MukuSix: LOL!
Seefee II: =D
LhCat1: DC, he doesn't have many Cat quotes
MukuSix: *ducks*
SmashXL II: That is true
SmashXL II: *shrug*
Seefee II
: No, I don't. :(
LhCat1: Smishy is a cutie, though
LhCat1: :)
NOA Rushmore: I don't have *any* Cat quotes :|
MukuSix: His green hair ^^
Ice Bluie: I'M IN TIGER BEAT!!!
LhCat1: SmashXL II: *piddles of the screen to get Katti's attention*
SmashXL II: i am the bestest
NOA Rushmore
: lol
Seefee II: Ya, we all love Smash's purple hair ;D
NOA Rushmore: O_O
LhCat1: Rushy, I try to keep it that way :)
MukuSix: Tonight was the night to get a bazillion quotes off me O_o
LhCat1: LOL Muks
LhCat1: Not fer me
NOA Rushmore: Hey Smash, want me to pretend to be NOAVooDoo for ya?
Ice Bluie: Rush... you gotta watch Conan tonight
MukuSix: Halfo fthem i honestly wouldn't remember teh next day LOL
SmashXL II: My hair is normal know guys... and i was going to go out with you... you don't even know my own hair..
Diamondcutters X
: lolol rush
LhCat1: Blue, is it good?
SmashXL II: ummmmm
Ice Bluie
: hell yeah
SmashXL II: I think I can get the real thing Rush. lol jkjk
NOA Rushmore
: I'll watch it Ice
MukuSix: Rush then pretend your TRAV!
MukuSix: jk
NOA Rushmore: I already do, Muks ;)
Diamondcutters X: muku, then katt will want to date him!!
MukuSix: LOL
Ice Bluie: Cat... Fabio is on Conan tongiht
Diamondcutters X: <eg>
LhCat1: LOL Rush!
MukuSix: Thats scary
LhCat1: Blue, LOL
MukuSix: DC O_o
NOA Rushmore: Kidding ^_^
Ice Bluie: "Have you ever had a beaver in your face?"
MukuSix: Ice no does a badger count?
TempMattNOA has left the room.
Ice Bluie: Fabio said that
MukuSix: i haven't had either.. just curious :P
NOCpentium has left the room.
NOA Rushmore: Heya Pent :D
NOA Rushmore: Where ya been dude?
Ice Bluie: he was saying that the goose that hit him was a mistake
Diamondcutters X: he left
MukuSix: Oh god.. my side hurts so bad. I need to go to LOL its 3 AM O_o
Ice Bluie: it was really a BEAVER
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muku
LhCat1: Penti's back :)
NOA Rushmore: No you don't ^_^
MukuSix: lol.
Samtron1843: so what is up 4 tomarroew?
NOA Rushmore: *hugs Muku*
Ice Bluie: Beavers on a roller coaster
Zoasam: it's 2 am :(
Zoasam: sleepy time
Seefee II: My right arm still hurts ;\
MukuSix: *hugs rush* No i don't like your controller ;)
LawBoy84: afk
Ice Bluie: DC... did you see Conan again?
LawBoy84: i might go soon too
MukuSix: LOL
SmashXL II: Bye Bye Muku!!!
NOA Rushmore
: You were the bestest phone date uh... person ever :D
TempMattNOA has entered the room.
MukuSix: ROFL RUsh!
Diamondcutters X: yes
Zoasam: I will only get 5 hours of sleep tonight
Ice Bluie: haha
MukuSix: Rush.. joo gotz da skillz ;D
SmashXL II: call me...!
SmashXL II
: ;D
Ice Bluie
: was it funnier the second time around?
NOA Rushmore: *bows*
LawBoy84: i got 5 this morning
Zoasam: Alright
Zoasam: Goodnight everyone
MukuSix: Rush needs to hold this for all nsider guys. Rushes PIMPING SCHOOL for the uh
LhCat1: g'night Sam :)
NOA Rushmore: G'night Sam ^_^
SmashXL II: omg... its only 1am. sheesh
: Deprived
TempMattNOA: i slept from 8:30 to 2
NOA Rushmore: LOL
TempMattNOA: : )
LhCat1: Muks, LOL...
LawBoy84: it feels like it's 3am
LawBoy84: :P
Zoasam: omg it's 2am here and I have a half decent sleeping schedule
LawBoy84: i've up been too long
NOA Rushmore: I'm quite awake tonight :D
Seefee II: I have no idea how you people are creating duplicates of yourselves :P
LawBoy84: ............................
Seefee II: I keep having to boot them
LawBoy84: up been?
Ice Bluie: why is there a Korean flag on the Google logo?
NOA Rushmore: lol
SmashXL II: i'm not in seefee...
has left the room.
Green N Scaly: heh
LawBoy84: *sigh*
Seefee II: you can be in now, smash ;D
Green N Scaly: hover your mouse over the logo, ice
MukuSix: LOL Rush I am too, but the tireder (is that a word? .. wait no..) I get LOL the sillier I get.
Green N Scaly: it tells you why
LawBoy84: winamp hogs more resources than winamp
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
LhCat1: *duplicates herself*
LhCat1: woo, lag is fun
SmashXL II: ... i keep getting a log in error
Seefee II
: You people and your anoymous access
NOA Rushmore: I think Katti is OBLIGATED to play
MukuSix: Okay *bows* Katt let me know if this goes on site.. i wanna read stuff ;D
MukuSix: Rush LOL!
NOA Rushmore: /summon Katti
LhCat1: LOL Rush
Seefee II: HOW
MukuSix: *waves* Good night all my phone dates. I love joo all ;)
Green N Scaly: lol
LhCat1: gettin' too used to the ichat commands again ;)
NOA Rushmore: Nuts, I miss my admin powahs ;)
Seefee II: Law OR Rush NEVER had this problem
LhCat1: Muks, me too, me too :)
NOA Rushmore: Shushie Awidi
MukuSix: Cept Smissy. He.. er she was too pushy!
LhCat1: Rushy, I wanna have admin again :)
NOA Rushmore: lol Cat
SmashXL II: :D
: it was always fun
Samtron1843: ha,ha RUSH your far away from home now!
NOA Rushmore: I never see you at camp tho ;_;
MukuSix: *high fives Smiss*
Ice Bluie: Law... Winamp hogs more memory than itself?
MukuSix: Toodles guys ^^
LhCat1: Rush, I was there once today..
LhCat1: Mikey saw me!
NOA Rushmore: Awww
LhCat1: But I'll be there more the rest of this week
NOA Rushmore: G'night Muku ^_^
LhCat1: I was outta town, rememba.
LawBoy84: ice iet's a quote of me from a while ago
MukuSix: RUSH BTW pull this off tomorrow in camp so they can see how weird we are ;)
NOA Rushmore: That's true
TempMattNOA: grazie seef
NOA Rushmore: LOL Muku
NOA Rushmore: I'll try
MukuSix: Night Rush.. have may trav stay out of your dreams ;)
SmashXL II: Bye Muks!
NOA Rushmore
: >:O
SmashXL II: {{{muku}}}
Ice Bluie
: what does it mean?
LawBoy84: bye mukzzzzz
LhCat1: Later Muks!
MukuSix: where did HAVE come from??? God LOL its late
NOA Rushmore: lol
LhCat1: LOL Muks
LhCat1: I was wonderin' the same thing ;)
Samtron1843: byes
LawBoy84: i meant sonique hogs more htan wnaimp
MukuSix: {{{Smissy}}, Toodles Law, Cat... O_- thats me mentally ;)
MukuSix: LOL cat
MukuSix has left the room.
NOA Rushmore: ^_D
LawBoy84: ^_D
NOA Rushmore: :D
SmashXL II: ;_;
SmashXL II
: and then there were 13
: LOL @ weird faces
Diamondcutters X: zeth and katt should go on a date <eg>
NOA Rushmore: Who wants to see Lawboy and Katti on a chat date?
LawBoy84: ^_D <-- bruised eey
LhCat1: Rush, I do!
NOA Rushmore: Say AYE :D
NOA Rushmore: AYE!!!
LawBoy84: ahahah katti is afk
LhCat1: LOL, Law, that's me then
Diamondcutters X
SmashXL II: errr
SmashXL II
: EH
NOA Rushmore
LhCat1: My friend Max threw a football at my head when I wasn't looking that way.. hit me in the eye while it
LhCat1: was open
LawBoy84: my parents are yelling at me :)
NOA Rushmore: D'oh
Diamondcutters X: Cat: Ow! My nose! </brady bunch>
Diamondcutters X: ..
NOA Rushmore: Cover my name from the screen Law ;)
LhCat1: so I s till ahve this crazy headache from it
LhCat1: it hit my hard...
LawBoy84: lol rush
LawBoy84: afk
Ice Bluie: Who's gonna play Katti?
LhCat1: "It's twelve o'clock! You should be asleep or something!" ;)
LhCat1: lag check
NOA Rushmore: No substitutes
LhCat1: okay ;)
NOA Rushmore: It's Katti and Law
NOA Rushmore: Period.
LhCat1: YAY :)
NOA Rushmore: :D
Samtron1843: let's see it
NOA Rushmore: Well... whenever Katt get's back
NOA Rushmore: And Law sneaks back
NOA Rushmore: How was your day Cat?
Green N Scaly: you know I don't have much reason to stay...I could be playing Deus Ex right now
NOA Rushmore: Sorry I missed ya ^_^
Ice Bluie: LH = Love Hina?
NOA Rushmore: lol Green
LhCat1: Rush, it was pretty good :)
Green N Scaly: mmm Deus Ex... *drools*
SmashXL II: my back hurts...
: I was only here for a half hour
LhCat1: an hour
SmashXL II: and when it hurts..
NOA Rushmore
: Aww :|
Ice Bluie: Haha... I doubt Katti would consent to a date...
Ice Bluie: maybe
NOA Rushmore: Lay down Smissy
LhCat1: The ocean was really cold and cloudy, though
Ice Bluie: especially with Law
SmashXL II: i lay on my bed...
SmashXL II
: and when on my bed...
: the weather there, rather
SmashXL II: i sleep
SmashXL II
: ahhhhhhh
NOA Rushmore
: Oh
LhCat1: And that kinda sucked :)
Ice Bluie: Fake Zeth: LEMME PLAY LAW!!!
LhCat1: But the party I went to in Seattle was fun
NOA Rushmore: Aw, that's too bad Cat
LhCat1: I got to meet a lot of new people :)
NOA Rushmore: Oooh, Partay :D
Ice Bluie: Fake Zeth: I'LL BE LAW!
LhCat1: Ah, its' all good. We went horse back riding there and stuff
NOA Rushmore: Sweet :D
LhCat1: I think I bruised my butt bone ;)
NOA Rushmore: LOL
NOA Rushmore: Nice
LhCat1: Oh yeah..
LhCat1: It hurts to sit dodwn
LhCat1: down
LhCat1: lots of fun
LhCat1: ;)
LhCat1: my back hurts too
NOA Rushmore: Aww...
LhCat1: But that's enough complaining;)
NOA Rushmore: Well, we're glad you made it :D
SmashXL II: goes to bed
NOA Rushmore
: NO Smiss
LhCat1: Yay :D
NOA Rushmore: You stay
SmashXL II: ...
SmashXL II
: no
: my paernts aren't gonna go to bed for a while :P
NOA Rushmore: jess
LawBoy84: they're watching asian dramas, i believ
TempMattNOA: smash, drink some more oj, it will keep you awake
NOA Rushmore: If you don't stay, I won't help you get VooDoo
LawBoy84: they'll be up for hours
LhCat1: I would like to point something out from a profile of a counselor..
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
NOA Rushmore: Sure Cat :D
SmashXL II: I don't need your help thank you very much! :D
: NOAPablo: Best Moment: Trav and I playing catch (with Cat as the ball).
LhCat1: :)
LhCat1: That was last year at CH
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
Green N Scaly: lol
LhCat1: I had seizure attacks in Pablo's room
Green N Scaly: I don't remember that last year
NOA Rushmore: May *I* point out something from a profile of a counselor?
LhCat1: Pablo would throw me back into my cabin (Trav's room), and Trav kept throwing me back ;)
LhCat1: It lasted for like a half an hour
Diamondcutters X: just not trav's
NOA Rushmore: *grins evilly*
LawBoy84: no you may not rush
LhCat1: LOL
LhCat1: Sure :)
LawBoy84: just not yours
LhCat1: BTW, Rush, love the drawings you did
LawBoy84: point out trav
NOA Rushmore: :P
Samtron1843: go ahead
LawBoy84: s
Diamondcutters X: point out yours, rush
LawBoy84: travs
LhCat1: Don't understand where you're going with the cupid Trav, though ;)
NOA Rushmore: Best moment: Two words: Law Sync >:D
LhCat1: LOL Rush
LawBoy84: rush you've worn tha....
LhCat1: VERY true ;)
Green N Scaly: lol
NOA Rushmore: That's Travis as Kid Icarus ;)
LhCat1: OOOH
LhCat1: got'cha ;)
Green N Scaly: it looked like a cupid to me at first too
LhCat1: Now it all makes sense
NOA Rushmore: lol
LhCat1: I just glanced at it
Seefee II: yup
NOA Rushmore: I didn't get much time to spend on his :|
SmashXL II: bbl
: So that's what I thought.. I was like, "That doesn't make sense.." ;)
LawBoy84: jkds
LhCat1: I thought you were trying to say he was a love machine or something
LawBoy84: i keep thinkign that i see bugs/spiders at night
Seefee II: If you do a wrong name/password, you get logged in anonymously
Green N Scaly: lol
Seefee II: dasksa
Seefee II: cant type
Green N Scaly: trav, love machine?
Green N Scaly: hah
LhCat1: Green, that's why I thought it was funny ;)
NOA Rushmore: LOL Law
LawBoy84: i see like black spots flying across the carpet
Green N Scaly: lol
Green N Scaly: I see that too
SmashXL II: seefee, addy one last time. if i don't get it... oh well
: And I noticed my Mikey doesn't have a profile. :(
LhCat1: Why is that?
NOA Rushmore: I'm not sure :|
Green N Scaly: rush, do you know what happened to NOAReign? she was cool
LhCat1: I was sad when I didn't see it
NOA Rushmore: I didn't draw his :|
LhCat1: She was cool
NOA Rushmore: No clue Green
LhCat1: Rush, well, he just doesn't have a profile at all..
LhCat1: it's sad.
LhCat1: :)
NOA Rushmore: I know -_-
Green N Scaly: she was my first cabin counselor so I had a sort of attachment to her ;)
NOA Rushmore: :D
LhCat1: Rush: Best Moment: Nintendo Power Vol. 44: Discovering "Mullet Trav." ;)
NOA Rushmore: I'll bet Green ;)
Green N Scaly: lol
NOA Rushmore: :D
Green N Scaly: shu'up rush
NOA Rushmore: :P
Green N Scaly: cabin 14, '99
NOA Rushmore: *nudge, wink*
LawBoy84: "SHU'UP"
Green N Scaly: lol
NOA Rushmore: I know EXACTLY what Green is saying
NOA Rushmore: attachment = crush
Green N Scaly: uh no
Green N Scaly: lol
LhCat1: Lucky number 13, 99, baby!
Green N Scaly: I don't think so
NOA Rushmore: Riiiiiiiiiiight
LhCat1: ;)
NOA Rushmore: <---- Not naive
LhCat1: LOL Rush
NOA Rushmore: ;)
SmashXL II: sure rush
: just blind
NOA Rushmore: FER sure Smash ;)
TempMattNOA: fer sure
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Green N Scaly: if it WAS then it stopped when I got a g/f
LawBoy84: DFJKAS;L
LawBoy84: WTZ
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
SmashXL II: The Walls in the Mall are Totally Totally Tall... FER SURE!
Green N Scaly
: lol
LhCat1: LOL, so he ADMITS it! ;D
TempMattNOA: ok ok law.......ill even it out........
LawBoy84: can i swear
Green N Scaly: I thought that was law
SmashXL II: yes
: LOL Smish!
TempMattNOA: happy?
TempMattNOA: *draws*
LawBoy84: yes
NOA Rushmore: Hey Cat, did you hear this one?
LawBoy84: :)
NOA Rushmore: :P
Green N Scaly: lol
Ice Bluie: Grrr...
LhCat1: I haven't heard this... >:)
CeleryJerky: LOL, we're going to send Law on a rampage.
NOA Rushmore: It's our boy Law ;)
Green N Scaly: heh
NOA Rushmore: Oooh, WB Katti!
LawBoy84: too late
Ice Bluie: I can't find the Ren and Stimpy theme song on MIDI anywhere!
NOA Rushmore: It's your turn in the dating circle :D
Green N Scaly: the kat has returned
CeleryJerky: LOL, as much as I'd love to do that,
NOA Rushmore: And Law's turn too ^_^
CeleryJerky: I have 0 time. :)
Ice Bluie: what is Law saying?
NOA Rushmore: You have PLENTY of time :D
CeleryJerky: Let me work on this update some more and prepare tomorrow's adventures.
NOA Rushmore: Okies
Seefee II: Hmph. Disabled password/user name caps sensitivity
LawBoy84: how can u work at this h o ur
CeleryJerky: AFC again (*laughs hideously*)
Seefee II: That should help a lot of you ;P
NOA Rushmore: You lucked out Law :P
LawBoy84: well hi seefee
Ice Bluie: what is Law saying in that file?
SmashXL II: seefee... addy
CeleryJerky: Law this is my best working hour.
Samtron1843: t-5.5 hr. till camp!
CeleryJerky: The house is asleep and I have silence.
NOA Rushmore: "The WALLS in the MALL are TOTALLY TALL, FER SURE"
Green N Scaly: "the WALLS in the MALL are totally totally TALL, fer SURE"
LawBoy84: i work best never :D
Green N Scaly: yep
Green N Scaly: lol
LawBoy84: SHUT UP
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL
NOA Rushmore: Hey Cat, did I show you my desk? ^_^
Ice Bluie: LOL @ Katti... I can imagine Christmas... not a creature was stirring... except a RAT
NOA Rushmore: I already showed the others :D
Green N Scaly: until everyone gets it law
LawBoy84: hush
Green N Scaly: RUSH I didn't see your desk
NOA Rushmore: Well... Green hasn't seen it either
LhCat1: *accuses her cabin of being lazy*
LhCat1: They have hardly gotten any points!
NOA Rushmore: My desk at work
NOA Rushmore: lol Cat
LawBoy84: mac's cabin is winning
NOA Rushmore: And how much have YOU contributed? ;P
TempMattNOA: rush, take a pic of the left side, pin up one of my drawings before you do it do i feel special
LhCat1: Cabin 12: 34 points
LhCat1: That's just sad
LhCat1: Rush, I've been out of town!
TempMattNOA: do = so
Ice Bluie: Cat... didn't Trav move you?
LhCat1: Lookin' at yer des, Rush:)
NOA Rushmore: My desk from another angle
Green N Scaly: nice desk
NOA Rushmore: lol Matt
LhCat1: Blue, no, he's going to take me in the cabin, but I'm not a part of it
Ice Bluie: I found out that ALL of my extra accounts... all 4... are in cabin 12
NOA Rushmore: Thanks Green ^_^
NOA Rushmore: lol Ice
Ice Bluie: LOL, CAt... anyone can do that
LawBoy84: my mom seems to think that i can't get up with 8 hours of sleep
LhCat1: Nice desk :)
Ice Bluie: I have one in 11...
LhCat1: Blue, I know
NOA Rushmore: Thanks ^_^
NOA Rushmore: lol Law
Ice Bluie: okay...
LawBoy84: while that may be true sometimes, it certainly isn't when i have to absolutely get up :P
LhCat1: But he's going to keep me in there... said he's going to have a "tug of war" with me ;)
NOA Rushmore: But... you can't
Ice Bluie: SF64
LawBoy84: i can get up in 1 hour if i had to :\
Ice Bluie: Akira model
NOA Rushmore: :D
LhCat1: Cute :)
Samtron1843: Cool desk (ok comp)
Ice Bluie: Japanese Pokemon Yellow (Pocket Pikachu)
LhCat1: Cabin 9 needs to stop getting points.
NOA Rushmore: lol, thanks Samtron :D
LawBoy84: cat >:D
Ice Bluie: I can name most of the stuff on your desk
LawBoy84: no they dont
NOA Rushmore: So can I :D
LhCat1: yes they do :)
Ice Bluie: of couse
Ice Bluie: haha
LhCat1: Cabin 9 can only get points if *I* am in it ;)
Samtron1843: bust RUSH i got to say u use the network of my choice NOVEL!
Green N Scaly: well I'd give my input about Cabin 9
Ice Bluie: Majora's Mask there
Green N Scaly: but I'd be breaking rules 1 and 2 of Fight Cube
NOA Rushmore: LOL Samtron
LawBoy84: what
Green N Scaly: "Never, EVER talk about Fight Cube."
LawBoy84: you're in cabin 9?
DamianBrgosDeios has entered the room.
Green N Scaly: lol
LhCat1: Hey guys, do you know who the counselor of cabin 6 is?
DamianBrgosDeios: Hello ^_^
: hi alex
NOA Rushmore: ALEX :D
LawBoy84: cat, that's dudelove
CeleryJerky: Heeya! ;D
DamianBrgosDeios: Sorry, I fell asleep, then I went to watch some anime ^_^
: How is everyone?
Ice Bluie
: Rush... what are those print out you hung up of?
Diamondcutters X: miss katt
LhCat1: Law, no, that's why they can't get points :)
LhCat1: lag again
LhCat1: hey DBD :)
Diamondcutters X: you want a couple of cool midis
Seefee II: 200-SITE WHO Result : 4 Clients
LawBoy84: i'm tired
Green N Scaly: oh that's dudelove?
Seefee II: 200-ID - Login Time - IP/Hostname - Action - Speed
LhCat1: Law, Dude? Really? Coo :) That's my bro's cabin
Seefee II: 200-LawBoy - 8/15/01 1:44:49 AM - - Downloading - 1.333 KB/s
Ice Bluie: IGNorance
Seefee II: 200-DC - 8/15/01 1:47:23 AM - - Downloading - 2.666 KB/s
LawBoy84: cat D:
LawBoy84: D:=:D
Seefee II: 200-SmashXL - 8/15/01 2:19:11 AM - - Idle - 0.000 KB/s
LhCat1: LOL Blue :)
Seefee II: 200-Seefee - 8/15/01 2:19:43 AM - - Idle - 0.003 KB/s
Seefee II: 200 End of SITE WHO
Seefee II: :|
Seefee II: =D
SmashXL II: but i'm not in..
Seefee II
: Woo! I think we fin -- DALJKFJKLFJKA
TempMattNOA: cat, what is yo bros chat name
Seefee II: WHAT
LhCat1: Do we not get to face paint the NOAs this year?
LhCat1: That's just depressing
NOA Rushmore: :|
LhCat1: Icesage is my bro's name.
Seefee II: can i go bang my head against something hard
LawBoy84: cat i KNOW
TempMattNOA: i will talk to him <eg>
LhCat1: Lawny, I look forward to that every year
LawBoy84: i was complaining about face paints all day long
Ice Bluie: If some one's name/screen name was Noah... that would suck if he tried to reg at Nsider/LH back then
Seefee II: Why are these stupid things not logging off ;(
LhCat1: Matti, okay ;)
Green N Scaly: yeah seefee...bang your head against the bathroom floor ;)
LhCat1: I told Mike to tell everyone through /shout.. lol
LhCat1: Law, it's so sad... that's my favorite thing to do! it's so... evil. ;)
Seefee II: (000091) 8/15/01 2:24:28 AM - SmashXL ( > 421 Connection closed by administrator.
LhCat1: lag really sucks
Seefee II: >=|
NOA Rushmore: Hey Seef, hook me up with a login IP :D
Ice Bluie: not LAg... it's LAck of people talking
Seefee II: oh god
Seefee II: its starting again
LawBoy84: seefee click :D
Seefee II: For some reason, I'm hammering myself!
NOA Rushmore: <---------- NOA Leechmore
Green N Scaly: lol
Seefee II: ...
NOA Rushmore: LOL, that was awesome Law :D
Ice Bluie: Rush works in a cubicle
Ice Bluie: heh
LhCat1: Blue, no, I'm lagged.
NOA Rushmore: Yup Blue
SmashXL II: sorry seefee... i guess i wasn't meant to get into your ftp.
Ice Bluie
: for a moment... I thought it was some kind of small office
NOA Rushmore: Almost everyone at NOA does
LhCat1: That doesn't surprise me at all
Seefee II: why are you people screwing up the server as you are
Diamondcutters X: Seefee, i haven't screwed it up once :D
Seefee II: >:D
LawBoy84: this dl is taking fourver
Seefee II: You can all change your passwords, BTW
LhCat1: LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
LawBoy84: fourver!
LhCat1: That's hillarious!
Green N Scaly: somebody won the GC? or is that fake or what
Seefee II: Did you log off, Smash?
Ice Bluie: does Dano work in a cubicle?
Green N Scaly: oh wait
Green N Scaly: I see
Green N Scaly: lol
LhCat1: Green, it's fake..
Green N Scaly: I GET IT NOW
LhCat1: a newbie trick :)
Green N Scaly: *cough*
TempMattNOA: law, im drawin a lancer : ) : ) and its gonna be as bad as my first ramza drawin that i gave up on
Seefee II: *sigh*
Green N Scaly: I'm slow ;)
LhCat1: It's all good :)
Seefee II: Are you people using IE for your FTP client?
SmashXL II: i can't log in...
: temp lol :D
SmashXL II: ...
: i'm sure it's good
Ice Bluie: it's a real pic... Rush played a trick on Nutt
LhCat1: You're not a newbie, you should know the NOAs play with us ;)
NOA Rushmore: I am Seefee
Diamondcutters X: seefee, yeah :D
Green N Scaly: yeah I see that now ice
Samtron1843: RUSHMORE what is your homepage?
Seefee II: o.O
NOA Rushmore: lol, yup
NOA Rushmore: What do you mean?
Samtron1843: DO you have a main page?
Ice Bluie: I didn't know you could even use IE for client... unless you had WS_FTP Explorer
NOA Rushmore: Cat, it wasn't a fake :D
Ice Bluie: someone... help me find the Ren and Stimpy theme on MIDI
NOA Rushmore: IE makes it pretty simple
LhCat1: Rush, I know... but the NOAs try to trick the newbies all the time :)
NOA Rushmore: lol Cat
LawBoy84: the lateeest ill stay is 1am btw :(
Green N Scaly: heh
Ice Bluie: for the love of LAG!! Help me!!
NOA Rushmore: Well, I guess I did trick newbies... at Nutti's expense ;)
Ice Bluie: Law... you'll miss out on half of Conan
Green N Scaly: still funny
LhCat1: LOL Rush, true, true :)
LawBoy84: ice what's on conan tonight
NOA Rushmore: brb
Ice Bluie: 'N Side Each Other...
Ice Bluie: haha...
Diamondcutters X: law, i said it's the funniest conan show of the year
LhCat1: is there a contest for tomorrow?
Ice Bluie: that's 'N Sync's production company
Ice Bluie: it's the funniest Conan in a long time
Green N Scaly: I'm gonna watch conan...brb
Green N Scaly: or AFK rather
Ice Bluie: some other funny ones were the one before the Super Bowl this/last year
LhCat1: Later Green :)
TempMattNOA: conans IN tiger beat!!
LhCat1: I'll be gone before you come back
Ice Bluie: another one was when he made a boy band
Ice Bluie: and when he made an action fig
LhCat1: later guys :)
LawBoy84: if anything i'll watch conan in my room
Ice Bluie: why, Cat? WHY?!
LhCat1 has left the room.
TempMattNOA: *reads his tiger beat mag*
LawBoy84: >:O
Ice Bluie: why?
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Ice Bluie: another one was when he got his own sandwich in the deli
LawBoy84: now we have 13
NOA Rushmore: Matt O_o;;;;
Ice Bluie: the Conan O Brien
NOA Rushmore: I'm watching Conan now
Ice Bluie: Rush... Conan is in Tiger Beat!!
NOA Rushmore: On my monitor Law :P
NOA Rushmore: LOL
NOA Rushmore: Awesome :D
Ice Bluie: watch it
LawBoy84: dorky rush
LawBoy84: you and your fancy monitor
NOA Rushmore: ^_^
NOA Rushmore: Nya nya
LawBoy84: ^_D
Ice Bluie: it's in the video card isn't it?
CeleryJerky: Okay, DC says I need to go watch Conan so I will.
Ice Bluie: I said you need to!!
Ice Bluie: maybe DC, too
LawBoy84: you both did
Ice Bluie: yeah... well... I said it with more... passion... or rather... strength in language
LawBoy84: i wonder if my parents will be mad if i stay up till the end of conan
NOA Rushmore: :|
NOA Rushmore: Man, I don't wanna be one of the last ones up
Diamondcutters X: my mom didn't get mad when i was up this morning when she got ready for work :D
Ice Bluie: why not?
LawBoy84: i was up at 5am today :(
Ice Bluie: no insomniac challenge?
NOA Rushmore: Nope
LawBoy84: i kept my promise
Ice Bluie: :(
NOA Rushmore: Another Muskateer movie? O_O
LawBoy84: ok
Diamondcutters X: law, 5:30
LawBoy84: parents are pissy
LawBoy84: bye bye
NOA Rushmore: >:|
Ice Bluie: Rush... go to sleep after Conan then
NOA Rushmore: G'night Law
Diamondcutters X: bye law
TempMattNOA: NIGHTY law
LawBoy84: bye :|
Ice Bluie: bye, Orderboy
LawBoy84: lol
NOA Rushmore: Goodnight Mr. President :D
LawBoy84: >:P
Ice Bluie: LAW! HUH! YEah!
Ice Bluie: what is he good for?
Seefee II: wha
Seefee II: LAW
Seefee II: nio
Seefee II: no
LawBoy84: bye
LawBoy84 has left the room.
NOA Rushmore: ^Mr. President
Seefee II: Yer not allowed to leav -- asdjkjfsaksajkskjafakjsk
NOA Rushmore: Aww...
Seefee II: the hoser
Ice Bluie: hoser
Diamondcutters X: seefee, you can't deal with pissy parents
Ice Bluie: Rush... what's happening on Conan?
NOA Rushmore: O_O
Ice Bluie: I wish I had Tivo
NOA Rushmore: Jumpropers on Letterman
Ice Bluie: oooh
NOA Rushmore: Conan's not on yet
Ice Bluie: yeah... that was cool!
DamianBrgosDeios: I wish I had a VCR (that worked) in my room)
NOA Rushmore
: Yeah :D
Green N Scaly: conan is on for me!
Ice Bluie: weird...
NOA Rushmore: Not for me :|
Green N Scaly: it comes on at 11:35 PM and 2:10 AM where I live
Green N Scaly: they had the dancing guy on there...haha that was good
Green N Scaly: brb commercials are over
Diamondcutters X: i wanna see inside schwartz
NOA Rushmore: Don't spoil it!!
Diamondcutters X: it looks good
Ice Bluie: it comes on at 12:35 and 3:05 here and in Cali
Ice Bluie: but the second one is a week old
Ice Bluie: which dancing guy, Perfect?
Ice Bluie: how come chat is so dead?
Ice Bluie: it's early
Seefee II: Hmph. I've got 44 kilobytes worth of bandwidth allotted on my server.
Ice Bluie: is it because some people already started school?
Ice Bluie: LAME... School in August should be illegal
Seefee II: Smash is the first person to upload anything :D
SmashXL II: :DDD
Diamondcutters X
: upload?
Ice Bluie: what kind of stuff is your server serving?
Diamondcutters X: i'm downloading SO2 stuff :D
NOA Rushmore: lol Seef
Seefee II: Temp :((
SmashXL II: Good stuff too
Ice Bluie
: Rush... did it start?
TempMattNOA: : ( : (
NOA Rushmore: Just now :D
SmashXL II: law... left?
Ice Bluie
: yeah...
NOA Rushmore: ya :|
Diamondcutters X: his parents got pissy
SmashXL II: ... and then there were 12
Ice Bluie
: his parents caught him and spoke chinese
Samtron1843: so Rush another dateing game?
Ice Bluie: and he had to start midnight adventures over again
Green N Scaly: I dunno ice, it was a guy who danced in the fatboy slim movie
NOA Rushmore: lol
Ice Bluie: oooh... the video?
Diamondcutters X: christopher walken
NOA Rushmore: Chris
Green N Scaly: yeah it showed the clip
Ice Bluie: you mean... Christopher Walken?
NOA Rushmore: Yeah
Ice Bluie: that was last week
Green N Scaly: yeah
Green N Scaly: ah
Green N Scaly: I don't watch it all the time so I wouldn't know
Green N Scaly: brb want something to eat that's sugary and something to drink that's caffienated
TempMattNOA: 1%
Ice Bluie: how about sugar with coffee and cream?
TempMattNOA: woo!
Samtron1843: coffe is good!
Ice Bluie: gotta keep it going keep it going full steam
Ice Bluie: too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean
Ice Bluie: on the tough guy style, I'm not too keen
Ice Bluie: to change the world... I gotta plot and scheme
Samtron1843: hey the LNCH "creater" is VERY quite
CeleryJerky: ROTFL @ "give the money back to the fan"
Ice Bluie: she's watching KONAN!
Samtron1843: lol
Ice Bluie: I was in chat... so I didn't pay much attention to Conan
Ice Bluie: what are you talking about, Katti?
TempMattNOA: LOL katt
Seefee II: Gah... all this FTP repairage has worn me out -_-
Seefee II: can i go to sleep =D
SmashXL II: no
: you "can"
Samtron1843: but I don't recamend it
Ice Bluie: Seefee... he just called you a "can"
Ice Bluie: are you gonna take that?
SmashXL II: lol
Diamondcutters X
: seefee, you have to keep your server open :D
Green N Scaly: heh
Green N Scaly: ok
Green N Scaly: I got a cup of limeaid
Green N Scaly: and a diet dr pepper
TempMattNOA: seif, bring awidi here to keep you entertained
Green N Scaly: and a couple of strange snacks
Green N Scaly: one is one of those...uh, bugs bunny fruit snacks and the other is a snack bar of some sort
Green N Scaly: and I now notice that the limeaid doesn't quite fill the cup all the way...
Seefee II: Awidi is here :)
Green N Scaly: should I pour some DDP in it....heh
AwidiII: Awidi!
Samtron1843: it got very quite
Ice Bluie: quiet!!
TempMattNOA: sldfkj HI awidi : P
AwidiII: ...hi
Samtron1843: sorry
Green N Scaly: Diet Dr. Pepper in limeaid: yes or no
Diamondcutters X: i bet awidi is a pokemon >:D
AwidiII: dsakajfs
Samtron1843: yes
AwidiII: Go ask Katt what it is :(
Ice Bluie: Rush... why aren't you laughing at Conan in chat?
Ice Bluie: COMMENT
Ice Bluie: she's away,
Ice Bluie: don't bug her,
Ice Bluie: what is it?
Green N Scaly: brb going to look at conan
Ice Bluie: I wonder why Zeth isn't here
Samtron1843: who will stay ALL NIGHT?
CeleryJerky: ROTFL @ TIGER BEAT,
CeleryJerky: ROTFL, ROTFL,
Ice Bluie: I don't know... Katti might... I have to stay up all night
Ice Bluie: to go to the dentist
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL... "O-TOWN"
Ice Bluie: but I have to get offline to not get caught
Samtron1843: I will
NOA Rushmore: Too busy watching
Diamondcutters X: i todl you guys
NOA Rushmore: :D
Ice Bluie: O town is where Rocko lives
TempMattNOA: lol, im gonna DL that clip, find it for me dc in the next few days : P
Ice Bluie: Rush... what did Katti mean when she said somehting about giving the fan back their money
TempMattNOA: rush, now do you know why i said i was reading tiger beat?
Ice Bluie: DC?
TempMattNOA: : P
Diamondcutters X: like i know
Ice Bluie: does anyone remember?
Ice Bluie: Matt... 'N Side Each Other
NOA Rushmore: He was talking about this one old Rocker canceling a concert
NOA Rushmore: Yes Matt ;)
Ice Bluie: Lag...
TempMattNOA: lol ice
Ice Bluie: hah
Ice Bluie: I need to record that episode
Ice Bluie: I'll get my cousin to do it next week...
NOA Rushmore: ROTFL @ Man Rack productions
Ice Bluie: wait for the last one
TempMattNOA: fabio is you will see later in his interview : ( : (
Green N Scaly: oh yeah samtron...I'm staying all night
NOA Rushmore: Seefee... it's not working anymore :|
NOA Rushmore: LOL
NOA Rushmore: "That's Him Officer"
Ice Bluie: what's "That's Him Officer"?
Samtron1843: RUSHMORE do you know an L ROWMIN @ NOA?
NOA Rushmore: Productions
Diamondcutters X: max weinberg
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Ice Bluie: for who?
Ice Bluie: for Max?
Ice Bluie: haha
Green N Scaly: ok I am going t o pour diet dr pepper in limeaid...and then DRINK IT
Samtron1843: fun stuff
Green N Scaly: looks gross
Green N Scaly: like lighter-colored DDP, with bits of limey stuff floating in it
Ice Bluie: Perfect... my sister mixed iced tea (powerder made) with country time lemonaid
TempMattNOA: rush, i have a q for you that just came to ma mind, why does nintendo ahve a "office" in that city....
Ice Bluie: I dislike when you mix stuff when it loses the good flavors
TempMattNOA: that i forgot the name of right next to mount si
TempMattNOA: ?
Ice Bluie: and is just bland
Green N Scaly: hey this is actually pretty good
Ice Bluie: like they got cancelled
NOA Rushmore: >_<
NOA Rushmore: "N Each Other Production"
Green N Scaly: I thought it'd be disgusting
Ice Bluie: Rush... HAHAHAHA
Green N Scaly: lol
Ice Bluie: DDP sucks
Ice Bluie: DP is the best
Ice Bluie: DDP is "not as good"
Green N Scaly: yeah but we never have DP in my house
zeth2500 has entered the room.
Green N Scaly: my mom doesn't like it because she says it "tastes like perfume"
Ice Bluie: who invited Zeth?
zeth2500: I wasn't invited
Ice Bluie
: you invited yourself?
zeth2500: I figured it out myself :D
NOA Rushmore
: Hiya
Green N Scaly: ZETH HOW'S SPOOKY!?
Ice Bluie: how'd you know the name?
CeleryJerky: Have you guys ever watched Primetime Glick?
Diamondcutters X: CHEATER
NOA Rushmore: Yup katt :D
TempMattNOA: LOL, yah katt
zeth2500: ...I did the thing at Kattixie's thing
Ice Bluie
: haha... no, Katti
Samtron1843: hey
Diamondcutters X: oh
Diamondcutters X: ok, then it's not cheating
zeth2500: Katt, ROTFL @ the stumpy part
Ice Bluie
: Katti... how do you like Conan so far?
CeleryJerky: That whole Tigerbeat thing just cracks me up because he once said:
CeleryJerky: "I keep up with all the Tiger Beats."
Green N Scaly: lol I didn't find the stumpy thing the first time, I had to play through it again
Ice Bluie: where's the stumpy and monster part of the thing? I didn't see them
TempMattNOA: LOL, i saw that one
CeleryJerky: And I used to buy TB when I was like 10.
Diamondcutters X: ice, where it says "I smell horse droppings in the distance"
Green N Scaly: you have to go to the north part of the camp, ice
CeleryJerky: Then I upgraded to TEEN magazine in 7th grade. >:D
zeth2500: lol
NOA Rushmore
: LOL katt
Green N Scaly: lol
TempMattNOA: you too katt?!
TempMattNOA: er
NOA Rushmore: You know you still read Tiger Beat
CeleryJerky: LOL Matt,
Diamondcutters X: "Who the hell is he? Who is this awful man?"
NOA Rushmore: Actually, I'm gonna go buy that issue :D
CeleryJerky: Well, now I take a red pen to all the issues I STILL get (I swear, they don't stop coming),
Ice Bluie: I used to buy Tiger Beat... when I was 16
Diamondcutters X: rush, i was gonig to, then i'm liek wtf it's tigerbeat
NOA Rushmore: LOL
NOA Rushmore: I WILL!!!
Ice Bluie: wait... I AM 16
CeleryJerky: And circle everything that influences teenage girls to be... uh, "slutty."
zeth2500: DC, nice typing
: Can't Wain Till Nov (My B-Day And Than my Gamecube!)
Diamondcutters X: tnx
Green N Scaly: lol katt
TempMattNOA: i smell a lawsuit
NOA Rushmore: FABIO :O
TempMattNOA: : P
Samtron1843: :)
Green N Scaly: just put it on a table and draw a circle around it ;)
Ice Bluie: Katti... have you tried NOT paying?
Seefee II: ...annoyed.
TempMattNOA: rush, fabio is a weirdo
Seefee II: My desktop won't display its background
zeth2500: :(
Green N Scaly
: my background is coolk
Diamondcutters X: seefee, you wanna restart :(
Green N Scaly: -k
NOA Rushmore: O_O "MAN-BOOBS"
Green N Scaly: it's a dragon and...stuff
Seefee II: Yes, but it can wait till later
Seefee II: You people can continue your leeching :(
Diamondcutters X: my current download is done
Ice Bluie: Fabio was funny
Ice Bluie: Beaver...
Seefee II: Well then!
Seefee II: I'll restart
Samtron1843: Kinkey
Ice Bluie: I don't get where that slang for that came to be
Samtron1843: j/k
Seefee II: ...or not
Seefee II: ...
Green N Scaly: * Adam|HW shows off his MAN BOOBS ( . )( . )
Green N Scaly: heh
Diamondcutters X: ..
NOA Rushmore: LOL
Ice Bluie: DC... is the Stumpy and monster part the same?
Diamondcutters X: yes
Green N Scaly: yep it is
zeth2500: DC, unblock me
: :D
Diamondcutters X
: seefee, are you or are you not
TempMattNOA: dc, have you seen the conan where he goes to hollywood with triumph on that tour bus LOLOL
zeth2500: yay
: Thanks
Green N Scaly
: so zeth, how's your kitty
Samtron1843: Seven In's Of Happeyness!----------------)>
zeth2500: he's very cute
: that is the best episode ever : ) *draws*
zeth2500: ..e.
Seefee II
: ...
zeth2500: :D
: :)
Green N Scaly: ok
TempMattNOA: zeth, you just said fabio is very cute?
zeth2500: ....
: no
Seefee II
: K
zeth2500: my kitty
: :D
Diamondcutters X
: *leeches some more since seefee isn't going to restart
Samtron1843: *flirts w/ Rush*
Seefee II: Shutting down after all of you people are done with your downloads
Seefee II: Smash is uploading still
Seefee II: So... :|
NOA Rushmore: >:O
Green N Scaly: Mental Note: Diet Dr. Pepper + Limeaid = YUM
Diamondcutters X: shutting down!?! >:O
NOA Rushmore: I guot disconnected
Ice Bluie: I like the episode of Conan where he makes that commercial for the dude in Houston
Seefee II: ya
Seefee II: Restarting
zeth2500: *flirts with himself*
Diamondcutters X
: o
Green N Scaly: I saw that one ice
Ice Bluie: once... he actually WENT to Houston!
Ice Bluie: that was way before the commercial thing
Samtron1843: RUSH give me aother chance I can change! :(
NOA Rushmore: ...
NOA Rushmore: No!
Diamondcutters X: 10 minutes, seefee >:D
Samtron1843: please
zeth2500: I want my shenmue :(
Seefee II
: ah kix u
Samtron1843: RUSH u broke my heart :(
Seefee II: k
Seefee II: Restarting
Diamondcutters X: boooooooo
Ice Bluie: "You see right there? You couldn't hear the chainsaw there but it's the loudest it's ever been"
Samtron1843: *crys*
Ice Bluie: "you know what I mean"?
NOA Rushmore: You STILL haven't gotten it zeth? O_O
Ice Bluie: "Yeah"
Seefee II has left the room.
zeth2500: no :(
NOA Rushmore
: GYAH ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
NOA Rushmore: ...
Ice Bluie: "Good.. then explain it to me... because I don't get it"
NOA Rushmore: Sorry to hear it ^_^
Green N Scaly: lol
zeth2500: *pushes rush over a cliff :D*
NOA Rushmore
: :P
NOA Rushmore: /kick zeth2500
NOA Rushmore: kicks zeth2500
Green N Scaly: lol
AwidiII has left the room.
TempMattNOA: rush, when will my gamecube mag be arriving at my house? : P
Samtron1843: RUSH any hidden ifo about camp?
NOA Rushmore: NEVAR matt ;)
TempMattNOA: : (
NOA Rushmore: You're not hideous enough
Green N Scaly: lol
NOA Rushmore: And neither is your gf ;)
Samtron1843: lol
NOA Rushmore: *high five*
Diamondcutters X: i'm pretty hideous! :(
Diamondcutters X: RUSH
TempMattNOA: *high 5*
TempMattNOA: YAH!
Diamondcutters X: GIVE ME MATT'S PIC
NOA Rushmore: LOL
NOA Rushmore: No
zeth2500: When did CH close last night?
: : )
Green N Scaly: hmm...wonder if I'm brave enough to put a URL of a 6-month-old pic of me here
Diamondcutters X: matt :(
Ice Bluie: There's gonna be a GC magazine?
Samtron1843: I belive I have a "speical" humor
TempMattNOA: dc, i will someday, when you give me money
TempMattNOA: : P
Diamondcutters X: what!
DamianBrgosDeios: I'm tired, and I want to go to bed
Diamondcutters X
: i gave you mr_t.ram! that's BETTER than money!
Ice Bluie: yes you are, Perfect
DamianBrgosDeios: but, I don't want to
NOA Rushmore
Green N Scaly: lol
Samtron1843: if your tired than go to bed!
Green N Scaly: fine then ice, I'll find that URL...I remember posting it on a board
NOA Rushmore: Matt's GF looks like a girl I knew :D
TempMattNOA: mr_t.ram is one of my fav things on the net : ) : )
NOA Rushmore: In high school
Diamondcutters X: let me see your picture, matt!!
Samtron1843: lol
TempMattNOA: RUSH, whats THAT supposed to mean!? : P
zeth2500: Rush looks like a guy I saw on
Green N Scaly
: lol
Diamondcutters X: hurry before seefee gets back on and i download off him
NOA Rushmore: >:O
zeth2500: <EG>
: :D
NOA Rushmore
: Just saying Matt ;)
TempMattNOA: hopefully this girl was good looking rush : )
NOA Rushmore: Yah, she was :D
TempMattNOA: : )
NOA Rushmore: I kinda had a crush on her
NOA Rushmore: We were just friends though -_-
TempMattNOA: ahh, high school memories : )
NOA Rushmore: lol
NOA Rushmore: They're the best :D
TempMattNOA: yah *gets choked up*
TempMattNOA: : )
NOA Rushmore: I really need to find my pics
NOA Rushmore: I do have my yearbook
NOA Rushmore: ...
Green N Scaly: lol
Green N Scaly: yearbook, YES.
Samtron1843: RUSH how do you win that organ game?
TempMattNOA: rush, send your grad pic : )
NOA Rushmore: :P
NOA Rushmore: You'll have to ask my mom ;)
zeth2500: I'm going to hate high school :D ;laskdsl IF YOU LIVED HERE YOU WOULD TOO
SmashXL II
: i'm so tired
: whats her numba? : P
NOA Rushmore: I never got my Senior Yearbook :|
NOA Rushmore: lol
Samtron1843: THan go To Bed!
TempMattNOA: why not!
Green N Scaly: Grrrrr
Green N Scaly: the URL is too long!
Ice Bluie: the organ game is easy
NOA Rushmore: Didn't wanna drive back to town to pick it up ;)
TempMattNOA: lol : ( that sucks
NOA Rushmore: Yah
Ice Bluie: there's a kid that goes to my message boards... he lives in Virginia or something... everyone in his
Samtron1843: check out
Ice Bluie: town lost their virginity at age 12... and smoke and do drugs
TempMattNOA: zeth, what about your senior yr book?! OH WAIT, your still in school <eg>
zeth2500: ...
Ice Bluie
: freaky
NOA Rushmore
: O_O
zeth2500: :D
Ice Bluie
: Temp... he's a Freshman or something
Ice Bluie: hahaha
SmashXL II: i'm outta here. i need sleep for work tomorrow.
SmashXL II
: later
NOA Rushmore
: Later Smash :|
TempMattNOA: smash, nightys
DamianBrgosDeios: Bye Smash
Ice Bluie
: 2 years from Law, Katti, DC, and me
NOA Rushmore: You Hussy ;)
CeleryJerky: Bye Smash! :)
DamianBrgosDeios: A frosh? Hehehe :P
SmashXL II
: *and then there were 10...*
: ...
SmashXL II
has left the room.
DamianBrgosDeios: *pokes Zeth*
: byes
NOA Rushmore: lol
DamianBrgosDeios: Frosh! :P
Ice Bluie
: Katti.. you back?
Ice Bluie: working, eh?
DamianBrgosDeios: I'm a Junior, now! I can poke you and call you a Frosh@
Ice Bluie
: how'd you like Fabio?
zeth2500: ...
: HEY RUSH What do you do with a Piece Of The Blueprint?
Ice Bluie: Rush doesn't know... supposedly
NOA Rushmore: No clue dude ;)
TempMattNOA: ok, i go back to drawing
Samtron1843: oh well
NOA Rushmore: No clue = NO CLUES FOR JOO
Green N Scaly: ok since AIM is being picky I'll upload it somewhere and give that URL
zeth2500: huh
: /...
NOA Rushmore
: K Green
zeth2500: :OIKJH