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Do you want to contribute your signature to show the world? If you do let me know! Send it in an email, if the file size is relatively small, with the subject "Signature". If you don't have a scanner, feel free to do one in a paint program.. not with a fancy font, but write your signature in it! =)

NOA's Signatures

-Shigeru Miyamoto Thanks to Pelord for this!!
-NOA Amy
-NOA Beluga
-NOA Blonde
-NOA Bryan
-NOA Bubbles
-NOA Chad
-NOA Dave
-NOA Geemr
-NOA Indiana
-NOA Jason
-NOA Jenne
-NOA Kent
-NOA Kuma
-NOA Magicman
-NOA Mike
-NOA Rushmore
-NOA Scott
-NOA Steve
-NOA Taylor
-NOA Travis
-NOA Vicky
-NOA XKnight

NSider's Signatures

-Frankenroc - Thanks to Frankenroc!