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Birthday List
It's always neat to know when other NSiders birthdays are, eh? It's really neat if they have the same birthday as you! If your name and birthdate aren't here, send it to me! I'd like to thank Nemo Nint for giving me the idea for this section. =)

NSider Name
PlasmaSG Jaunary 01st 1985
Loquat Jaunary 22nd 1981
WarioSeifi Jaunary 22nd 1988
MyDogYoshi Jaunary 27th 1987
Screwis37 February 10th 1981
FatalTalon February 28th 1980
NOA Taylor March 02nd 19??
Keerax March 09th 1984
Joymann March 10th 1985
Shrubey March 17th 1981
DOAHunterX March 20th 1983
NOARushmore March 30th 1978
Zethora March 30th 1987
Kattixie March 31st 1985
TylerS36 April 02nd 1985
Ice Blue April 03rd 1985
Nuttinbutfluff 64 April 20th 1985
Missninfan April 23rd 1980
NOA Mike April 27th 1961
MrNocEH May 01st 1978
RebJ May 02nd 1983
Raye9342 May 19th 1983
IceGirl May 19th 1985
Dervin3 May 23rd 1984
TStodden May 28th 1981
SirRauru May 30th 1981
Codemaster007 June 05th 1984
Pidgeott June 07th 1983
Seaking99 June 07th 1985
MaraPhoenix June 19th 1985
NOA Dano July 10th 19??
Tornado8 July 18th 1986
Dahoneybadger July 31st 1981
Cat August 02nd 1981
NOA Amy August 02nd 19??
NOA Dudelove August 21st 1980
ENOAT August 24th 1982
Diamondcutters September 06th 1985
ForestBug September 10th 1977
CommCorranHorn September 12th 1985
Mikemn September 25th 19??
Blaster9218 September 27th 1983
Frankenroc October 13th 1980
Protocool October 28th 1982
Nidorinomon October 30th 1984
Zaqwert December 20th 1980
LawBoy December 25th 1984
TJPhoen December 28th 19??