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The B-Files
Howdy, and welcome to The B-Files homepage. What is The B-Files you ask? It's an NSider parody of the show The X-Files. The B stands for Badger, as in Mike and I, Dahoneybadger, take on some weird and unusual things.

This was originally, as some might notice, on LoudHouse Tales site. I don't touch that site anymore, but I did want to make an old classic of mine come back to life. I'm rewriting what I had up, which wasn't complete, to make it a little different and more in our times, since originally I wrote it back in 1998. This time, when I have free time, I'll add a little something to the story. All feedback is welcome.

Character List Will be updated as story procceds.

Day 1: June 16, 2005
Day 2: June 17, 2005
Day 3: June 18, 2005
More coming soon...