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Affiliate Program

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Interested an affiliate with LHL? You've come to the right place. Please follow the instructions below to become an affiliate with LHL!

  1. First, download one of my buttons. (DO NOT LINK TO MY BUTTON IMAGE ON THIS SERVER! Have them on your OWN server space. Violators will be immediantly removed from the affiliate list.)
  2. Second, put my button up as an affiliate on your site and link it to the LHL. Use http://dahoneybadger.tripod.com as the site address.
  3. Lastly, email me your button, URL, and site name. (I will review the site just to make sure it's nothing nasty. ie. porn links, porn pictures, etc.) I will then link your button to your site as an affiliate here!
Any sites found to contain porn links, porn pictures, or other truely offensive material will quickly be removed and banned from the LHL affilates list.

If you have me on your site, listed as an affiliate, and I don't have you, LET ME KNOW!! Of course, you have to abide by the rules on this page.

Buttons may be in JPG or GIF format only! (If you want me to convert it to a GIF or JPG for you, I will do that, but let me know that you want it converted and to which, so I don't just delete your mail.)

Affiliates links that are found not to work, not due to hosting server problems, but rather that they've deleted the site, neglected it and the host closed it down, and perhaps other instances may call for an immediant removal from the affiliates list.

If you are emailing me your site name, URL, and button, please email it to me at MewTCG@yahoo.com for immediant action. Thanks.