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Contest Central / Rules
Okay, as always, contests have rules. The contests on the Lounge are no exception. Please read them over before entering the contest. Rules may also be changed, added or deleted, from time to time without warning to you. To keep updated please read these every contest. Many thanks.

  1. Those that are staff of the LoudHouse Lounge may not enter the contest.
  2. You will not whine about the winner, if you do you will be disqualified from upcoming contests. (Winners will be chosen by random. Those with correct entries will have their name placed on a sheet of paper and thrown in a hat. A winner will be randomly chosen from all the correct entries. Odds of winning depends on number of correct entries.)
  3. To enter a contest, all you need to send me is your NSider name and email. If you win, you will be required to provide an address where the prize may be shipped to. (Sorry no P.O. Boxes.) If you are unable to provide an address due to reasons beyond our control, we will award the prize to an alternative winner.
  4. There is no age limit.
  5. NSiders only please. (If you have to ask what that is, then you need not apply.)
  6. If you enter the contest more than once, you will automatically be disqualified. (If I find out you entered a second or more time under other names and/or email addresses you will be disqualified.)
  7. Only those in the U.S. and Canada are eligible... sorry! (Sorry, but this is the way it is. I have to pay for prizes and shipping, and shipping overseas is a bit much for me since I have to pay for it. Until otherwise noted, sorry international NSiders.)
  8. You can use an outside resource(s) and each others help, but just remember -- the more people you help with the answers, the less of a chance you have to win!
  9. Rules may change at any moments notice without notification of you. Failure to read the new rules, if you are in violation of it, is at your own fault. Ignorance is bliss. ^^