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NSider Cards
You may have been apprehensive to come to this page, but let me explain. If you know anything about Pokémon TCG cards, you'll understand faster. Anyways, theres two expansion sets in Pokémon TCG that are in Gym Heros and Gym Challenge, and the Pokémon are "trained" by that specific character on the bottom of that card and carry their name in front of the Pokémons name. Basically I'm doing the same thing. I'm taking blank Pokémon cards, making pictures for the cards, adding the information, and of course adding the NSider's name and picture to the bottom of the card. If you'd like further details, please click here. (Email me information at MewTCG@yahoo.com. ONLY EMAIL ME THIS INFORMATION TO THIS ADDRESS!) Here are the current cards:

#1 Imawario's Dragonite
#2 DHB's Scyther
#3 Nemo Nint's Zapdos
#4 Sirus's Kabutops