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Hey-o. Welcome to the NOA Face Painting Gallery. The past couple of years, Nintendo has had up NOA pictures to play around with and make them into funnier pictures than they already are, at Camp Hyrule. ;o) Since then there have been so many great ones, that we've decided to archive some of the funniest. If you have one you'd like to submit, email me and let me know the URL to the picture.

-Pinoccio Dan Thanks Cat
-Say No To Crack Thanks Davidnussbaum
-Triforce Dan Thanks Pelord
-Trippin' Dan Thanks DHB
-DanoPika Author Unknown
-Danchu Thanks DHB

NOA Indiana
-Boxer Head Thanks Cat
-Indy the Hedgehog Thanks DHB
-Disco Down Indiana Thanks CODEMASTER007
-IndyAsh Thanks DHB
-NOA Indiana Author Unknown
-IndyFlushes 2k Author Unknown
-Snowboarding Indy Thanks Pelord

NOA Kent
-Inside Kent's Mind Thanks DHB

NOA Mike
-Monkey Mike? Thanks Cat
-Femanine Mike? Thanks DHB
-Mikachu Thanks DHB

NOA Taylor
-Chia Tay Thanks DHB
-Hippie Tay Thanks DHB
-Chanstay Author Unknown

NOA Travis
-Vart Thanks Cat
-Fly Catcher Thanks Codemaster007
-Frogboy Thanks DHB
-Pika Trav Thanks BigChomp
-Travie Winkie Thanks Nidorino
-Travie Frog Thanks DHB
-Froggy Spears Thanks DHB
-Cute Couple Thanks Nidorino
-Third Eye Trav Author Unknown
-Nintendo Frogs Thanks Pelord

Odds 'N Ends
-Pickle Affair Thanks Diedrupo
-Freak of Nature Thanks Protocool
-Mr. Tay Thanks Banjokazooielvr
-Blind Date Thanks LawBoy
-TravLink Thanks Protocool
-NOA Teletubbies Thanks Nidorino