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NSider Chat
Howdy. Welcome to the LHL Chat page. This isn't a chat room, so I'm sorry to burst any one's bubble. Actually, it's about the NSider chat. Here are some small little things to know about.

What is it? It's a chat that lasts from 3:00 to 6:00 PM PST (6 to 9 PM EST). We talk about video games, Nintendo things, among many other subjects that happen to come up. Sometimes we have fun things like have trivia and contests in it too, provided by the NOAs! It's no longer the IChat they use to run, but now is a Digichat server. You DO have to be a Nintendo Power (NP) Subscriber to be apart of the fun now.

Want to be part of the action? To sign up for Nintendo's NSider, please click here. Remember you have to be a NP Subscriber to join!

Games... Some contests and games include, but are not limited to, by the following:

Trivia -- Hosted By: NOA Mike

Some games that used to be played were:

Da Vat (The What) -- Hosted By: NOATravis
Wheel of Frogboy -- Hosted By: NOATravis