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-Blaster9218: Blaster 9218's Outpost
-Bssteph: Maniac Mansion Mania
-Diedrupo: LoudHouse Literary Circle
-CODEMASTER007: NSide the NSider
-Frankenroc: All Things Frankenroc...
-Ice Blue: DMG ICE
-Icegirl64: Space Quarters
-Luigiwalser: Luigiwalser's Homepage
-NemoNint: You Are Here!
-Pelord: Pelord's Page
-Peppyhare2000: Pep's RPG World in the Rainy Circle
-Pinkis: The Pinkis Website
-Protocool: Proto's Corner
-Reptile8383: Reptile8383's Homepage
-Servothegreat: Servothegreat's NSider page
-Shrubey: Shrubey's Place
-TJPhoen: K-Chan's Page o' Music and Literature

NSider group links:

-The Great Llamas Created by Dahoneybadger