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"The Great Llamas"
TGL Logo       Welcome to one of the NSiders many group homepages, this being home to "The Great Llamas". If you don't know a little history behind us, you soon will.

Site History
      As for the site history, it was quite a short one. This was originally hosted on www.crosswinds.net, but for some obscure reason, it got deleted. ARGF. Well, when they deleted it, all my information did too, so I'm starting all over. This will be it's new home, since Tripod hasn't deleted this site yet, like Crosswinds does for no reason. I think it will be safer on the server with LHL. I will try to inform you of everything I can remember that was on the old site about this group, and perhaps more.

Group History
      To be honest, all record of when this group was started was lost on the unfortunate Crosswinds server incident. If going strictly by memory, I would say 1999, but don't quote me on that. Creation date isn't important, but rather the background of its' existance is more important.

TGL's Name
      Where did the name come from? An absolutely easy answer.. sort of. Sometimes NOAMike and I talk about llamas in chat, where the subject comes from I don't know, and when I was thinking of forming a group against the "Poop Group", the word llama was in my head. To be honest though, not sure where Great came from, unless at the time I was hoping for us to be high, in terms of groups to knock out the PG.

TGL's Purpose
      The Great Llamas was founded during a time where groups were being founded, but this one was founded for a purpose. It was a time when the "Poop Group" was alive and kicking, and unfortunately was a very disgusting group. It's pretty obvious what they talked about, seeing their group name.
      The Great Llamas was formed by me, Dahoneybadger, to act as a sort of police against them. I was utterly disgusted with their actions in chat and NSider period, so I formed TGL to help combat the evil group into submission. Fortunately, members joined fast, as well as other groups formed to counteract the PG. We bring, what I consider, cleanliness and justice to NSider, against horrid groups such as those foul Poop Groupers.
      During "war time", when the PG is active, we stand firm in chat and other places and try to confront their sickness. During "peace time" we stay inactive, we communicate if we feel the need, but we remain low. We stay on watch in case that group or any other disgusting group decides to rear its ugly head.
Current Status: PEACE TIME

Membership Information
      To become a member you can be in another NSider group, just as long as it doesn't conflict with TGL's views. There are some that are in TGL and are in a few others, but they provide the same views pretty much. To become a member of TGL, please email me at the address below, and please put the subject as TGL Membership. Please include your email address and NSider name

Affiliation Information
      Just like a membership, your groups ideas and views must not conflict with TGL's views. They may be different as ours, but we must have a common ground to fight for. To become an affiliate please email me at the address below, and please put the subject as TGL Affliation Membership. Please include your sites homepage, group name, email address, and NSider name.

"The Great Llamas" Founder Information
Founded by Dahoneybadger
Affiliate groups are Pokers Annonymous and Penguin Squad.