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Camp Hyrule / August 2000
This years Camp Hyrule was held between August 07-11, 2000.

Ahhhh... Now, how should I start? This year R-U-L-E-D. Especially over last year. This year we had no fear for the Invalid Logins, because they were a thing of the past.. (Maybe Scott decided to check things ahead of time to make sure.) This was probably the best camp I have been at, this making it my 4th year at camp. Every year is something special, but this year .. I don't know. It was great, even though this year I couldn't get on as much due to work. Let's hope next years camp runs pretty much as smoothly as this years did.

This years camp had a variety of different activities to do. The classical "Face Painting" remained. Some other activities included Box Art Challenge (Majora's Mask), Canoe Trip, Trophy Design, Mario Golf Tournament, Loft Monster Hunt, Trophy Search, Make a Profile for NOAMike, Prof. Oak's Challenge, and Prof. Elm's Challenge.

The victims for the "Face Painting" this year were the following: Travis (Monday), Mike (Tuesday), Taylor (Wednesday), Indiana (Thursday), and Dan (Friday). Some of the pictures pretty wild, although that's what anyone should expect from the NSiders, as we take full advantage of payback! =D

Prof. Oak's Challenge consisted of you finding one Pokémon that day and doing the puzzle that went with it. Prof. Elm's Challenge was to find a new Pokémon hidden among camp. There were 4 new Pokémon introduced in this way.

Some of the places that existed this year to chit chat with your friends were the following: Bonfire, Cabin 1-20, The Moon (after it crashed), Half Pipe, NOAHQ, Romani Ranch, Pokémon Stadium, Battle Zone, Lake, Sunken Ship, Diving Platform, Sulfur Drain, Clubhouse, Tennis Court, Green, and Kirby's Messhall.

Every year, at Camp Hyrule, some NOA's undies ended up on the flag pole near the end of the week. Although I didn't see that this year, but there were quite a few shockgames of capturing Dan, Mike, and Trav's undies. Ooo.. look at those thongs. ;)

Well, there's not much else to say about camp other than it ruled ALL. It could not have been better, especially to make up for last years camp. There were new NOAs... new chatters.... and new activities, but it's the same camp. Nothing could get better than CH2K.

Did you miss the End-of-Camp Hyrule awards and who else won what? Or have you just forgotten who won and would like a recap? No problem! Here are the following awards and who won them (if I can obtain a list of all nominees from each award, I may put them up too.):

End Of Camp Awards: These winners will receive a poster autographed by the NOAs on the back.
    Carrot Top Award - THESTUPIDGUY
    Gilbert Godfrey Award - DIAMONDCUTTERS
    Picaso Award - NEMONINT
    Barney Award - KATTIXIE
    Mel Gibson Award - ALMEHDA
    Teletubby Award - KITTY98 and FLORIDAGIRL
    007 Award - ZOASAM
    A Rose By Any Other Name - SHOESHINEGIRL
    Zestfully Clean - LAWBOY
    John Belushi Award - KATTIXIE
    Ironman Award - KATTIXIE
    Lost Arc Award - IMAWARIO and TOTALER
    Jolly Rogers Award - BOMBERMANFAN
    Marylin Manson - DARKJUNO
    Hyrulian Loach - MUMBOJUMBOMAN
    Lounge Lizard - CAT
    Most Likey to be Tranquilized - KATTIXIE, KITTY98, LAWBOY and MARAPHOENIX
    A Rose By Any Other Name (OVERALL) - F1B3R0PTIX
    The Triforce Award (MVP) - DAHONEYBADGER
Bus Ride To Camp Hyrule: F1B3R0PTIX (Wins an autographed copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.)

Overall Winning Cabin: Cabin 3 (Everyone in the cabin wins a poster autographed by the NOAs on the back.)

Mario Golf Tournaments: The daily winners receive a poster autographed on the back by the NOAs. The week long winner receives a "Mario Tennis" game pack!
    Week Long Winner: ICEPALADIN
    Monday's Winner: ICEPALADIN
    Tuesday's Winner: ALMEHDA
    Wednesday's Winner: ICEPALADIN
    Thursday's Winner: MARLO

Congratulations everyone!

Camp Directors:

Camp Counselors:

Here are the names of the cabins:

CABIN 01 -- The Darth Mario Cabin
CABIN 02 -- Insomniac's Asylum
CABIN 03 -- Majora's Cabin of Time
CABIN 04 -- Lair of the Skull Kids
CABIN 05 -- Pokémon Party Animals
CABIN 06 --
CABIN 07 -- Nintendaholics Anonymous
CABIN 08 -- The Dark Dargon's Clan
CABIN 09 -- Kab'n Krunch
CABIN 10 -- Dolphins of Lake Hylia
CABIN 11 -- Oni Cabin
CABIN 12 -- Cabin the 13th
CABIN 13 -- Lawn Lawn Ranch
CABIN 14 -- Skull Kid's Hideout
CABIN 15 -- Jessie's Rocket Sage Outlaws
CABIN 16 -- Rabid Tribals
CABIN 17 -- Gannon's Hideout
CABIN 18 --
CABIN 19 -- Mizar's Minions
CABIN 20 -- Crazy Pokémon Poachers of Nintendo Ninja Turtles in Metroid Orange Juice Mixed with BA Bandits