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Camp Hyrule / August 1999
This years Camp Hyrule was held between August 16-20, 1999.

I'm not sure whether I'd call this years camp a bust or fun. I guess I could say camp was fun to those of us who could get in chat without Invalid Login signs. Many people couldn't even get in on Monday, and I myself, DHB, didn't get in until late Tuesday night. Although those who never got into chat found ways to have fun, and direct their anger towards NOA Scotty Tissue in pictures and things, we had fun. Even if people in your cabin couldn't get on (i.e. mine) hopefully they were supportive in all the contests they could do that didn't require you to have chat. I ended up being the one and only (under my real NSider name) to be able to get into chat from Cabin 3.. O_o, we lived up to our name -- The Invalid Logins. Although this year seemed to have many more problems than the past two years, it was still something special.

This years camp didn't seem to have a good variety of contest like last years. A classic from last year, that was done again this year was "Face Painting." Some other contests were "CH Parody Song", "Box Art" (JFG), "Snipe Hunt", "Canoe Trip", "Mario Golf Tournament", and "Pokémon Snap." For "Face Painting", you were given a pic of an NOA for the day, and made it look really weird, then you hoped to get it posted the next day under the results. The "Box Art" was pretty lame, you had to create a Jet Force Gemini box from scratch.. use no existing pictures and be your own idea. "Snipe Hunt" was pretty lame as well, as they had messed up Pokémon pics and you tried to guess them.. in fact it was no contest cuz they had answers posted.. BORING! "Canoe Trip" was just as stupid, pictures of messed up N64 boxes, and you had to guess game box right, and answers were posted. Another bummer, cuz it wasn't a REAL CONTEST. "Pokémon Snap" contest was to find 5 Pokémon per day, chose which pic was best, then submit it. This was a cheap one, 'cuz they picked the cruddiest pictures to call the most 'perfect' Pokémon for the day. "Mario Golf Tournament" seemed like the only REAL contest. They'd give you a password, you'd play through the game, then post your score for the best score from your game.

As for "Face Painting" these helpless victims were put up and ready to be shamed...
Monday -- NOA Dan
Tuesday -- NOA Indiana
Wednesday -- NOA Taylor
Thrusday -- NOA Travis
Friday -- NOA Kent

Some of the pictures pretty wacky, although that's what ya have to expect from the NSiders, taking full advantage of paying back the NOA's!

If you could get into chat, you were almost praised, and often shared your chat nickname with someone who couldn't get under their own name, while you weren't on. There were tons of places to chat this year, here's a list of some of them:
Bonfire, Mess Hall, Volcano, Power Plant, River, Beach, Swamp, Parlor, Attic, Basement, Clubhouse, Doghouse, Green, Sand Trap, Platform, Sunken Ship, Captains Quarters, Crowsnest, Headquarters, NOA Lounge, Sickbay, Engineering Room, The Bridge, Maniac's Cave, Cabin 1-20, Cabin X, The Jungle, The Deep Jungle, Gator Pit, Kabin, Tree House, Rooftop, Ampitheater, and some more which I don't doubt I'm missing.

Some other places you could visit, but weren't chat rooms where First Aid, Trading Post, and some games.

Chat crashed many times.... still had Invalid Login screens for many, and was sorta a disaster this year. No where near as good as CH '97. Long live CH '97!!

The past two years, actually starting on AOL, CH has had some NOA's undies on the flag pole. This year, this tradition was sadly broken. Many though it shoulda been Trav's.. some NOA Scott's... but all I can say is WHY BREAK THAT TRADITION!!! Long live CH '97!!

Let's hope, that next year's camp, CH 2000, will kick more butt than this year, and possibly even more than '97. But all things must come to an end, and like Semisonic sings in 'Closing Time' -- "Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end." See you in the LoudHouse guys and girls!

Did you miss the End-of-Camp Hyrule awards due to constant crashes or Invalid Logins? Or have you just forgotten who won and would like a recap? No problem! Here are the following awards and who won them (if I can obtain a list of all nominees from each award, I may put them up too.):

Carrot Top Award (Most Humorous) - Moop
Gilbert Godfrey Award (Most Annoying) - MaraPhoenix
Picaso Award - Kattixie
Barney Award (Most Friendliest) - ForestBugN64
Mel Gibson Award - GreenLink3
Teletubbies Award - Kattixie
007 Award (Smoothest Camper) - Shrubey
A Rose By Any Other Name - Imawario
Zestfully Clean (Best Speller/Typo Free Chatter) - Diedrupo
Michael Jordan Award (Most Athletic) - Palom
John Belushi Award (Best Food Fighter) - Cat
Ironman Award - Flighti6
Lost Arc Award (Best Cabin Raider) - Xoncron
Jolly Rogers Award (Most Jolliest/Spent most time on ship) - Cat, Erikrg, Fataltalon, Protocool
Marylin Manson (Scariest Camper) - Diedrupo
Hylian Loach - WusonSax
Lounge Lizard - Shadowmaker3
Most Likey to be Tranquilized - MaraPhoenix
A Rose By Any Other Name (OVERALL) - Cat & Kattixie
The Triforce Award (MVP) - Dahoneybadger

Camp Directors:
NOA Travis
NOA Indiana
NOA Scott
NOA Scott EH

Camp Counselors:
NOA Mike
NOA BigErn
NOA CrazySally
NOA MagicMan
NOA Saria
NOA Bond
NOA MrDisco
NOA Rock
NOA Nevermind
NOA Reign
NOA Butterfree
NOA RevBlue
NOA Taraka
NOA Captainn
NOA Meowth
NOA Sloth
NOA Oddjob
NOA Voodoo
NOA Pablo
NOA Falcon
NOA Kirby
NOA Taylor
NOA Travis

Here are the names of the cabins:

CABIN 01 -- Mew in Black
CABIN 02 -- The Smack Down Shanty
CABIN 03 -- The Invalid Logins
CABIN 04 -- Penguin Pokébusters
CABIN 05 -- Kokiri Kabin
CABIN 06 -- Sages of Hyrule
CABIN 07 -- Kirby's Dream Cabin
CABIN 08 -- Claussen's Pickles
CABIN 09 --
CABIN 10 --
CABIN 11 -- Cabin Travis Non Grata
CABIN 12 -- Clamoring Crickets
CABIN 13 -- DK's House of Insanity
CABIN 14 -- Pikachu's Hideout
CABIN 15 -- Nintendo-Holics
CABIN 16 -- Sages of Hyrule
CABIN 17 --
CABIN 18 -- House of Sharp & Fluffy Things
CABIN 19 --
CABIN 20 -- Pikachu's Domain