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Camp Hyrule / August 1997
This years Camp Hyrule was held between August 18-22, 1997.

This is the first year that Nintendo has had Camp Hyrule on its' web site. It was usually held on America OnLine (AOL). But since the move from AOL, Nintendo Power Source (NPS) has moved everything from AOL, and all is held at there web site.

This years camp was a blast! Much fun was had as was hoped to have and I think expected! This years daily contest included "Name that Tune", "Who Am I?", and "Face Painting"! For "Name that Tune" you were given a few waves to DL and then listen to. Submitting a correct answer would put you in the drawing with others who had it correct. If they drew your name out you won a secret Zelda file and you also won a merit for your cabin! The "Who Am I?" contest was run the same.. with the exception of the picture is not one where you can determine who it easily. The picture was distored and you were given 3 clues. At the beginning of the week it was pretty easy.. you could clearly define that that the picture was Zelda, but by the end of the week on Friday.... we were starting to think.. "Who is this?!?" In the end most of us figured out that it was James Bond. But with luck I correctly answered all "Who Am I?"s for that week, but was never picked out of the correct entries. The "Face Paintings" were more for fun. And boy were they! There were a few from each day that were put up in the Gallery at camp. Heres what pictures we had to work with this week....

Monday -- A picture of a Moogle
Tuesday -- A picture of NOA Amy
Wednesday -- A picture of NOA Jenne
Thrusday -- A picture of NOA Travis
Friday -- A picture of NOA Dan

I must say there were some funny and odd entries as Jenne in one picture was made to look like Luigi! There were a few other contests that weren't daily. There was a Zelda Haiku Contest, Star Fox Limerick Contest, and a Ghost Story Contest (which had the limit of 100 words or less)!

The contest were fun as the chat was too! The NOAs didn't close chat so some people sat back, relaxed, made a smore or 2, cooked a marshmallow, and gave it an all nighter there! Places that you could access at chat (other areas to head to) were:

Bonfire -- Where we cooked smores, roasted marshmallows, and became friends with others we hadn't seen before, or had not know well before! Gazing at the stars here was another thing we did best!
Mess Hall -- Where the food was served. Mostly though it ended up on people from food fights! Where Gardenburgers were served to the non delite of its' campers. Moogleburgers, Yoshi ribs, and even mystery meat were a few things served at the Mess Hall!
Cabins 1-20 -- You could only access your our cabin. Cabins were used for cabin meetings where you met your fellow cabin mates and counselors. Naming your cabin and getting a cabin flag were first prority at teh first cabin meeting. The last day is the only time when you have access to all cabins. Until then you could only get into your cabin.

These places were where you can't chat, but can visit. The First Aid area, Lake Webaconda, and Craft Hall where other places. The First Aid area you could find out chat help, the NOA Directors, and NOA Counselors. Lake Webaconda was an area were you could see other fellow camp mates web sites! (Of course the NOAs had the right to refuse any one that would not belong.) Craft Hall was the place to check out to see the daily and other contests!

Chat only one time during that week closed.. and that was for about 5 minutes or less. If you know about Ichat you would know about Emotes. They added and gave us a few more emotes. It was well worth being off for a few minutes to get ones that fitted to be at camp! Some were as where you could eat a gardenburger to gazing at the stars with a fellow friend. You could even make a smore, to roast a marshmellow!

On Thursday, at the crack of dawn we woke up to see on the flag pole.. definately not a flag, but NOA Dan's boxers!!! They flew high the whole day! Seeing how Geoff left Nintendo, Dan was the person to hit this year! Then the next day, Friday, we learned that someone had run off with Dan's boxers once they took it down! So we had a scavengar hunt to find his boxers on the camp grounds. Those who found it submitted there name and cabin number and were in a drawing for the boxers! The winner gets to keep Clayfighter 63 1/3 boxers!

That weekend the Camp Hyrule grounds were open to all, so all could see what happened and who won what contests!

Camp was a blast and we all had fun! For all of those who haven't gone this year, make sure you sign up next time! Well worth the time. You have tons of fun and you can make new friends! I can be assured that we will all know each other a little better when we see each other in regular LoudHouse chat now! ...Now, I, as am sure with others, didn't want for it to end. But all good things must come to an end, and school starts back up for most of soon. The end of true summer is in the closing. Now, I know we all can't wait 'til next years fun and excitement as we had this year! But until then.. we have great memories to remember this by!

See you in the LoudHouse guys and girls!

Contest Winners

Nature Hike Winner: Giggas from Cabin 12!

Zelda Haiku Winner: Xanth from Cabin 13!

Day 1's Events:
Name That Tune: Was won by JPS from Cabin 8!
Who Am I: Was won by AndyFurryMan from Cabin 5!

Day 2's Events:
Name That Tune: Was won by Freak365 from Cabin 6!
Who Am I: Was won by Hunter7 also from Cabin 6!

Day 3's Events:
Name That Tune: Was won by N64Kid96 from Cabin 1!
Who Am I: Was won by TeenWolf from Cabin 4! (The first and only merit we got! Congrats fellow cabin mate!)

Anagram Challenge Winners:
SanFranciscoRush, FoxArwing, and McCloud64!

Winner of Boxers!

Bond Movie Matching Winner:

Official Camp Song
Written by: MrEvilKneival (Cabin 5)
To the tune of: "Gangsta's Paradise"

As I walk through the palace of the Helmasaur King
I hit up on the statue with an arrow gone twang
But that don't matter to a hero like me
You know I like hitten switches up on dat thang
At 3 in the mornin' I'm chasin crows
Any earlier than that i might hit my toes -- fool
But I've been savin things since the dawn of time
Even Princess Zelda thinks I'm outta my mind,
But I'm the savior of the land
I'm into savin dames, got sword in my hand
And millions of rangs but if I save hyrule and you save time
Then I guess we will have to party like its some kinda crime
(Chorus) Been spendin' most our lives livin' a Hyrule paradise
Saved Zelda once or twice livin' in a Hyrule paradise
I guess in this business you pay the price
Livin' in a Hhyrule paradise
We all fight, we don't play nice
Livin' in a Hyrule paradise

Winner of the Ghost Story
Written by: EyerokAOL (Cabin 3)

Years ago at Camp Hyrule, dinosaurs used to frolic with the campers. They were known as Yoshies. Yoshies was a camper's best friend. Travis was busy picking dandruff out of his hair, mixing it in the stew. He heard a noise. He investigated. The camp cook was never seen again. Later that night, NO Agents was in the cabin, telling ghost stories. He heard a knock on the cabin door then he answered it. A tall Yoshi filled the door way. No wait, it was a purple dinosaur, singing a very scary song. The campers screamed.

First I'd like to congratulate all these winners! We all couldn't win, but we all had fun trying to!

As I recieve information I will also include here won that Star Fox 64 Limerick (in which I will also try to post the limerick with the winners name)! So keep tuning in!!!

Camp Directors:

NOA Kent
NOA Mike
NOA Scott
NOA Jenne

Camp Counselors:

NOA Magicman
NOA Jason
NOA Gents (pronounced "No Agents")
NOA Blonde
NOA Angel
NOA Bubbles
NOA X-Knight
NOA Indiana
NOA Kat Monroe
NOA Geemr
NOA Shane
NOA Kool
NOA Kiddo5
NOA Bryan
NOA Vicky

Here is where you can find out who was in what cabin. Sure its over with... but you got memories.. and plus everyone doesn't remeber who was where, so here take a look back at what cabins your friend may have stayed at!

Cabin #1
Name: Mario's Magic Pipeline
Counselor: Magicman

Cabin #2
Name: Crystal Lake Cabin
Counselor: Jason

Cabin #3
Name: Luigi's N.P.S. (Nuclear Plumbing Supply)
Counselor: Gents

Cabin #4
Name: Disco Inferno Cabin
Counselor: Blonde
Cabin Members:

Cabin #5
Name: Link's Lodge
Counselor: Tex

Cabin #6
Name: 64Galore
Counselor: Joe

Cabin #7
Name: ?
Counselor: Indiana

Cabin #8
Name: The Moogle Hut
Counselor: Vicky

Cabin #9
Name: ?
Counselor: Kat Monroe/NOA Mike

Cabin #10
Name: ?
Counselor: Rob

Cabin #11
Name: Kabin of Outcasts
Counselor: Bubbles

Cabin #12
Name: Interlopers
Counselor: Shane

Cabin #13
Name: Gannon Blasters
Counselor: Angel

Cabin #14
Name: Area 64
Counselor: Calvin

Cabin #15
Name: ?
Counselor: X-Knight

Cabin #16
Name: Triforce Tribe
Counselor: Geemr

Cabin #17
Name: The Nut Hut
Counselor: Travis

Cabin #18
Name: ?
Counselor: Kiddo5

Cabin #19
Name: Kong Kabin
Counselor: Mike

Cabin #20
Name: Monty Python's Flying Tri-Farce
Counselor: Mike